Well I’ve been waiting for it and now I have it.

Leader after leader, government after government and Prime Minister after Prime Minister. Always the same.

They must surely know by now that their secret is out? But they carry on regardless.

It’s been covered in the tabloids to a certain degree but not fully and ignored completely by the TV News. People with disabilities have been repeatedly and brutally kicked in the nether regions. It’s also been going on a long time and started prior to the Conservatives being in power. It only got worse once they took Number 10.

After continuing on with their never ending persecution of the most vulnerable in society Theresa May actually stands there and says that UK aid will not experience any cuts?!

Trying to impress someone? Trying to impress the rest of the world? Trying to impress the British public?

For the latter I don’t think it will work but I also don’t think it will matter.

It’s not because I think that not a large enough portion of the British public know they are persecuting disabled people. It’s also not because I fear that the vast majority of the British public may be amoral either.

It’s because I think the Scottish public will still vote almost all the SNP into seats and the English will vote for anything but Labour out of fear that Jeremy Corbyn will let in even greater number of immigrants than we already are.

He belongs to a barnpot group they believes of you keep being nice to foreign nationals they will all be nice back. Some of them never will and they are the same lot that want to restrict the things British people can say or do in their own country but they can say and do what they like because it’s their culture or religion.

Out of the two paragraphs one will never ever take place while the other is how it is presently and will never ever change.

It’s why I call them the master race and that’s because they think themselves superior to everyone else. Some will just come out and say it, some will say it when annoyed or angry. Most won’t say it but secretly think it.

I know because I’ve had many run ins with the very worst of them.

Everyone I come across states things like I have done but clam up or ask you to clam up when someone appears within earshot.

I don’t hide. But then I don’t have quite the same level of anger to say, or want to do, the many things I have heard from others.

That’s where it all went wrong and a very, very long time ago. It’s still happening today and I have seen it on TV for years.

As soon as someone says something any group would find offensive, outside of British born Caucasians, the TV News will be all over it like a rash and have been like this for a couple of decades.

But in recent years the trend has been to attack or label anyone who is white who says something stern about anyone else.

There is absolutely now way around this when I state fit the umpteenth time and that I stated fifteen years or more ago that this leads to trouble. ‘Trouble’ is an understatement. It builds up hatred and poison and gets to the point where people will think evil thoughts and eventually talk to each other about these evil thoughts.

That slow process of steps I just described has more steps and these become more … extreme.

It’s inevitable. Sadly but maybe it’s for the best because some groups need to either get a wake up call or be caught out.

You see I simply don’t understand how they can’t know this in either local or central government? They simply cannot be that dense and stupid and therefore they are not capable of doing their jobs and/or not deserving of them.

Of course there is always the other possibility?

They could know damn well what’s going on in which case they either do not care or they are using this as a weapon?

If they know but don’t care then they are completely amoral and not deserving of their positions.

If they know and are using it to their advantage then they belong in jail.

People voted them in. To then go and use a situation or series of events to control or manipulate those that voted you in is not only amoral but criminal.

I have a situation where someone had controlled and manipulated. They have deliberately created fake situations that they can attribute their own lies to that go on their favour.

In this case there is only one of the manipulators, with maybe a surfer or two following, and eight of us being manipulated and lied to.

We know it and I have detailed every step of the huge plan that had been going on for almost a year.

However … despite me knowing exactly what has gone on and when … it is once again down to a public service that is supposed to follow the letter of the law and controlled by government. To a degree.

But I’ve had no faith in any public service and every single one I have had dealings with, must more than twice and some much more, and they have failed on every single occasion.

They have a failure rate of 100% and I have no doubts at all that on occasion that failures are very intentional.

However .. none have done their homework. I have had a 100% success rate. When I’ve had my failures that have sent me nosediving these were on things I not only previously won but then went on to win again.

In fact I’m weeks away from failing on one public service for the second time, after succeeding twice, but I will only come back to win again.

Now they say ‘third time lucky’ or ‘third time’s a charm’ and as it turns out this may very much turn out to be the case?

Unlike every other time when I return for the third time I will have much more evidence, much more data and I will have two people backing me up, possibly even more, than I did the last two times.

I will also have a very large audience by then and it may have an audience so large that … it cannot be ignored any longer.

That’s the thing I love about numbers that everyone simply fails to take into account … numbers grow to a size that eventually you simply cannot ignore any longer.

Almost bizarrely in these instances the numbers refer to people. Individual people reading stuff. Lol.

It’s also not about the numbers either…

… It’s also sensible to consider that each of those people have the ability to speak or even sign.

We live in a networked world where everyone loves to talk or text each other. Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and iMessage, or whatever the Apple messenger app is called.

The number in question is close to half a million and I reckon that a year from now that will be double? Maybe even more of I do everything I both plan and want to do.

Imagine that? A year from now a million people telling people they know things. How many other people do people know on average? Two parents, two siblings and six friends and work colleagues?

However that’s not the entire story as people have dozens of not hundreds of friends online.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: General election 2017: No cut to UK aid spending, says May –


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