Things sometimes … just pop up at the absolutely best times.

Only yesterday I was explaining to an ex social worker friend, who used to be a non believer like so many others, how corrupt the NHS was.

During these explanations I stated what an absolute scandal it was that Doctors were being paid hundreds of thousands each year to lie to patients and basically do 80% less than they used to.

Now when he heard me utter the words ‘hundreds of thousands’ he said “They don’t get that much, do they? I thought it was about forty thousand?!” and I burst out laughing.

I then explained that there would be salaries much higher than that and possibly even 500,000 per annum.

I then said to imagine how many hospitals there are across the whole of the UK. How many GP Surgeries and to imagine the total cost to the taxpayer.

If you have done that your head must be spinning at the amount of money being wasted on a public service that had not only been shit for a couple of decades, hidden of course, but that they now do 80% less now.

He is aware that the number of deaths have rocketed too and not all from screening referrals and lying to patients. Mistakes have rocketed too, that was inevitable.

I would hate to see the real figure … that if there is anything like a real journalist and a real newspaper and/or TV News Network left in the the UK concerned enough to investigate and report the truth.

Let me put that another way?

If there isn’t a news network that has not been bought out by the UK government not to report on the truth, the way they have done over the DWP.

So it’s a fact that they already have control over the media, something that became obvious to me well over a decade ago. Factual because documents exist regarding the control over the media over the DWP.

Yeah you read that right, I’ve known this to be a fact for well over a decade.

Or I’ve waited well over ten years for what I’ve long since known to be true to be exposed to the wider public.

Very difficult to get facts across to the wider public when the TV News Networks and national tabloids are all controlled and therefore prevented to report on things.

You can bet your arse that if they do it for one thing they are doing this for many things.

You could not even begin to imagine what that had been like to live with for 15 years.

For fifteen years everyone thought I was losing my marbles and my claims and predictions could not possibly be true.

A literal living nightmare.

In fact these details I go into is purely why and how my blogs came into existence in the first instance.

One of many reasons but without this one I would never have ended up on the path I am now on. Now would I have developed the skills, plans and traps to get everything I have.

So that discussion about salaries in the medical profession on the NHS side was yesterday.

I also showed him a link that was sent to me and sourced from Russia Today. It stated that the Bank of England have, basically, been idiots. They have not been strict enough with their banking stress tests. They state that we are going to have a financial meltdown worse than the one in 2008.

Yeah, had a feeling.

No what was weird was spotting a report on the BBC News app that NHS bosses in Liverpool have been discovered getting or going to get a 50% pay rise. In Liverpool?!

If they are getting that sort of pay rise in Liverpool then what about London and the hinge counties?!

As I’ve stated for nearly five years on here alone, no one had learned a damn thing.

The banks, the government and all of the public services. None have learned a single thing.

I find it hilarious that they would patronise, or only attempt to in my case, the jobless and the disabled. The DWP that is.

But go to the top and the highest paid and therefore the easiest place to save the largest about of money that dwarfs sections of the welfare bill, and they are unwavering.

‘Ooh I’ve just had 5 grand a year chopped off my 180,000 a year salary?! I could go to America and get over 250,000!’ Umm, no … you can’t.

The exposure train just keeps trundling along dropping little golden nuggets of information and corruption the further it gets.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Liverpool NHS bosses’ 50% pay rises ‘scandalous’, says MP –


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