Sooo .. they bring in laws and shooting techniques to catch radical Muslin terrorists planning to murder dozens if not hundreds of people?

However the news report in the BBC News linked below send to state that these powers are being abused and they are using them to spy on the public to catch benefit cheats?

Yeah OK … benefit cheats are wrong but the system is not event fair and the DWP lie and cheat themselves too.

Plus spying is a resource and one that looks for murders, or at least is supposed to.

So I first have to ask myself how many individuals planning a terrorist attack go unnoticed because this resource is looking at these other people?

I also have to ask that in the great scheme of things whether or not benefit cheats are really worthy of these kinds of resources?

I mean, surely there are far greater crimes that have been carried out or planned that warrant these resources. Provided there are the resources available of course.

It’s like I’ve said from day one and have been saying over a decade now. They want to change or introduce things that seem quite innocent but I always state that the chances are they will be abused.

Everyone else is expected to pay by the rules and be honest and if not they want to come down on then like the proverbial ribs ton of bricks. Despite how menial the crimes or lies might be.

But they can cheat their own systems and their own rules to a far greater degree and inevitably far more serious and that’s OK.

Like they implement rules that are unfair, employ tricks to cut you out and lie to your face about their own policies and rules. But that’s OK.

Like they can abuse their expenses or give extremely well paid jobs, paid for by the taxpayer, to family members or friends that do feck all for this salary too.

But that’s OK because they belong to a higher calling or order than the rest of the British public. They obviously think they just belong to a royal line.

Even in spying on anyone outside of radical Muslims is going back on their own promises. Meaning they lied to us yet again, which once again is OK for them but not for others.

They fail to realise time and time again that they have set themselves up to be lied to. Technically I hear professional people as well as those working for help organisations also tell people to lie to the DWP. Because their rules are stupid, unfair and totally unreasonable.

Also their idea of help and support is standing behind people and lashing them with a nasty whip.

Result? People die because of their attitudes and they damn well know it too. They have been burying these facts and stopping the news media from reporting them.

But yet again that’s OK.

Forget the land of confusion, rid of the land of the double standards and hypocrisy.

Benefit cheats? Yeah, potential Bond villain like each and every one of them.

In other words they are the biggest thieves and the biggest liars in the land picking on small fry and small time crooks.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Spying legislation used to detect benefit fraud cases –


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