I have been feeling somewhat … rushed and out of time of late and this may have shown in my posts, sorry about that.

For one thing I have an electrocardiograph strapped top me which I thought at first was going to be an electroencephalograph because that made more sense. So I was calling it an EEG and electroencephalograph to start with. Then I realised it was actually an ECG they were fitting and I called it that but then kept stating electroencephalograph instead of electrocardiograph. Lol.

I know full well that cardio means the heart but at first I thought it would be my brain waves as like I said to a nurse ,”Why fit me with this thing after telling me to take the pills that stops the episodes from occurring?”

I was told that it would still pick things up? Umm yeah, what and how? I always need the specifics so In understand what is going on and anything else is just vague to me.

Like for instance I was always told that they have to check my heart regularly now? Oh? They do? Well when is this supposeed to start because it has not started yet. I have had a trace taken by two hospitals, I think as it may be only one, and by one emergency paramedic at my house.

Yeah when you use the term regular … that tends to imply … well regular and that the location would be the same, or more specifically the people or testers. I have not had a heart trace performed by either the same location or even the same people yet. Unless I get to the stage where I have been tested three times in the same location I would not call anything ‘regular’.

But … if I drop dead then they are covered because their records would show that they tested for shit and right now I am undergoing that testing despite the fact I have cut the episodes down to nothing by taking my blood pressure pills again.

Except … these blogs exist and if I ever drop dead … well, God help them! Lol.

I also have been buggered up with my regular meetings with this … business dude and now I am told I have to go for some other .. tests. Oddly this new test is one I have very much wanted to attend and it now looks like I will, fingers crossed.

This test is a big feature for my blog and … ooh boy … has it come at the absolutely best time ever? Lol.

But … it gives me more to do and think about and … this ECG monitor is bloody annoying as I am continuously checking to see if the pads are still attached! Repeatedly. Also I am to press I button I will never press as I am supposed to do this when I experience an episode I will not have.

I told the nurse that I should design and build these mobile machine of theirs as the design leaves a lot to be desired. The pads do not attach all that well and if they come loose … there is no little alarm or beep to let you know!

As I am being rather busy you can imagine that there stands a good chance of the pads loosening and indeed they certainly have at least once. The rest of the time one or other of the pads feels like they are being pushed and I am continuously pressing down on my jumper because I think one of them might have been pulled free.


It would help if I knew the answer to just two questions that I have been waiting for since early January for something that takes a maximum of 12 weeks. We remain in the dark on that one.

Anyhow … those involved in handling it told us that they would keep us informed. Yeah well … just like my explanation of the word ‘regular’ that word comes to the fore once again when you are told you would be kept informed. When we get a second set of data sent to us then you can lay claim to keeping people informed. Instead of waiting with absolutely no idea at all I have decided to make the first move and ask. I then find out just the following day that one other of us asked a couple of days before. They had received nothing in four days.

Unfortunately for those sending communiques stating what they will do they know little about emails being proof and do not seem to even apply that to letters they send. They are also completely oblivious, though I may have mentioned it, that I am familiar with the governing bodies in these case and have no qualms about contacting them, should I feel the need to.

I think after about a week of hearing nothing I will start to get this urge to contact regulators and the like?

If there is one thing that anyone coming here long enough has noticed … it is that I do like to kick up a God awful stink when I think people are not doing their jobs, are acting highly suspicious or even corrupt.

Or as I would actually want to happen maybe I will get the two answers I need right now so that I can continue on with my planning and stop stressing out about it. Because as the days go by I will be getting more and more stressed out about it. I would say that by about mid May on hearing nothing I will likely be close to exploding.

Hmm .. I wonder? Did I mention to them that I have these blogs?

Well … they are solicitors so the divulging of being a blog author will likely mean very little to nothing to them?

Anyway ..

And oh this is a good one!

I read this the other night but then forgot about it, well I do have memory problems you know?

An Italian prosecutor told someone in an interview that he had evidence of charities colliding to get people into Europe from North Africa, Syria etcetera etcetera.

Never considered the possibility but now hearing this it would not surprise me too much. I did think that this was something I should have foreseen myself.

I will tell you what it is though … annoying and bloody highly annoying at that.

I would like to say a couple of things to brain dead idiots and morons like this…

Why don’t you go to these countries and go up to the government’s and tell them they have to treat their people better?

Anyone see that last Rambo film they did with the ignorant and stupid bible bashers? Did this report sound anything like that?

No, what they do is stand in a country that is safe and hold their arms out to a bunch of backwards, dangerous and murderous people and tell them to come to a country where they can carry out their crimes and the punishment is nothing like that which they would receive in their own country.

I won’t go into details or the funny misunderstanding that went on, I have talked about it on here, but I’ve had foreigners I’ve been friendly with on the Internet tell me that we are being stupid and naive and letting on the crap no one else wants. They all said we need to stop and they much of the world has had a great deal of respect for Britain but that this had been waning.

That was eight years ago.

God only knows, with everything that has come out, the corruption, the lies and the exodus of immigrants, what those foreigners think of this country now?!

I’d be scared to hear their answers today.

I’m sorry but if your that stupid and/or naive you should not be allowed to work for a charity like that.

I also think it’s a terrible beach of their positions to decide they know better and make decisions that ultimately cost innocent lives of people in the UK.

If you think for one second that they don’t cost lives … well don’t state it in front of me because I will burst out laughing.

I cannot think of a single occasion where I thought the actions of a charity has possibly cost the lives of the British public.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Italy migrant crisis: Charities ‘colluding’ with smugglers –

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