Before I talk about the brain dead appearing to have grown a couple of cells I will make a short announcement. This will be on two other particular things I have ongoing that are kind of connected.

First off on one of them my prediction of it coming to fruition around the end of April to mid-May might be a bit out. It’s looking to be around mid-June now according to an official notification I stumbled across.

I have now had a sort of official notification, I say sort of as it’s by email with two PDF files attached. So no signed documents yet. I suspect they will follow and arrive during next week?

As I said the other of the two things is kind of linked and that finishes around end of April to beginning of May.

I really needed these endings to be closer together. Well it seems I have been handed one extra week already. In two weeks I have to have an EEG, damn it or was it ECG, for 48 hours so there is another week.

I am still trying to get a few figures together and I am also trying to collate my own figures that won’t be accurate.

Added to this I have to research something inside out I had never factored into my plans at all. Because it costs money for something I am pretty sure I am doing already. Search Engine Optimisation.

My figures need a whole month to get an accurate figure so that I can input a formula into the cell of a spreadsheet to be able to calculate some figures. I have also just realises I need figures over three months to do anything in the way of forecasting!

Bugger it!

They are just going to have to realise and accept that because of what I started it’s damned complicated.

It would be easier if I knew not only when the other thing will end but also how it will end.

Hopefully that will become clear in a couple of weeks time?

If I know this prior to my other course I’m on ending then this will make them ending a few weeks apart easier to deal with.

This is because I have to make a decision on one thing at the end of it that is affected by what is received from the other … thing.

Feck me … awful lot of things going on to try and not state too much!

But I spotted the other day a bomb had gone off next to a coach that was ferrying the German Borrusia Dortmund football team to Spain, I think it was.

I never quite understood how these radicals thought. I’m amazed that in the past radicals seem to target places with just your run of the mill people.

Even when they did go after something they targeted a football stadium, I think it was, it was for the larger numbers of people.

The sad thing is the tabloids, TV news and many people are more shocked and upset about one person dying than they are of, say, fifty people dying. Provided that the one person that dies is famous for certain things.

If it was a musician or actor for instance or even certain royal figures you get the mourning and the talk about it on TV for two or three weeks.

In other words of you set off an explosive device that killed several famous people it would be greater than that of several average Joe’s.

I never mentioned this previously as they probably keep looking on here hoping I will slip up and discover where I live. If they haven’t all been locked up, the ones I was … ahem, involved with, that is. In other words I didn’t want to give them ideas.

When they tried to get to that stadium I wondered if that was going to be a sign that they would change their tactics?

Now that this Borussia Dortmund coach has been targeted I am sure now they are shifting their focus.

Probably the case that MI5 and GCHQ who I have aided in the past still come on here? I can imagine one of them holding a meeting tomorrow and standing to and stating “Right, I’ve had it from a good and previous source that they are shifting focus, everybody!” Lol.

If I was a famous sportsman or woman, famous musicians especially on tour or anyone else that is widely admired or loved I would start to think about my travelling plans.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Dortmund explosions: ‘Islamist’ suspect held over team bus attack – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39580594


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