Well here it is in a news report.

 I’ve been hearing this for many, many months and possibly even over a year? A bit hard to recall with my short term memory issues.

Muscular Dystrophy UK, or something, is reported by the Independent to be stating that 900 cars, yes that’s nine hundred, are being taken away from disabled people every week.

I really am at a complete loss to how there had not been not one but several major things occur over this previously. Like large scale protests and reported on the TV News repeatedly?

But I guess the government figured tens of thousands of disabled people are not able to get to our even able to perform a protest.

No question mark at the end of that last sentence because it’s the only realistic answer as to why the government did this.

 It’s because of this attitude towards the sick and disabled that I have my one and only concern regarding leaving Europe. But then being in Europe didn’t do any favours to us. But at least now we can point fingers at people and label them as evil as in the EU they can pass the buck to people that were never elected.

I mean this is like they are borderline taking away the human rights of disabled people, if they have not done so already…

So what chance do you have if you ever fall on hard times or find yourself out of a job?

Considering a think tank was recently reported by Russia Today to state that the UK is sleep walking into another financial crisis that will be worse than the first one …

… and they are the ones that led us into this as they are supposed to be governing at the end of the day … but they want to make the public pay for their mistakes while still paying them substantial salaries.

As I also stated when David Cameron talked about changing the welfare system to be fairer and bringing in Personal Independent Payments to replace Disability Living Allowance. I said that it was a good idea and was all for it Provided that is what he intended and was not lying. Except when I read about the ‘Personal Independent Payments’ name I started to get worried that it was all a lie to take away the responsibility for disabled people.

If you are going to slowly remove responsibilities for everything, which the Conservative Party has in both its tenures with Margaret Thatcher and then David Cameron and now Theresa May … then why are we giving you money?

There will come a point when our taxes will be doing nothing more than paying their wages to just talk shit and funding weapons and the armed forces. The latter of which many do not agree with any more and over time more and more people do not see the need for them. Other than to stick our noses in where we should stay out. The absolute piss-take of this is that they do this claiming to be helping the people of said country when they do not even help the people that cannot take care of themselves right here in the UK.

Except there were all those people that felt sorry for David Cameron when he did that speach to announce he was quitting.

I find it quite bizarre that people can have sad feelings for others that themselves have no sympathy for anyone else at all.

Food for thought, old chap?

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