I am at a loss on this one.

Disabled people are reported not be getting anything like the support they should be getting in … Scotland?!

I find this odd and it’s going to become clear I am right and why this is with the very next post.

 Scotland? This is reported to be going on in Scotland? With everything they have been banging on about people’s rights over leaving Europe and they are treating disabled people this badly?

I find it hard to believe.

This is also confusing to me.

I’ve been blogging for nearly five years, in four months time, and one of the subjects I focus on is the treatment of disabled people … by everyone. Including those that portray a message that they actually help disabled people and even those that take donations for doing this … even though they actually don’t. Or do but only in the most obvious cases. Like those disabled people with missing limbs for instance.

It’s a bitter taste I experience when I think about this. I’ll get into this in more detail and depth around the five year point.

No the point is I’ve seen, heard and experienced myself the extremely bad treatment of disabled people and … well, I don’t live in Scotland and nor do those people I have heard about, read about as well as spoken to.

There has been a very obvious drive, week it is to me, to remove the term of ‘disability’ from everyone that still has all their limbs.

Yeah … that’s not what the word disability means. It means someone is not able to do something because of a health condition that most people are capable of.

 Unable to do that the majority are capable of doing in other words.

But they want the term restricted to amputees, those with atrophies, those with missing or shrunken limbs (amelia).

In other words visually obvious.

Makes things difficult for others like this suffering from neuropathy but OK for household names like multiple sclerosis. Unless they have started attacking those with the more well known names like MS.

A friend of mine died of cancer and I helped him and looked after him the best I could. He was not treated or cared for very well, not at all really, and there was no Macmillan anywhere to be seen either.

There are more charities and organisations for cancer than anything else in the world.

Yet despite a list of organisations as long as your arm all I saw was a nurse of a particular origin that walked so slow I thought she had broken a leg and kept taking away his spoons and not bringing them back.

I’ve had to deal with a lot of idiots and naive people, directly, in my life and though we’re so fucking naive that when Old Ken told people what was going on they thought he had lost it. Ken doubted doubted some of my revelations too but he knew I didn’t lie.

This was why when he was first having his odd nursing problem he begged people to get me round to his house.

I stayed in the house while the extremely slow and late nurse visited twice.

She was clearly shocked on her second visit when she found me in Ken’s garden.

 I found something too … his one used teaspoon and his four clean ones on the draining board in his kitchen.

Except … he was upstairs almost entirely confined to his bedroom and had difficulties getting to his lavatory right in the next room.

Ergo his spoons were being taken away and hidden just as he had claimed. The look on his friends faces when I told them that Old Ken wasn’t losing it and the spoons were indeed being taken away.

I’ll never forget what my doing friend said to the nurse when I forced her to let me in the house and walked into his bedroom.

“Your in trouble now! This guy right here? He is very intelligent and can work things out and catch it the biggest organisations! Your in for it now!”

I was begged bit too get her fired.

Nahh more interested in the organisation she worked for being so appallingly run.

Outside of the fact that a pensioner was slowly dying in pain and was being messed with by a crap and lazy nurse … I was not surprised. Only of the treatment, or lack thereof, towards a man dying in pain with barely a few days to live.

He died within a couple of weeks.

He is a big loss on my life still to this day.

 Most Saturdays In catch a train and pass his grave within minutes. I always look over towards where he rests.

So no, cancer sufferers don’t appear to get the treatment and support they should get. Certainly not always.

 I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Disabled equality ‘at risk’ in Scotland –

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