Well … I had to go back to something I have referred to previously, at least I think I have, as I have been speaking to people about it but could not state where I had heard about it.

I also have a couple of other things I want to touch on too.

First off I am on a program … of sorts. A course to get my blogs and YouTube channel into focus to help do more work throughout this year so that I might generate an income at some point.

Due to my health issues and that I am disabled it seemed a good idea to work towards something that may well make me self sufficient. There is nothing I would like more than that and have wanted as well as worked for this for a very long time now.

So I am coming up to the half way point of an eight week long process to get things in order and plan towards creating my own business.

Also this business will be getting help from another source too and I have been working towards trying to get these two things to come to fruition at about the same time. In a certain order but with a few days to about two weeks between them.

So I have some extra running around to do.

However two things have occurred I did not expect to. One is one of my health problems screwing things up that landed me in Accident & Emergency in North Middlesex Hospital. This was over slight chest pains and discomfort along with heart palpitations. I was urged to do a blood pressure test during a mild attack and it measured 197/121.

Due to the blood pressure being so high I phoned a health helpline, ‘111’, and they begged me to admit myself to hospital. To my friend’s shock I was not offered an ambulance.

While at hospital it measured 167/110 and they were quite concerned with the diastolic rate of 110 and I said “Umm if your worried about that being high, it was 121 before I left the house and if the blood pressure is linked to the chest pain and palpitations I can assure you that it has been higher than this on several occasions”

Dr Andrew De Stempel looked concerned about that.

Reasons for me stopping my cheap crap blood pressure pills were requested for the second time that day and I told them that I was told to stop taking them by Dr Josephine Swanton, I think that was her name, of Chase Farm Hospitals Neurology Department. This was because of blacking out either partially and momentarily while being able to stay on my feet, apart from some collapsing into a crouching position,, by grabbing onto objects and focusing on holding tight … or waking up one time on the edge of a wood in some stinging nettles. They call this ‘Syncopy’.

Around the same time as coming off the blood pressure pills, no thanks at all to the NHS who have now endangered my life on more occasions than I can count, I was also going through a process of purchasing orthotic shoes. First a waterproof boot for winter by Salamon called the Quest GTX with Ortholite insoles. Then when it was getting warmer and for the first time ever I returned to Millets and bought a pair of Salamon that were more a trainer or sneeker type pair with Ortholite insoles.

Unfortunately and after several days of wearing them the weather become unusually warm for the time of year my feet started to heat up leaving me confused before I realised that I had failed to realise that my new Salamons were Gore-Tex ones! Had I spotted this when I was buying them I would not have done so. I was annoyed with myself over this as I had now purchased two pairs of Salamons with Ortholite insoles at £100 a pop!

So I found myself in Sports Direct’s Enfield store looking for airy trainers that has Ortholite insoles and to be honest I lie wearing those half sandal lie shoes but never seen a single pair with Ortholite insoles.

I found a pair of Adidas that were very airy and I bought them.

I had never purchased so many shoes nor shoes costing this much in such a short space of time at any point in my life. Ever.

Then a friend wanted me to go to the forest with him and we stopped at McDonalds to get a couple of latte coffees and as we were driving to our destination a woman in a Mazda drove into the side of us. I was told by my friend, who called me earlier today, to be told that the insurance company want to ‘write-off’ his car.

Yesterday and for the first time since before Christmas something unusual was happening with me and while at a friend’s store I noticed my heels were starting to hurt a bit. We were deep in conversation on several subjects and I kept shifting my feet about and lifting my heels off the floor and alternating this between each foot.

I eventually left and when I was eventually home I suddenly remembered that I had been in thiis accident the day before, that Fibromyalgia is caused in the first instance by a whiplash event to the neck and realised it must have been down to the accident?

Then I started to panic.

I am right in the middle of a process that I have to adhere to and has me running around doing stuff and now this happens?! Even as I type this out I am hoping to God that the Fibromyalgia symptoms were just aggravated by the jolt and will calm back down? I am crossing everything over this!

But while on the phone earlier telling my friend whose car has now been written off by the insurance company we talked about the course I am on, the DWP and then about the cars they have been taking away from disabled people. Even Diabetes type 2 sufferers which is what he is. He had stated previously that this would never happen but I had been telling him that I met a man with diabetes who had told me that they have refused him mobility, a car, after first telling him he qualified for it, though he initially refused it as he did not need it when offered.

That is an honest man right there who then gets fucked about and lied to by the DWP.

He also told me that in recent times he had also been fucked about and lied to by the NHS.

I told him about my blog and what I do, predict, expose and that I also help and advise people on here.

Here is a video that describes the things I have done to battle one type of pain and that is foot pain, or more specifically heel pain and how I combated this particular symptom and if you have Plantar fasciitis or any type of heel pain … yooooou just might want to watch this …

I then told him of an article I had read somewhere that the DWP have been so bad at doing this that they and central government have been reported as being guilty of controlling the mainstream media which means TV News and national tabloids.

As I went over this I could not recall where I had heard or read about it and even if I had posted anything on my blogs about it.

Checking for links as I am typing this post and now I need to say “Ahhh here it is …”

It was a website called Evolve Politics. It will be interesting to see what comes out about this … though …

I was thinking thee other day and I stated this to my friend on the phone … I said ..

“What I cannot figure out is … if they do indeed get their hands on these documents … who do they take them too?!”

I mean that if you think about it for a moment … imagine that all UK TV News networks are on this list with all of the national tabloids … to who do you then go to with all these documents?

Not one of the national tabloids or TV new networks is going to say ..

“Oh here is a report that we were involved in covering up about a list of people that died or suffered under the hands of the DWP and/or NHS!”

It is just not going to happen is it?

I bet the TV News Networks also did not report on this one?

This has something to do with an organisation called WASPI which is something to do with women … ore women’s rights.

Or how about the Royal National Institute of Blind People, RNIB, threatening to take the DWP to court?

Or the TV news networks reporting that the DWP’s sanctions against benefit claimants have been ruled as being unlawful?

Or that the Atos assessments do discriminate?

Ooh peaking of which … PIP have gotten in contact with me and want me to attend a disability assessment … remember this is a disability ASSESSMENT and if you look back through this blog over four years you will note I have been telling them for over TEN YEARS.

You know it is funny … I know about this new age technology called files were you document details about people and keep all the paperwork on a cardboard of plastic file which is kept in a drawer full of folders and files.

Oh no … wait a minute … they are all using computers now! Still the same thing applies you scan or copy documents regarding people’s details and they are stored in a file. DIGITALLY.

Oh and you know what else this means?

It means that you do not have to get out of your seat with your paperwork and go to another room, possibly on a completely different floor, to either store or even retrieve said files!

Easy right?

I have been telling them about my health conditions and the symptoms for 14 to 15 years now and … well … they want me to go to Chelmsford in Essex which is around 50 miles and awkward ones at that from where I live in Enfield.

Oh and for the second time, I cannot recall what it was last time, they picked a date that I cannot even attend anyway.

Yeeeaaah … remember I was in Accident & Emergency recently with a sky high blood pressure? I was raced around so fast it was unbelievable and I knew they were worried long before they told me they were worried. Well very soon I have to have an EEG monitor on me for 48 hours and,, stone the crows, if they do not go and arrange it on the day I am having the monitor fitted?!

EEG Monitor.

Mind you I am not so sure that they will find anything from the testing as the number of incidents I have had has dropped right away to almost nothing since I started taking those cheap, crappy Ramipril pills to bring my blood pressure down.

I am, however, experiencing blackouts, syncopy, again and am feeling that strong urge to fall asleep in the afternoons.

Oh right … did I forget to mention that through fear of the threats of sanctions by the JSA which I should NOT be on … that the business thing I referred to is the New Enterprise Allowance, or NEA, via the DWP and done with the Job Centre?

Umm yeeeeaaaaah they know about this blog. Are you laughing yet? Or has it not sunk in yet?

I am getting help to set up my blogs as a business, along with my YouTube channel, and have had my hand forced so I have told them about it. I have TOLD them about my blogs. My blogs on corruption. Yes I even said “ the public services”.

Are you laughing now? Please do not tell me it has not dawned on you yet?!

I am receiving help from a public service to turn improve a blog that talks about and exposes corruption within the public services.

Are weeeeeee there yet?!


Also starting this course was also how I got my Pregabalin prescriptions … yeah you know I mentioned that some time ago? “I am being forced to run around and start a business in pain … I have got a hold of Pregabalin and they are working better than Gabapentin and if I am being forced to run around by one public service then the other one had better give me the best drug available!” his how I actually asked!


Hmmm yeeeaaah I do not always tell the whole story straight away because it is not always the best tactical move.

Some tactical moves can take many months or even a couple of years or more!

Wink-wink. Oops!

Hence why I have been more proactive on my blogs and YouTube channel lately and hence one reason why I have been a little … silent on …. data.

Except … if the DWP now want to penalise me and take away Personal Independent Payments from me now this could cost both them and myself later on. Or in other words could cost them a lot more in the long run.

Look? When I told the business adviser about the blogs I … left a folder in my bag. I started off by telling him he will ask me a question and when he does I will get out a folder I have tucked away.

When I promoted the idea of a business based on a series of blogs and a YouTube channel I got a lecture about how it takes too long to build up a decent number of visitors, as a question. Did I not think so, more or less. I said “Umm you know that question I said you would put to me and I would then get out my folder?” and he replied, yes. I got out my folder.

I splayed the clear hard plastic folder before him and I turned each page that showed screenshots of eah of my blogs with details about the numbers I was getting. I told him how long I had been doing it and he was already showing surprise and sitting up right when I then broadsided him completely when I said “I have not done the sums for a few months but I estimate I am close to half a million visitors” he just looked at me and said …

“I do not even have to speak to my company to tell you that you WILL be accepted on the scheme” or something to that effect.

There are those that think I say the wrong things at the wrong times to the wrong people,, or have a big mouth in other words.

Not done to bad on here though have I? Not been closed down yet and running rings around people even when they have sent mme down a dark road that appears to lead to nowhere else than oblivion.

I am always doing something. Always.

What those people fail to realise is that I am extremely tactical and sometimes I have to be extra careful because of the fact that one of my symptoms is ‘short term memory loss’.

Considering that handicap I think I have done … OK? Lol!

I am still doing OK, despite everything.

So yeah … that is one of the two things I have had in the pipeline. Well one of the two MAJOR things in the pipeline.

I have had some people tell me that the NEA thing is just a con … it is just so that the DWP can kick you off to save money and they can make their unemployment figures loo good. I said I did not care as it made no difference whatsoever as there is no downside for me in this. Lol.

There … is no downside for me in this.

I am receiving help and advice … not as much as I expected thus far and I have been given some spreadsheet templates and everything has made me think of it all more from a business perspective. I have been made aware of things I never thought about or considered and read up about things I never thought about or considered.

I have been out killing myself on my bike for journeys of over 10 miles and these are now up to 18 miles, for my last attempt.

What? You thought I did all this by helicopter? Or did you miss the part where I get no mobility help and cannot afford to run a car and have not had one for several years?

The wildlife part of the blogging and YouTube channel takes a hell of a lot of cycling and when I do what I do I am keeping records of both flora and fauna that experts and conservationists can come and check. So I am helping the wildlife, at least locally at any rate.

But I am very good with wildlife and if I could get further afield than I currently am I can do so much more and discover so much more. I was tipped to be the next David Attenborough when I was a kid. Yeah … after turning down an offer from ITV and BBC Wildlife Magazine I kind of missed that ship. Sailed a long time ago now, 25 years maybe?

Being able to go further afield means I can do a whole lot more with exotic animals too.

Oooooh yeeeeaaaaah then there are the tools that are coming? I have not really gotten into that side of it in any detail .. because I am not currently sure how big it is going to be.

It will be big … ish at the minimum.

Humongous at the maximum and then there could be a whole raft of extra things occur that could be very exciting … especially for my readers.

I like seeing people excited. In fact I will admit that one thing I have become hooked on is reaction videos to cinema trailers, though generally only the films I like or that have a big history. Comic book movies and Star Wars and the like.

I get an absolute joy out of watching those and when I thin about the possibility of putting myself in a position where I could provide people with that amount, or even half that, or joy it brings a tear to my eye.

Unfortunately for my most popular blog on corruption that is a difficult thing to do and is mostly misery and bad news. But … it is not .. completely impossible. It would just take a long time and I would have to perform certain … actions.

Help enough people that you could be seen as a hero to them.

Educate enough people that you could be an inspiration to them.

Admittedly I have been harsh at times and even angry at others but above all else I wanted this to show through. I wanted people to see that I hold nothing back and I talk straight down the line, so to speak. I wanted people to think that maybe they could see the fears in others to maybe even understand their anger or actions. I wanted people to realise for themselves what can be done as well as what cannot be done. Who are what you can help and who or what you can never help. To not waste your time, blood sweat and tears on things that are immovable and concentrate on the things that you can do something about.

I did have this philosophy when I started out that like the old saying of ‘You have to be cruel to be kind’ and so had to kind of lay it on the line in places. So you see allowing my anger and frustrations to show through I thought was important.

But yes and long before I started I could see things others simply could not but more importantly I could work it out. Sometimes that was sooner and other times it was much later. But I would always get there in the end.

As I did this I discovered that as I worked out an escape route or plan that I attempted this only to find that the government had shut that exit door long before I even got there.

As I did this I could talk and type about it on-line. If others were being driven into their own personal nightmares full of frustration and pain that I might be able to help them too?

Every single visitor that I ever received was someone I could potentially help and even if it turned out it was just one … it was worth it.

It would be five years this August, 2017 that I would have been posting, about corruption, for five whole years. The others need another 6 months, I think, before I can say that they have gone five years.

The important thing for people to be realising is that due to the government we have got and the ones we have had … everything has had a cost.

What I tell people is that what I have issues with is that if there are costs then I would accept things a lot better if I was TOLD about these costs. But I never have been even when I have more or less invited them to tell me so.

So with each and every one of them the order of the day and the many, many days and years previous they decided to lie and cheat. In every public service and every facet of society. Just lie. I also hate the fact that people just accepted this and they have been doing so for a very long time. I have also known for a very long time that this would just compound the problems caused by this attitude and it would build up to gargantuan proportions until the day it was in such a mess no one would know what to do.

There are things that can be done but … they will not like them and are probably well aware of them but refuse to take these paths? I know where my money would be.

I have been rambling on because I am waiting for a video to upload that shows a few things about me … that might come in handy in my defence or in one of my attacks.

At the very, very same time … this video can and probably will help people in pain. Foot pain to be precise. I explain that not everything is how it is perceived or even promoted to be by the National Health Service and its … professionals.

I have discovered things on my own that have not been stated to me in fifteen years and if they have failed to educate, help, prescribe or even provide me then they must be a lot of people out there suffering?!

This is also the case in a great many areas and that list is a long one, like Calum’s List is very long, but I can only get to one thing at a time. On this occasion I have returned to an area that adversely affects me and that is foot pain. Specifically it is heel pain. Heel pain is not something you can escape from as the original rheumatologist I saw, back in 2003 (yes two thousand and three), told me “The moment you get out of bed your on the thing that causes you pain and will be most of the day until your back in bed. Many people are not going to be understanding of that!” but what failed to realise all those years ago is that I was going to discover that among those not understanding will be Doctors and other health professionals and specialists.

Never once have I been asked if I live with anyone to help me since 2003. For the last 14 years the answer to that question has been a very lonely “No”.

Government and public services would have forced me to be a burden on anyone I lived with even more so than I already was.

So another punishment dealt out by the government and public services is loneliness.

I have spent a very, very long time knowing that they really do not give a shit, despite what they claim when the cameras and microphones are on.

But now we might be soon discovering that the so-called freedom of the press is anything but. Also that the Press have been caught out to be aiding central government in hiding some of the worst cases of the breaches of human rights as well as manslaughter the world has ever seen.

Right here in the UK where the perpetrators love to go on TV and preach to other countries about human rights.

Tut-tut, go figure.

On a final note and one I thought was very funny, if it was not so utterly ridiculous and I told people they were idiots for agreeing with this one … sugar tax and being threatened with court action over it …


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