Tonight I was sent a link by someone I know on Facebook who likes to search around and kkeep on top of things. Well … underhanded things mostly done by government or the public services run by government.

It seems they plan for more kicking in the land of the disabled person.

It is going to be so funny to see them implement the changes.

there seem to be eight links on the webpage below just going up to 2021.

ESA going down to same rate as JSA … yeah of course, why would anyone with disabilities need extra help for anything. Disability is a myth, dontcha know?!

Anyone with two or more children will not be eligible for tax credits … wait a minute? Yeah tax credits for any more children born after April 2017. Oops big error there … lol … should have said CONCEIVED the bloody morons …

Watch as this will only apply to certain races while a certain religion will get away with it because of their religion. I bet it also wont apply to Catholics? If it does we all need to become Catholic!!

Mark my words … just you watch? At first people will just complain about it a little … they they will notice certain … families just continuing to get bigger and bigger … especially certain religions where their first two children are girls!

Been waiting for this one to play out for a long time now, I reckon sometime around 2018-9 what I predicted will come to pass and it will kick off.

Bereavement Support changes? Did not even know they offered bereavement support?! Yeah watch them axe that down to nothing.

Hmm I just had a thought? Does this long term planning sound like they know we are heading for more financial trouble like that last link I gave on a report in Russia Today that states we are sleep walking towards another one even worse than the last?!

But wait a darn second here? They keep preaching about how well they are doing and how well they are going to keep doing, are they not?!

Fecking lying bastards!

Anyway I see the Queen doing some inspecting … ooh no wait a minute? She just turned her head … it was Theresa May … well the way she was prancing about and with her head turned away from me I thought it was the bloody Queen mate?!

Oh yeah … sorry .. we just elected her as Queen.

Oh no wait a minute? No that was Prime Minister! My word … I think I am about as confused with her position and power as she now is?!




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