Well then?

France had counted it’s posts and bizarrely it states something very different to the news report on my BBC News app.

According to the latest evidence Marine Let Pen came first but once again for the second, third or fourth time now the BBC stated she had lost, well more or less as she was stated to have come in, on second place.

They really are not very good at making predictions are they?

Odd then that if you compare all their resources and supposed knowledge in politics that they fit it wrong and me, with nothing more than an ability to read situations, got it right.

It might give you a chuckle of I state that yet again I’m surprised I got it right?

Fake News 24?!?! Lol.

I’m having trouble remembering what the BBC report said but something is telling me it was in the usual patronising tone. Well patronising towards people that voted for Marine Le Pen that is.

A good job that this was not a French news network. This patronising tone would likely encourage more of the French to vote for France’s National Front Party?

Hmm, maybe they have been?

I thought it was funny that the guy that came third, centrist politician whose name escapes me, stated he would vote for Letting Pen’s rival, Macron.

Once again and just like in the UK here are politicians and a government that is just ignoring what the French people have voted for.

Now if it were me and I was French and voted for … the centrist that came in third I would be annoyed with his connects. Like I said … patronising and naive to the point it looks deliberate? In which case it’s even more of a middle finger to the French people.

Once again if it were me in that position I would make a statement to the French Press making it clear I could now see there is a major problem and that the French government had been failing for a long time. A very long time.

But I doubt that will happen.

As it has not happened here yet.

I predict that Theresa May will win this snap election and once again she won’t see it fit what it is, that the vast majority want two particular things changed.

No she will see it as a vote that it’s OK to kick sick and disabled people even harder when they have been lying on the ground in pain due several years already.

She, or that they and I mean those Conservative politicians who look down their noses at the working class like Iain Duncan-Smith does, will likely think they have pulled the wool over the British public’s eyes. They will likely also come to the conclusion that we are easily fooled, read ‘stupid’, or naive, read ‘Osterich Effect’ or at least that the majority are made up of a mixture of the two.

Or maybe they think that they will just be voted for anyway so carry on being inhumane to groups of people for the good of the country, despite no sign on working and quite the opposite.

It’s for this reason that I find Jeremy Corbyn being the main opposition to Theresa May to be very weird and very convenient.

We have no money to the point that disabled people have been kicked repeatedly year after year for many years in a very public way. But one of the first things Jeremy Corbyn does seals his fate fit the next General Election. I was all for him until he went to that immigrant campsite in Calais, France.

Boom, politically dead. In one fell swoop.

Whoever suggested he do that should have been fired, not that it would do him a lot of good after that blunder.

“I’m not going to listen to all the people that voted to get out of Europe nor  half to two thirds of those that voted to remain in Europe! I know better than all of them!” is what he might as well have said.

You know it’s just occurred to me he has all the makings of one of those communist … tyrants. Like the one in North Korea. Kim Jong Un, or whatever his bloody name is.

Sometimes I see a big swing in voting as a nation realising they made a mistake or that a new leader taking over in the interim as being a big mistake.

Funny then how no matter how we vote we always seem to make the exact same mistakes?

Blimey … it’s almost as if we are all influenced by something? Something that would have to be in our faces several times every single day? Oh yeah … mainstream news media via radio and television.


And I see they are still fecking listening to and printing everything that Tony Bliar says?!

Oh I think I meant Tony Blair. Don’t have a clue how that ended up as ‘liar’ after the ‘B’?

I would like to wager that the news media will still talk about Macron winning in France and very, very few will talk about Marine Le Pen winning?

To be honest I don’t see her winning … but what I do see is her coming in a very strong second or very close to winning. I also predict that once again the fecking idiots, just as they did he here, will ignore both the fact that Le Pen coming in strong along with all of the French public that voted for her.

It’s just like UKIP voters in the UK. Lol. Despite the fact they know damn well why Brits voted to leave the EU and can surely work out that to to half or even more of the remain voters will think the exact same as UKIP voters?

It is still ignored.

Politics within the UK seems hellbent on destroying itself?

It almost looks like they are doing the same thing in America?

It now looks like France could soon be mimicking Britain in this regard?

I won’t complain though…

We are supposed to live, adapt and evolve over time but politics has been stuck in the dark ages and the seems to be those that want to drape it all in a large shroud, making things even darker.

We are either standing still or going backwards of late and are showing no signs of stopping.

I wonder which country of the western world will have its own revolution, or spring as it now seems to be called, and who will follow suit?

Hey?! I’m just going by the very best template mankind has had available to our long enough now that they should have learnt how to benefit from it.

It’s called ‘history’!

As for Theresa May?

Imagine the embarrassment of losing to Jeremy Corbyn?

It’s this outcome looking so embarrassing that I’m absolutely sure that Theresa May is sure she will win.

Well … ask yourself something … if she is absolutely sure then there must the things about British society that is just so plainly obvious?

So why doesn’t British society see this too?


Crikey! A lady minute discovery of that not only is Maine Me Pen a shock going through as they are not one of the main two parties but neither is Macron either?!

Added to this is the fact that the socialist party that is in power actually came in last place out of five?! This would have been embarrassing enough had it only been three parties, but five?!

Oh dear.

This has already turned French politics on its head without the final result next month.

This was what I wanted to see take place in the UK. But, no. No matter how many times we’ve had governments do things wrong we just keep voting for the same inept parties.

What makes this frustrating is complete idiot’s stating crap like anyone else other than the big two would never be able to run the country, make big decisions and crap like that.

Funny, I was under the impression that everyone running belonged to the date species but maybe not?

That was a joke and no I wasn’t about to start sounding like David Ike.

So one party of the two had only ever reached the second round one before and the other party was only set up a year ago?

This just gets better and better!

Starting to wonder if I read something correctly as they are back to stating that Marine Le Pen was a couple of percentage points behind Macron again?!

Maybe it was just the percentage points for a region in France that had just come in when they put Let Pen a couple of percentage points in front of Macron?

Still it didn’t really affect the shocking outcome of the results nor the two they will go through to the last round of voting.

Aaaand the extreme left have now become violent in France … just like they seem to do everywhere else .. the USA for one …

I am trying to work out how it is that today it is the extreme left that are violent and sore losers? Please note the source for this little nugget of a report and that after looking at 6 sites Fox News was the first to report on it ..


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