My word.

Sometimes things fall into your lap and on rare occasions you get two.

A screw up by the DWP over PIPs and the appeals and now this?

I have claimed for years that the news media has been controlled and steered away from certain stories.

In fact of late much of the news media have focused so much and lost themselves in their own narratives they have ended up looking like fools. In fact after screwing up in a big way they have then proceeded to make things ten times worse.

But I’ve also stated that they have got away with this for so long that they are not even bothered about slipping up and looking obvious.

But who is pulling the proverbial strings?

To many the first thought would be government while some would say owners of the biggest corporations. Both are likely true.

So you could forgive me for every so slightly raising an eyebrow when my old nemesis George Osborne is named as the editor for the London Evening Standard?

Remember I stated about not being bothered about looking obvious?

So then … Mr Osborne editor of a free rag? Did not sound like much? Maybe he is worried I might send my updated evidence to them? Lol.

I’d need a Blu-ray writer first as I’d probably need 30 DVDs now? It was 16 I think when I started blogging? I remember making sets of four DVDs and sending off well over a dozen sets. I stated clearly that what I had sent was by no means all.

I remember having these visions of sitting in a cafeteria awaiting the arrival of a journalist with a thumb drive. That vision never became a reality. Though to be fair I had long had suspicions about the news media back then too.

What I found quite funny on this report is reading that George Osborne has another job. A part time job, no less! That was the funny part .. a part time job.

So … the editor of the London Evening Standard a part time job too? Can’t be a full time job as how would you find the time to do the part time job?

I rather wish that both positions were part time and that this was all he could find in his Jobsearch due to the current situation. Would that not be chuckles worthy?

Now that would be even funnier had it been Iain Duncan-Smith only finding a part time job. I could have really gone to turn over that one!

Yes I could have waxed lyrical about the sharp contrasts from dream land and reality. Shame.

So then … we have that politician who was not only seen as the most dishonest but also the most disliked among the public now editor of a free London rag?

Jesus, if the Evening Standard had not had it bad enough for so long that it had to give it’s prints out for free, now this?

It beggars belief. 

In an attempt to get more people reading their newspaper they give it away for free and now George Osborne is editor?

Think about it for a moment. You have tens of gigabytes of evidence of corruption in the public services and government? 

What chance do you get by sending out to someone who was previously in said government?

Now with the London Evening Standard it’s new editor is someone so high profile that we get to hear about it. But how many ex politicians or similar are editors of either local or national tabloids?

That tabloid now gets completely removed from a possible recipients list to never being a recipient list. There must be others that will now do the same and I wonder as to how many that would be?

So do we have another budding fake news rag on our hands? Lol.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Osborne Evening Standard job prompts call for inquiry – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39314127


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