Due to some … so-called public services I have been out of it for a while now.

Many things I did fell by the way side and even my poetic side has been missing for a fair old while now.

I think a return of being poetic at some point in the near future could only mean one thing … that I am back to that I once was.

I was in a dark place yet again in my life for the latter half of last year. Despite how low I am forced there are some things about me that will never change and nor did they.

This will now become more apparent over the coming weeks and months.

I would wager a number of surprises are in store and not just for this blog alone either.

I sometimes think a great deal about the stars in the night sky and the universe as a whole, as limited as the human comprehension is, still, in this regard.

Sometimes the thought of the stars stretching out into the inky black of the night sky comes to my mind on other occasions.

Like today for instance. I found myself wondering how many people have gazed into that inky blackness and marvelled at the sheer beauty of those numerous pinprick holes of light in the night sky and asked many question to which they desire the answers.

Despite the questions … answers are not … always wanted. The trouble is that those asking these questions are not even aware that they do not want the answers. That is, after they are actually given them. Then they refuse the answers provided and maybe … on occasions they even wished to one God or another that the had not been given the answers. Perhaps even regretting asking the questions in the first instance?

I have a canary.

This canary will remain a canary for the foreseeable future and I am sure that at a later date, if the canary is ever revealed, or wants itself to be revealed, the naming of said canary will bring about many a smile.

But the canary made me think of something I had some thoughts about in the past but never really dove down into any thought about.

The canary is inquisitive in a way that you rarely see and said canary has even stated this to me.

“You simply cannot talk about these things with anyone”

“Oh I call that ‘The Ostrich Effect’ on my blogs” I told the canary in response.

Of course there is much more to it than that and generally people are broken down into groups, psychologically. There are those that just do not want to know as long as they are perfectly fine and these are the amoral ones you should not trust too much.

The canary is certainly no Ostrich. But the canary is well aware of the Ostriches.

I explained more details regarding the blog and what it is that I do … have done … and am doing, though I can never explain it all. The canary always notes that such conversations would take far too long. As interesting as they may be.

While most canaries sing within the confines of their cages this one tends to think outside of its cage.

The canary had come across some information in the past that had either been stumbled across or asked of themselves and discovered upon some research.

Some things are easily believable.

Other things are … far beyond believable and normally confined to the conspiracy theorists that remain for beyond ‘far out there’.

And some things hover somewhere about the boundary of the above two areas.

This does not mean that something that sounds far out there is not true. Nor does it mean that something that is very easily believable is true too.

But … when you’re skirting about the boundary suddenly the inky blackness I earlier referred to suddenly turns to grey and the stars that pepper the clear night skies are suddenly a lot harder to make out.

I am in dire need of getting fit on my bike and had intended to get out for a ride when I got home but this post kept playing on my mind as did the question, of sorts, put to me earlier in the day. The question that I had long since asked myself within the area it was specific to as well as other areas as well. Because what was said to me can not only be applied to many other areas but which I am sure is exactly the case.

The other areas were briefly mentioned.

What was this little titbit of information, that was kind of a question and a statement in one?

Governments like to keep a number of people unemployed.

What was the statement that inferred it also applies to many other things?

Well they keep doing the same things knowing what the outcome will be and still go back and do them over and over and over again and you have to ask yourself, well why?

The canary that thought outside the box.

It is extremely rare to come across people like this and in this particular instance I cannot help but think what a pain it is … due to the … setting in which the canary sits. Figuratively speaking inside yet another box. A kind of box like that we both referred to in our brief conversation.

Hmm come to think of it this is what in effect we all are … canaries in cages where our views are restricted to that which they want us to see. Not free to fly around and see the entire world for what it is.

But it was the psychological aspect and how this could have possibly come about that I found was dogging me upon my journey home.

How? Why? What basis was it that this control came about in the first instance?

Is this something that came about recently? Or are these methods that go back to World War 2 or even earlier than that?

Quite obviously such methods of control would have been initiated based on psychology, that is for certain. But who did this and when?

The immediate problem I had with pondering these questions is that human psychology changes over time.

OK it is true we get bogged down with one set and are resistant to changing it, feck me how long have I been trying to get messages across to the Ostriches? But it does change … albeit slowly. This appears quicker if you work on the psychological aspect of the human psyche over, say, generations of humans. But some change much more slowly, this is true, and this is normally down, or often put down to, the R-Complex of the human brain. ‘R’ standing for reptile. That area were our most basic animal like reactions reside.

So that I have now re-established, for the sake of the subject in question, this idea of how the human brain works I can then give you the thoughts I had next…

What are of the human psyche was this idea of control all based upon?

So we seem to have methods in place and the most important questions is not whether or not they are used, answer being obvious, but who created them, how were they created, when were they created and based on what areas of psychology?

Now others reading this might have seen red, if they had realised that this was indeed going on, and immediately look for a target and ask who is doing this. I mean to say that the who as in who right now?

A few years back I had a member of the public I got speaking to and never found out the name of who knew things had been going on, locally I might add, and complained like hell that they had hidden the truth from him and everyone else.

Little did this man know that this guy with a camera, out on his bike to photograph wildlife was actually wrapped up in that he was complaining about. He sat there on his motorised scooter wide-eyed as the story he was so angry had been kept from him unfolded before his very eyes.

Once finished this man did not utter a single word. There was a pregnant pause before he then suddenly whacked that accelerator button and circled around before whizzing off in the distance.

I actually told this story in full to the canary who was wide-eyed at the facts being laid out before them.

I told her “Quite obviously that mad did not want to know the truth” but as I stated he did not know this until he heard it.

That is the Ostrich Effect.

Some people get a feeling that an answer they want might not be what they want to hear and resist from the beginning to even listen. I should call that The La-La Effect? Like putting your fingers in your ears and saying loudly “LALALALALALA” when you do not want to hear something being said to you.

Hmm but the other two names are to do with animals. Maybe I should call it the Hear No Evil Monkey Effect? Or just shorten this to the Monkey Effect?

Maybe the amoral stance should be called the Snake Effect? Lol!

I explained what I was going to do and the weeks to doing this are counting down. My plans are in motion and a gamble is indeed in place.

Despite being in a period of discovery there remains three weeks, in theory, to its end and another one has 6 weeks until its limit is reached.

To the first I have no knowledge, I have no control and in all honesty it could be 8 weeks away but in theory it is three.

Unless of course fingers are in pies to cause a deliberate delay? I expressed the possibilities of meddling fingers and delays to the canary and I explained that many have believed this to be the case the last two or three years any way.

This thing of which I have had no control has already had several delays and this last one … well let us just say that in 5 weeks time with nothing at all occurring it will start to look immediate and not just to me. Though I suspect it will be obvious that it will be because of me.

Someone does not want me to be any more dangerous than I already am.

But they have no idea just how dangerous I have become. Or will become.

I also have places I now need to go and people I not only need to speak to, face to face, but have already been speaking with them.

Yeah I am almost always working these days, it seems.

Luckily I managed to make a couple of changes that have allowed me to be somewhat more active than I have been previously, especially in 2016 which was an utter disaster in more ways than one!

I have also put myself in a position to have an organisation give me the proverbial kick up the arse, though not too hard due to health conditions and all that.

However … I am also testing said organisation to see what it is actually all about and see if there is any genuine help to be had. Other than things I can go away and read in a book somewhere or on the Internet.

I am trying to discover new motivations and drives to get me going into getting back to the frequencies of posting and uploading that I had two years ago and going beyond that.

One of these is discoverable in one of my recent ‘Revelations’ series, still parts to come on that one, and the other … is not.

It is funny really. One thing I thought of after this discussion was having someone who could write a piece on something they knew about and feature that on my blog.

Or in other words it was the very first time I had actually actively thought about guest writers. This would always be a difficult one for me as despite how crazy sounding some of the things I have done are … they happened and are fact. An out there 24 hours a day 7 days a week conspiracy theorist I am not.

For instance I posted about that YouTube and Internet in general rumour about pizzagate. That shit sounded completely insane. The fact that it did, did not mean it was false. I did not know whether it was true or not but the possibility of the details being factual was just too scary and disturbing to completely ignore.

Despite my best efforts some false shit might get talked about on this blog … in time. But what you wont get is me claiming something is certainly a fact unless I know this to be the case and/or have proof of this.

Think of it this way … someone might read about something I have written about that others are working on or claiming that has some really cruel things going on and victims. These acts may well be ongoing. If someone who is closer to the source material with a real talent for acquiring evidence then looks into it and this leads to a big exposure…then people get saved from cruelty or even from being murdered.

If on the other hand something I have commented on turns out, factually that is, to be nothing more than some crazy conspiracy theorist cooked up plot…what is the worst that could happen? The person just gets correctly labelled as yet another crazy conspiracy theorist.

I used to ask myself how people became these things, like conspiracy theorists? Maybe they just had such bad lives or a string of really bad luck that they felt like they had to find something to blame? Maybe come up with some complex story with some wild claims to try to get some sort of … sense out of it all?

At other times it may be down to actually discovering something quite shocking and then coming to the conclusion that if they managed to discover this particular detail then what other things are going on? These other things, to the discoverer, could be far, far worse than that they just discovered?

Of course the discovery of one thing would naturally mean that other stuff is going on but does not mean that this is the case in every … well, case. But it could. In most cases.

If you watch or listen to the news and have been doing so for the last few years, many refuse to watch it at all which is naïve, you would have noted something. That it matters not where in the world that you are people with money and/or power seem to get up to no good. In fact it is almost as if the more that they already have the grander the illegalities are they are found guilty of.

Each time this occurs and I see or hear of it I cannot help but ask myself, why? I find it bizarre on each occasion that it occurs.

It seems someone is exposed in the UK every other week and of late I have been hearing things in two South American countries, France and South Korea.

So in the upper tiers of society the higher you get the greater the crimes that get exposed. Well so it always seems to be.

But these are the ones that calculate and manipulate and may well be deciding that en element of society that should remain unemployed? How bizarre is that? … and twisted.

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