I had to dig a little too find this one.

It seems a row is brewing over the US government previously … or is that currently, speaking to the Russians.

I thought this whole Russian thing was finished and certainly wasn’t prime in the BBC News.

Some Americans speaking to the Russians a big thing? Again?

Maybe they were speaking, if they were indeed speaking, about the price of sweets?!

OK I’m being naive. Oh OK I’m taking the piss. Lol. After all this is the Russians we are talking about …

They were talking about the price of Caviar? Lol.

Yeah i couldn’t resist that one I’m afraid.

Do you know what the Elephant in the room now is over this Trump and Putin thing about the elections?


Have a think for a moment. How long had it been now this has been going on?

Now I’m going to point out something I have done from the moment these accusations started … this accusation has basically been half of America admitting that their election process is seriously flawed.

Want to take another stab at the Elephant in the room?

Got it?

Well if you didn’t here goes … if the US Election system is so fecking flawed that it can be influenced by someone on the other side of the world that no one likes or trusts, including me by the way, then …

Why are they concentrating so hard on proving to the American public what they know to be true instead of looking at ways to stop future US elections being influenced?!

I’ve been waiting to hear them talk about doing something to stop future repeats of what they keep insisting had taken place. But as yet nothing had been uttered by any of them … anywhere. 

Trump is in there now for four years, or five i forget, so try doing something that prevents him or them from doing it again.

At this rate … nothing will happen, Trump will get in again and everyone will ask.. 

“How the fuck did that happen?!” and I’ll be right here stating … 

“Well you claimed it was flawed, spent four years running down a bind alley trying to get Trump out instead of FIXING it. What the fuck did you think was going to happen you morons?!”

Hmm or maybe they will realise at some point that right beside them is a humongous grey mammal that whiffs just a bit?

Don’t let that truck hit you in the arse on the way out!

Hmm … how long has it been now? It’s March 2017 and the election was well before Christmas. It was like the 11th of October? November? Four or five months now?

Oh yeah, sorry I forgot…

It’s all about fake news. That was the reason … no wait? What has Putin got to do with fake news?

What’s been hilarious about my posts about this is i don’t like Putin. There is nothing I’d like more than gin to be caught out….for something he is guilty of.

I feel sorry for the Russian people as I do believe he rigged his own elections. I think he is a self obsessed, old world bully and a control freak to boot.

But I also think he would have to be completely incompetent to risk being found out meddling in US affairs and elections when he is trying so hard lately to look like a peacekeeper with the actions he has taken in the middle-east.

He might well be the things I have accused him of but being a complete moron is not one of them.

As much as I’d like that to be the case and the truth is if he was then he would not still be the Russian leader.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Jared Kushner to be questioned over alleged Trump-Russia ties – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39405795


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