As part of my ‘Getting rising back to normality … then keep going’ plan I intended to start taking more notice of science based reports and then commenting on them.

I heard somewhere .. something about this design for floating towers, later in the video below called skyscrapers. After falling victim to a April Fool’s joke YouTube video the other day and then almost immediately a second time I assumed it was just that.

Annoyingly I cannot recall where I heard this but after seeing ‘the man with the loud feet’ cover this I remembered hearing it somewhere. Or seeing it written somewhere?


Yeah I saw this video get recommended to me something about floating skyscrapers and I initially failed to make the link to the previous mention. Probably the use of the word ‘skyscrapers’ and not ‘towers’ failed to kick my recall into action?

As I started watching I then realised I had seen or heard this somewhere and took no notice of it with probably a little laugh as I dismissed it. Floating buildings … indeed!

But then I got to the part where they spoke about this floating tower being linked up to an asteroid, basically just anchored out in space to an asteroid and the building actually built downwards into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Yeah that would still not work but could kind of work but for three things..

1 Yeah … they do not have the materials to build something that would need to be strong beyond belief. Space stations have tiny little windows for a reason … because they are expensive to make and have to be damned tough.

2 Yeeaah … kind of would work if the solar system was not absolutely littered with debris and speeding rocks hitting any part of a rather large, think they said tens of thousands of miles long, TARGET! Try doing some research about the damage that has been sustained by things that have been in space, lol. That alone would spell disaster would be inevitable at some point in the future … except … space is also littered with our own debris, like satellites for example! Ooh boy!

3 Yeeeeeaaaaah … part of the building being in Earth’s atmosphere? Wind speed anyone? We can experience some really ferociously fast wind speeds down here at sea level or on land but … yeah … the higher you get into the atmosphere the faster wind speeds get. They do not call part up the upper atmosphere the jet stream for nothing!

Remember .. there are plenty of documentaries about an asteroid or comet striking Earth and wiping us out and they constantly state in each one, scientists that is, that we cannot and do not know about all of the things roaming around out there. In other words they have found none that could strike us for at least two decades but that does not mean that they are not out there.

These same dangers exist for the International Space Station but this building design, has a name starting with ‘A’ and no its not Arseholes or Arsewipes though it probably should be. This building will be not tens of times bigger or even hundreds of times bigger … not even thousands of times bigger than the ISS but tens of thousands of times bigger or more. That’s a .. barn door at ten paces!

Also .. where exactly your going to get a phenomenal amount of materials for a building tens of thousands of miles high I do not know.

I tell you what I do know … even if such a feat were possible, and it is not .. not yet, the prices of all materials involved would rocket! And I DO MEAN rocket! Oh … no pun intended, lol.

It might be possible in a hundred years time … only after we have started mining in space for a start, then and only then due to rocketing prices of aluminium, steel and glass and a shed load of others ruining many economies of the world. But why has it been covered by so many news media outlets?

Here in is where I switch to the things that should be very obvious …

How the feck DO these things end up in the media?

Consider a media group … I don’t know just pick a large name that you know or one that you watch more than any others A personal favourite if you like.

Now think about the size of that organisation Think about how you would become, say, an anchor man or even one of their top reporters. There is a process .. a hierarchy of sorts. If you wanted to tell a story to the newspapers you do not really go straight to the editors, though technically today you kind of can … I think. Or at least it appears that you can but I have tried them all and the .. process simply does not work.

No it is far more likely that my stories got read by someone … if they think there is something in it, it is obvious it would then pass along a line. You would be forgiven for thinking like that already and that there could be a dozen in this line. It could be more than this or as little as three or four.

So .. circling back in this post to the news media groups … really? No, I mean, REALLY?!

How the fuck does such an obviously utter crap story go through all the line of people and to actually get screened on TV or even on the Internet and even to nation wide tabloids without anyone stopping and saying ..

“Fuck! Do NOT air this it is utter bollocks, totally impossible for at least a hundred years and will make us look like incompetent fools!!”

I was just aghast when the man with the loud feet showed a news bulletin with a bunch of morons talking about this … on TV. My mouth literally opened involuntarily and I then shook my head in disbelief.

Hmm I wonder if any UK news people reported on this … let me take a good gander …

Hmmm not thus far … getting a lot of ‘alien floating city over China’ yeah seen that one..damn it, now flickking through the YouTube video to see what it was called … ooh he mentions ‘The Independent’ in his video! Oooh and Forbes! Oh dear! Oh Jesus and Mary mother of God … the Big Think! No fecking waaay!

Ana …. wait a moment! Lol. Oh feck! Analemma. That was the name! For real?! Umm … split the name down the middle into two separate words to see what you get?

I think someone, somewhere was having a laugh?! Anal Emma? You have GOT to be kidding me!


Oh yeah and if the build is … well, tethered? Well it is not really floating is it? Lol.

Oh shit! I just had a thought. Someone tell me that they have not gone and raised millions of dollars to do this?! Please tell me that not a single penny has been raised to work on this?!

Oh yeah and I could come up with one hundred crazy things that would be invented one hundred years from now but as no one alive would likely see it, well the ones able to read this, there would not be much point would there? Lol.

Oh and exactly HOW do all these people in news get their jobs and how are they evaluated?!

Not employing someone smarter than you is not a good policy but is very common, hence I have largely NOT been employed, lol.



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