Well … I don’t believe it.

It would seem that hard-line Conservative MPs actually did something that has surprised me in a good way.

I didn’t even think that was possible.

Now that Article 50 had been triggered and the now inevitable fact that we are leaving Europe other things are being talked about. Finally. Some being demanded too. As in this particular case.

Along with a demand to stop unskilled and perhaps uneducated immigrants from entering the UK they said something else. Something that caused me to raise an eyebrow.

“Focus on the young unemployed.”

Wow. Just … wow.

Cannot help thinking though that this would result in standing behind young people with a gigantic whip?

I mean think about it … Tony Blair started secretly kicking disabled people in the nether regions in a very secretive way that not even the Doctors knew about and the Conservatives took that to a higher level, after David Cameron promised the British public he would improve things and stated some things were wrong and not on.

Yeah, look how that turned out.

The trouble is they just say what they think you want to hear and then make such slow advances towards what they promised you and then at the end, just before their own tenure is up, they say “Sorry, I tried”.

This is a problem I spotted many, many years ago when any and all public services were taking longer and longer … and longer to get anything done. I am amazed that the 28 day period involved in house purchases have not ended up getting extended. When I worked as PA to a solicitor she told me that the reason the 28 day period exists is that when the local councils get the stamp duty forms, I think it was … ‘SD1’, they shove them in a tray and they stay there for 21 days! I literally burst out laughing when I heard this.

Longer and longer and slower and slower is how you could some up public services of the past two decades along with finding ways and excuses to unload work and responsibility onto the public. Umm don’t we have to sort out our own rubbish, garbage if your American, for them which helps them to sell the crap off quicker and get more cash?

Yeah I told the solicitors I worked for, one called Chris Barlow, about this and they … ahem, rubbished it. Then one morning I got in and Chris turned to me and said “Here, I don’t believe it! I watched a documentary last night and you were right about the councils selling rubbish off. They showed you mountains of plastic soft drink bottles strapped together to go off to China so they can use to to make clothing!”

Yeah … I have a long history of teaching them and many other types of professionals a few things they failed to realise.

Some might say I was cynical … but normally people labelled as cynics are normally wrong and suspect everything and everyone even when there are no reasons to be suspicious and nothing is going on.

Yeeeeeahhh I am not like that.

I suspect when I realise something is going on then I think about all the possible ways theyt could be doing it and if I can and I am able … I will try to prove it. Somehow. Or I end up just waiting until someone else does this for me.

Of course this could be something else? Something I had earlier missed? Maybe it is party policy to make things convincing that they are going to do something by getting a group of their MPs to start a rumbling of sorts about something, then the Prime Minister gives in and says something publicly? This way it would look utterly convincing that the Prime Minister has been swayed ,the party looks good and it all look legit. But then when nothing happens or gets done it would look very much so like they had at least tried? When the reality was it was a major ploy to convince us they tried where they had no intention at all?

Just saying. Lol.

Drop The Target: Senior Conservative MPs demand five-year immigration ban http://flip.it/bz83dM


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