I really couldn’t think of a decent title and it’s very late, or early depending on your point of view.

I put ‘backwards compatible’, provided I haven’t thought of a better title before I finish, because of you wanted something ‘backwards’ the UK governments are ‘compatible’! Lol.

Yeah it seems my old friends Atos and Capita who I have dearly wanted to meet for many years are back in the news.

It also turns out they were getting a couple hundred million more than some were expecting. I’ll say that again, a couple of hundred million more, British pounds, than some were expecting.

This payment is for one some thing … deceit.

These people are neither qualified in well over two thirds of their tasks nor honest.

They are encouraged to trick disabled people, who I might add is all that they see … well the genuine ones at any rate. They assess disabled people.

Some I know want to lay blame for these greedy leeches of society and morons on the Tories. I do get annoyed when I hear that and make it very clear these people were already there doing this shit when Tony Blair was in power.

Which begs the $64 Million question…

Was it that Tony Blair was really a Conservative man at heart?

Or is it like many now suspect and that those we vote into power don’t actually win the country and someone else does?

I will never forget running into a well spoken lady, could pass for middle-class and a fellow wildlife enthusiast and her exact words to me we “It’s like there is a secret government within government?!” I always simply put it that someone other than the government we elect run the country, ‘run’ being arguable, and probably always have? One can only think of the monarchy after statements like that but there are other possibilities.

So if this is true and I have no doubts, then what does that mean?

Well first off we are paying for something else that makes no actual fucking difference to anything.

They something costs a hell of a lot of money but, hey, at least it keeps us thinking it does something…

Our general election!

Funny how they are so ready to pay out many hundreds of millions of pounds to liars and cheats to help them lie and cheat so that they can leave a load of vulnerable people to rot, die or worse have regular mental breakdowns.

Here is an excerpt …

The UK government had estimated that Atos and Capita would earn £512m for Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) assessments between 2013 and 2017.

Stunning how much of your money they are giving to not one but three companies made up of liars and cheats rather than vulnerable people, eh?

Yeeeeah … except maybe I should point out that’s just for one single benefit and it’s the I’ve for disabled people sos … I give you two choices …

1) Are they singling out disabled people only? I mean, just how fecking bad would that look?

Or …

2) Are those figures only about one fifth to one tenth what they pay out to shady companies? Because I’m under the impression there are around 6 to 7 benefits but others tell me it’s more than that?!

So let us say there are ten? Is ten times that amount being paid out in total?!


I think there going to need a whole new raft of public relations people before very long?

Especially if I keep showing people for to view or approach things from different angles?

Oh dear.


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