FA Cup?


I was surprised but then wasn’t surprised, is that even possible, to hear that a number of football clubs have been raided and people arrested in tax evasion. Or at least tax evasion investigations.

Since the financial crisis started I’ve been counting down the days when those throwing around the most money got … done … I mean investigated.

I spent several years watching shop after shop disappear. Some of those shops have remained closed while others reopened only to close yet again.


Some things I simply cannot explain regarding his they come about. I often see some very bad ideas out into practice when a new business is set up.

Today I had to have an ECG fitted to me that had to stay on for 48 hours. I chatted to the nurse and she made the statement that my heart now has to be monitored regularly.

It kinda has… but not how you would automatically think.

A paramedic performed a heart trace, printout of on here. That was after ringing 999 over the almost complete shut off of my legs.

Several things showed up.

Hmm I’m having trouble thinking of another time it was taken. Or at least, where it took place … probably Chase Farm Hospital?

It is being performed as I type this and for the next 48 hours.

I got off the bus way to early in an area I’ve known for 40 years. Got fifty yards … stopped and thought “Wait a minute? WTF?!?! How did I …?”

Memory problems.

That reminds me I have a couple of things to scan and publish!

Anyway …

Yeah, it’s meant to be taken regularly? By who? I am not aware nor had it been stated to me by anyone that it had to be taken regularly. Added to this it has not even been taken twice by the same hospital, GP or clinic. You need to be at more than 3 in the same location for me to be able to state that it had to be taken regularly.

It won’t be taken regularly, mark my words.

As previously stated I’m also back on the pills and not having these … episodes so why are they monitoring me? The nurse said, in response to that statement, that it would still pick things up. As I stated to my social worker friend who called me ten minutes after I left …

“Yeah I’ll believe that when it tests positive for something. This is a case of the NHS being able to say they checked me out in the event that I drop dead!”

It’s not the only time when they’re trying methodology left a hell of a lot to be desired.

So I heard on the radio that some football clubs have been raided. The main two mentioned were Newcastle United and West Ham United but a BBC report I linked below mentions Chelsea too.

I expect a lot more being mentioned or raided at a later date. Unless they decide it’s too costly and just use these two or three to send a message?

Wasn’t that long ago I heard of some very big name players being accused of tax evasion.

It is almost as if that earning millions of pounds a year for kicking a bag of wind around a grass park or owning a hell of a lot of seats around that park is not enough. It never seems enough.

I did think they football would likely see a backlash from the public and fans if the financial crisis persisted. It never really happened like I expected. That is outside of seeing some Manchester City fans holding up banners when ticket prices went up with the words “When will it end?’ or something alluding to the ticket price being overly expensive.

Just like other industries that have become far too big with far too much money they either don’t live in reality or don’t care when the wider public are suffering?

Earning millions each year on single figures is just not on, even when hundreds of thousands or even millions are suffering.

Not everything I expected to happen had cone to pass just yet. But then banks have learned but only on the front line level. The bosses are still clueless morons.

An example of something big changing that affects us?

HMV, though this is about the camera store Jessops, bear with me.

HMV went out of business. Or so I thought until I stumbled across one in Harlow a couple of years back.

Lately I’ve been alluding to some big changes coming up soon. These are way bigger changes than I’ve ever managed to achieve on my blogs before and will affect every single one of them! I have had my eye on dozens of things. I really do mean dozens, lol. One is a … let’s say for now a professional camera. Something I have wanted for a long time.

Right so I leave the clinic with the EACH attached, see how that story got dragged into this? I wonder if there are any camera stores in Wood Green in North London as I’m not far away. I speak to Google Now to find out and it bloody tells me about Snappy Snaps, or something like that. That’s printing only and they can … get off. It then tells me about Jessops and that the is one on the mall. I catch a bus.

On the bus I look up a selection of lenses and it tells me that for around five out of six I look at I can’t arrange to pick them up in the store. Oh well I might see the camera and some good tripods, I think to myself.

I get there and can’t see a Jessops. I look on the map of stores and it’s not there. I end up in Maplins and ask them.

“Nooo that went ages ago!” One tells me.

“Oh shit, phone told me there was one there!” I reply.

“Hey, try Enfield!’ the guy says.

“I bloody live there, that’s long gone too!” I say with a smile and the two guys start laughing.

“You think that’s funny? Last year I bought a camera and I travelled to New Oxford Street to buy one from Jessops and guess what?” I asked.

“What?” They replied.

“That store had bloody gone too” I answered to wailing laughter.

I did know that Jessops went bust but after it appearing on my phone I thought it was a case like that of HMV? Someone had bought the name, kept a few stores and sold the rest? Maybe they did?

Doesn’t look that way right now though.

So what’s the prognosis?

When companies or individuals get large or gather large amounts of money they show themselves up to be both fucking stupid and amoral when a financial crisis comes along.

Their actions and statements always seem to insult the wider public and they also go busy when it didn’t look possible.

This about to go bust expect the public taxes to bail then out or complain they don’t earn enough when they get obscene amounts. Banks and footballers respectively.

This will continue to happen.

Unless …

You either make sure that a financial crisis never happens again.

Or …

You prevent companies from getting too big or from individuals from earning too much.

But wait?

Umm … we are not even out of the financial crisis yet and not only is there no fucking horizon at all for the foreseeable future but there are those reporting that we could go straight into another one, far worse than the one that started … the one … we are in?! Oh I’m fucking confused.

Why are we still in it?

Because the innocent and vulnerable groups they went after were never ever going to make the the slightest improvement in our national debt. A debt I was not even fucking aware of until the financial crisis hit!

So as far as I’m concerned as well as kicking the disabled in the nether regions they were borrowing money that they would for the public even harder for when it came to paying it back?

I’m going to thank someone now for creating this me just to make himself look good … thank you … wait? Did you think I was going to say David Cameron? No.

Thank you Tony fucking Blair!

I myself along with a long list of others have paid and even died for a major fuck up of someone else’s making for a debt many of us did not even know we had?!

Are you … fuccckkking kidding me?

Yeah so here we are yet again.

As I said nothing will change.

Yes I did state what you have to do to stop it from happening again. But … nothing will change. At least not for a while yet.

So then dusty fisty cuffs at dawn in the House of Commons?

I liked what Jeremy Corbyn said. The ‘Weak against the strong and strong against the weak’ line. Clever. A good way to state how you intend to continue on.

Unfortunately I still think his little trip to that camp in Calais was ill advised, still had many people scared and you still have the Scots voting SNP.

A miracle is needed.

What concerns me is that there are many, many people who have been made to suffer. Almost all of these people, of not all, are aware of Calum’s List of the dead by the hands of the Tory government. Quite possibly Blair is the culprit of some?

This group are convinced that enough of the facts are out and enough are pissed enough with the Tories that Labour will win the election?

I just can’t see it.

And it concerns me because they are pretty sure of a win and maybe even a hung parliament at worst. The concerning part of that will be how they take it if Theresa May wins?

It could get … messy.

I’ve had some Corbyn … stuff recommended to me on social media. That’s never happened before. I did wonder whether or not there may be a huge move for Corbyn?

Let’s get things perfectly straight …

First off despite sounding like it I’m not a Tory and have never voted for them nor will I ever based on their … mad reign.

Secondly … I’ve also been hearing that the news media are mimicking what I said about Theresa May calling this election because she knows she will win?

Well yeeeah. I’ve spent five years of the news media reporting my stories without a thank you or even an acknowledgement. Neither did MI5, GCHQ or the Police either.

But if there is one thing you should have learned I suspect or know that everything is corrupt and there are many full of shit.

One I wasn’t … completely sure about was the legal industry, or more specifically courts and their judges.

I have now known for many months that they are both biased as well as completely stupid, thigh they act like they are a cut above. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a matter of fact … I’m actually still working on this! Shhhhh! Don’t let on! Lol.

So what in getting at is I suspect the media and any industry that is corrupt I develop a hatred for.

I hate a hell of a lot of them and I don’t develop this feeling unless I’m absolutely sure. When absolutely sure I’m never wrong, in other words.

So .. I would very much the news media to be wrong as I get a damn good kick out of that.

It also gives me ammunition for dozens of posts over many months!

Because the news media are those that absolutely love to expose others for breaking the law when they are doing the same in one of the worst ways.

They have gone right or of their way to avoid reporting on most of and the worst atrocities performed by the British government against the most vulnerable people in society.

Indeed this is why when asked if I ever regretted not working for GCHQ or MI5, interview arranged with the former, I answer “Not anymore”.

After my run ins with both MI5 and GCHQ five years ago I was asked “If they asked, would you work for them?” and I answered, no.

I am the good guy or I have done my utmost to be. I therefore like working for the good guys.

I don’t know so the good guys are anymore.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Arrests as Newcastle and West Ham raided in £5m tax probe –


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