I got chatting to someone I know who frequents the DPAC Facebook site and he told me something about Universal Credit crumbling and I asked him what he meant to which I was then given a link.

I told my local council, after it had gone digital online only, that you cannot do this while everything is changing and it wont work and will go wrong.

It turns out that for at least a year it has been going wrong.

Hmm maybe I should add that you should not then just assume that as this has been reported on in the media that it is the one and only thing that has been going wrong. I guarantee that it has been failing in other ways and that is just Universal Credit.

I have already exposed ESA to be getting things wrong and still continuing to do so along with JSA too presently. Now that I think about it I exposed Universal Credit to be doing things wrong too!

For instance UC was designed to replace JSA, unless your a complete idiot and think that they just added three more departments with PIP, ESA and UC for no reason?

So they are still running six departments with UC, JSA. ESA, IB, PIP and DLA and have been for a few years. Except UC has rules that do not line up with JSA and until they do you have to run both.

So it would seem that in certain circumstances UC has not been paying housing which has lead to arrears building up that local councils have had to pay.

Now do you ever remember at least one of the times that I have stated that the one thing you can use is that corrupt and evil organisations never, ever help each other out? Well I rely on that for catching them out and despite the lack of things posted on here for  the last couple years which may have disappointed many I am … umm, still doing it!

It just takes … longer in the later stages of doing the things that I do. It is just the way things are and quite unavoidable.

So local councils and the DWP have very obviously not conversed with each other about the changes that have been intended? Leading to yet another right royal fuck up.

Why would I not be surprised if I ever see a news report that stated that despite kicking everyone who is jobless along with the disabled in their nether regions that they have instead been haemorrhaging money instead of saving it with their welfare changes?

YOU voted these people in who then take large sums of money from YOUR taxes and this is what you get?! Kicking certain groups of people until it hurts, they bleed or die while they reward themselves?!

I had a previous post titled ‘Uncivilised Society’ for many reasons and here is one of them.


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