UII was stunned … truly stunned to see that need report below.

I also became annoyed with myself because if I could picture myself as a depraved, amoral and sex obsessed individual I could have foreseen this several years ago.

If I had I could possibly have helped bring this story of sick behaviour into the public eye.

The trouble should have been spotted by me as one of the problems that would come from two things. One is homes costing far too much money and rents, still not even close to mortgage payments, being far too high.

So what am I on about?

Well it seems that there has been a case where a landlord has targeted young women asking or even expecting sex for lower or no rent.

This is not just one case either as they actually bloody advertise their properties and ask for this?! According to the report it’s not illegal.

It’s not just London either with Maidstone and Rochester being mention and not just young women. In Brighton, oh surprise, surprise, they are targeting young men. I say that because Brighton is not only notorious for certain things but I was kind of targeted. Back in 1985.

Of course now I’ve seen this report I’m now thinking what other atrocities are going on and not just with rent either?

In fact this should be taken as a warning that where things are getting tougher there will be those that will exploit others in all manner of ways.

Me personally? I’d ban landlords don’t this from ever being landlords ever again. They would have to either sell their properties or have agents be the only ones to come into contact with tenants.

It’s going to be awhile before I get over this particular report.

Probably because I’ll bet realising that there must be worst case scenarios out the and everything else that comes close to them.

This has been the case for a lot of things but those that have the cheek to call themselves journalists hardly ever dig very far.

As I’ve stated countless times on here some things don’t get reported on at all. Other things get reported like they oh just took place when in fact they have been going on for fecking years.

Then there are those other times when someone has controlled the news and prevented them from reporting things. So to everyone else out looks like they took money to not report on certain things.

That last paragraph does have an example where certain people or some group has been putting pressure to get hold of some files. Files that are said to contain details on how they have controlled the news media.

The public service in question is the DWP and over how many people they have murdered.

The second thing I’ve not seen anyone question is whether or not any news groups are mentioned and of so … do we get a list of TV News groups and tabloids that have been paid off?

Any good journalist who could be reading this should sit down and think up other possibilities of exploitation with the prices of things rising.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Landlord adverts posted online ‘target young for sex’ –


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