Well what do we have hear?

Rather bizarrely I had been asking myself whether I should do an update to my situation but didn’t want to delve into it.

For almost a year I’ve been battling the DWP and to be perfectly honest … I’m doing somewhat better than someone else?

I have been battling the DWP on two fronts … umm … well … it’s actually … three. Lol.

Yeah I’ve not really mentioned this third one on my blogs and it’s kind of very tied in to something I have going on that is on this blog.

It’s … complicated.

This will ask make sense in a couple of months time and in fact for both things I can tell you they both bizarrely and by design both have periods of eight weeks.

Only one starts in a few days and I simply cannot find out when the other one … started, or if it’s started at all.

If for some massive mistake by yet another public service this other one had not stated and will in a matter of days then they will both run concurrently.

As I said, these are linked. If they end up running concurrently this could present me with a problem. Because I need these to finish in a certain order. Wrong order could be problematic.

So I’m not going to go into that, not even the DWP side of things. Not that particular issue at any rate.

But as for the previous two that’s been going on since 2016 I can. Well partly. Well I say that as I’m not really sure on one of them. The one not being handled by me.

I have not been told the case is dropped though it had kind of become a moot point. Not entirely a moot point but looks very much like it will be.

The other issue I was refused help on and this was Personal Independent Payments.

Except I seem to have not only handled this in such a way that it would end when it suited me but may not be ending at all?!

Yeah … it’s strange and despite my doing things in a particular way that suited me it seems to have stopped altogether?

I’ll get a letter now I’ve posted this contradicting what I’ve put? You watch?

Anyway it’s gone just how I need it to at any rate and maybe a bit longer than I need it to?

Then, tonight I spotted that story below in the Independent tabloid … hmm actually isn’t the Independent online only now?

According to the Independent’s news piece most of the Personal Independent Payment appeals have been won? I must say I’m surprised at this. The courts have held up people’s appeals? Great news but then … I have been sticking out to one area of the HMCTS and then some. Plus … well they probably have realised something about me reading between the lines on what I’ve posted.

HMCTS? Sorry, you don’t know the half of it, very much quite literally.

One point made by the news report I’m bloody relieved to finally fucking read is that they notice now the system is wrong and broken. Nahh … I might be relieved to read that bit it’s frustrating too as this is by design. It’s very much deliberate and they have been inching towards this year on year since Tony Blair was Prime Minister.

What it actually is and should be very obvious and therefore reported on is a complete waste and rip-off of the taxpayers money.

Funny that no one, including their Mickey mouse judges, complain about them taxpayers money, but then everyone at HMCTS gets paid from that very pot like so many others.

Soooo doing well at cut backs and saving money then? Yeah, very much looks like it, not!



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