Well what do you know?

First there is a report about disabled people being left behind and not getting the support they need or deserve and now about one. The last one was restricted to Scotland and this one is specifically about Wales?!

What the fuck is going on with the BBC?!

Wait, what?!

I already know the answer to that question and have done for over a decade now.

But this is … this is stoopid!

They are trying to insinuate that, as they have singled out both Scotland and Wales, in England disabled people are treated like royalty?

Umm … no!

But then of they had managed to acquire enough evidence to report both Scotland and Wales it’s not much of a stretch to realise England would be about the same? A little better and maybe even worse?!

So what gives? Some political agenda possibly? I even wonder if it’s one of those times they either have to report something for fear that the wider public might raise it’s being avoided? Or they are reporting this to cover up something far worse?

Personally I’d put my money on the latter.

I’d also wager it is primarily going on in England?

To prevent eyes gazing upon something or someone doing something they should not got simply point, or release scandals, on something or someone else.

Well the methods are easy to work out, the difficulty comes about trying to work out if they are indeed doing this. Also and just as difficult is working or finding out what it is they are covering up.

It’s scandalous that this goes on and who they will target to do anything they can to avoid those they should be targeting.

What I’m waiting for is for this report that we released stating we are sleepwalking into about financial crisis worse than the last one.

We are not even out of the last financial crises so God only knows what will happen if we have another one far worse than the last?

My guess is they will start placing the weakest of us and disabled people in a line along a wall in front of a firing squad?!

I sometimes picture things even worse than that. This is due to the lengths they have gone to and how low they have sunk just on the last financial crises.

As the attack on the disabled started way before the latest financial crises, I do wonder whether or not a select few in government actually knew it was coming long before they claimed they did?!

I know where the smart money asking with mine would go.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Disabled people in Wales ‘being left behind’, report says –

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