Oh this report on leaving the EU and their remarks were priceless.

Even more priceless than this was the mainstream news failing to read between the lives yet again.

So the EU are not going to talk about trade deals until the UK had left the EU?

Umm … that’s basically demanding they get everything they want from both sides of the process which will probably mean that hardly anything will change.

I’m willing to bet they will try to negotiate to get the same … umm, donations in money that they were getting previously? Or something between half and all the money?

Now if true and these things turn out to be the case it will prove my point on a number of things.

Not just Europe either but what I very recent thought of has now gone blank. My short term memory acting up in a way I realised and put it in the post. Normally I completely forget an entire subject I thought up while typing out a post and it never gets mentioned. Lol.

I think, so I’m predicting again, that the EU and their demands will get worse and worse over the next year that it will become obvious what they are up to.

It will end up like the worst and messiest divorce you ever heard or read about.

It’s more or less a divorce is it not?

Arguing about who you see, who you have, what land and money you have along with many other things.

Trade talks? Don’t make me fecking laugh!

Most of the stuff available and fit fake on the UK, electrical goods at the minimum, is ask refurbished and faulty crap anyways. So what bloody trade talks will there go on? So we produce anything big these days?

Whiskey, Aston Martins and Land Rover. Lol.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: EU rules out early trade talks with UK in Brexit process –


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