Been a bit out of some of the YouTube disagreements for some months now, thanks to some public services that are anything but that.

But this morning I came across a video by Sargon of Akkad with a rather odd title I was not familiar with. ‘A Study in the Dunning Karger Effect’. I had to look it up!

Of course as I suspected it would be based in psychology and the effect itself I am familiar with, though not to the extent of someone convinced that covering their face with lemon juice would prevent them from being identified by security cameras. You will find that story on the Wikipedia page but … just be careful about believing everything you read on Wikipedia.

Sargon’s video was in response to a video made slamming him by one of his notorious enemies, Kevin Logan. In all honesty I was surprised that Mr Logan was still doing this and I had thought that he had slowly vanished into obscurity. Or left YouTube altogether.

It was about this old, and to be honest fecking boring, ‘patriarchy’ argument to do with extreme feminists.

The groups of people that think that they can just force evolution over night because they want it … no they demand it and of course … reasons. Stupid and wrong reasons that are just known and referred to by many as just ‘reasons’.

Oh boy.

Not everything is equal, that is just the way it is, and with some things they can never be equal .. well not naturally at any rate.

So what did Mr Logan do this time to prove his point and prove himself correct?

It is hilarious how people that are in the wrong but so desperate to prove themselves correct will resort to name calling and insults. Once that starts you really have lost, even if many of your followers and believers are too blind to see this. More competent and intelligent people will. In fact this demonstrates said effect previously mentioned.

The other is that he ran through history to pull up some examples of women being the main or equal presence in various wars and battles.

Now let us leave aside that his ‘history’ seem to span 400 years, which may seem like a lot to Mr Logan but is in fact nothing compared to tens of thousands of years. I am not even going to include the even longer period of time since humans existed.

The Joan of Arc mention was … well stupid. One woman that led an army and yet the way Mr Logan talked about it you would think she led an army full of women. Yeah that’s right, Mr Logan, give children the wrong impression about history to help them with their history lessons. As long as you appear to be correct by the end of it, eh?

But I was at the half way point when I suddenly realised something.

Mr Logan also gave the impression that he is intelligent and is highly knowledgeable in history when in fact his whole intended impression of that falls down as soon as you realise something…

Exactly how long as this argument with Sargon over patriarchy?  A year? Two years? Longer? I cannot even be bothered to look but it has been a bloody long time as arguments go.

Mr Logan why have you waited until now to bring up all these history lessons?

I will tell you why because you only recently came up with the idea to Google history to come up with a list of things you previously did not know about … umm Joan of Arc? LMAO.

Sorry I got sidetracked there a little bit when I laughed at how he had to look up Joan of Arc to come up with this latest argument. You looked up Joan of Arc? Really?!

Anyway the point is that if an argument goes on for a very long time … I would strongly suggest you resist diving into history to prove your points and especially so when your trying to give the impression that you knew about all this.

Maybe it is because his imaginary girlfriend got caught out as a liar and a cheater, one that he defended so doggedly it was obvious to all but the most naive what was going on here, that I just assumed he had gradually faded into the background? I do not know.

I am amazed that he is still around.

Maybe he still lives in hope that he will still get an invite or a knock on his front door one of these days? From the infamous Jenny McDermott? Once again, who knows?

If you want to make more things equal then make damn sure that is what your asking for because you if you Social Justice Warriors only want to pick and choose what you want to be equal .. then your not actually asking for equality.

You want the best jobs? Then you have to show you can take the worst jobs too.

You want to be paid the same in sports? Then two things are needed … you either put in the same amount of effort, so Tennis players play the same amount of games across gendres, or you attract the same amount of spectators, as in football.

You cannot be paid when you are not getting the money to do it, in football at any rate, and you cannot demand the best jobs and shirk the shitty and messy jobs.

Then there are the thought processes of these thought police.

Sorry but you want to change the basic psychological make up that has been evolving for millions of years.

God, when I think about life and how short it is I really do feel sorry for these people when I stop and think about it and how they spend their entire lives chasing ghosts.

I wonder if they will get to their fifties and stop and think ‘Shit! What did I do with my life?!’

Such a shame.

Waste of time to when we could be conversing about things that we can change or can achieve.


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