I am in bloody A&E once again.

I have not mentioned it previously but I’ve been having some … issues. This has been going on for about a month. Maybe more? Cannot recall.

Anyway the first time it took place i had eaten a lot and put the symptoms I was having down to that.

I had heart palpitations along with discomfort that wandered over the threshold into sight pain. I had also felt breathless.

As I said this first occurred some weeks ago and I thought it had something to do with over eating.

However, several days to a week later I felt this discomfort once again. This time there was no over indulging involved.

Since then it has occurred several times and seems now to be becoming more frequent.

It has also lasted for a few hours each tube it had occurred.

Today I was planning to admit myself to A&E just to have a few tests done.

This is because despite it not being intense pain it is the region of the heart. I also had a heart trace 6 months or so ago that flashed up a few warning signals, heart wall thickening was one.

But someone called me and was on the phone for a couple hours so I decided to go to hospital tomorrow instead.

Except another friend called me I had told earlier in the day I would go to hospital. He then complained that i had not gone and asked me to do a blood pressure test.

I watched as the diastolic number went above 200 and thought. “Uh-oh!” It eventually ended with a reading of 197! Highest I think I’ve ever tested at.

Now it should be stated that my father as well as my grandmother died of heart related problems. I still don’t know how my Uncle died but both he and my father were in their mid fifties when they passed away.

So the symptoms and source are things that give pause to thought at the best of times. With my medical history along with my father and grandmother … I need to be careful.

So when my friend was told on the phone that my blood pressure came up with 197 he … just got called in for the second time. 

Yes my friend nagged me to ring 999 but i decided to ring 111 instead.

“It’s not on … Man!” he insisted.

So I rang 111 and of course I get told to go to an A&E within the hour.

I got here about 4.30pm, maybe later? It’s not even 5.30pm right now and I’ve already been called in twice.

That’s twice since I started this.

My friend was annoyed, shocked and disappointed that considering my symptoms they did not send an ambulance. An ambulance never occurred to me until he complained about it. Him complaining did get me thinking and wondered what if all the exertion was to cause something drastic to occur?

So then I thought about starting this blog post while I was on the bus. But as I had feared and why I had decided not to travel to hospital in the afternoon … it was filled with schoolchildren. In my neighbourhood there seems to be tens of thousands and they seemed like they were everywhere. Floors, seats, walls and even ceilings there are so many and of course they are loud. Louder than hell itself.

Soo I decided to wait until I was in the hospital waiting room. Of course you get called as opposed to a monitor screen with your name popping up. So listening to music was not really an option.

In fact I tried to listen to music thinking I had at least 30 minutes before the initial check over by a nurse. This was the time it took the last time I was here.

But no.

I was called within a few minutes. Had blood pressure measured, it was high but didn’t give a number. Took my pulse and asked me to take a seat in the waiting room.

I thought that surely this time it would be a long wait but by the time the song was playing someone appeared from a door in front of me and I thought I heard my name, barely above the music. Yup, they were calling me for what was bite the second time in what could barely be fifteen minutes.

Someone’s concerned?

I have no idea whether or not the blood pressure and these palpatations and pain are linked.

Strangely my friends has been on at me for a fair old while about seeing someone about my high blood pressure.

I told him on the phone that recently halting my blood pressure pills, Ramipril, probably didn’t help. He complained that I had stopped taking them with a drawn out “But whhhhyyyy?!” before then informing him, or rather reminding him, that it was demanded of me by the Neurology Department of Chase Farm Hospital.

If you have been coming on here for more than a few months then you might recall I had been referred for an MRI on my head and an EEG at different hospitals?

That was because I had been passing out more and more frequently.

Despite three strikes of pain while having the EEG performed they said they found nothing, but did not deny the EEG picking up pain when i mentioned it.

They put out down to the blood pressure pills and requested I stop taking them.

Hmm … that was around the time my grandfather passed away, around 10th February 2017. Come to think of it this would be around the time or a couple weeks at most before these heart symptoms started.

I had a feeling that ceasing the use of blood pressure pills and the aversion to giving me better blood pressure pills would eventually cause a problem. Not quite this fast and this dramatic, I have to admit.

Soo … just waiting for a Doctor to call me and I’ve asked three people about the Doctor Bolat I saw around 6 months ago. No one had heard of him.

Oh well the point is if I drop dead on the same date this post was posted … well you know that the NHS was the to blame.


I am bloody hating these damn visits to various A&E’s.


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