Well now it’s fucking reported so it’s now officially!

The DWP have been completely dishonest with their assessing of disabled people and it’s been obvious to me for years.

I have written blog posts about this for well over four years and knew about it long before then.

So yet another of my claims that have turned out to be true years after I posted about it …

Where the hell is my Pulitzer?! Lol.

Anyway … it seems almost by design that I see this tonight…

I have run into a little bit of an issue regarding the DWP and their assessments to do with PIP and a certain … representative I have.

It seems at the moment that a large organisation that does nothing more than help disabled people … legally seem to be saying that my disability, difficulties traveling very far, lack of my own transport and assessments arranged between ten and over twenty miles away and 100 medical symptoms is not enough to refuse to travel to an assessment.

Yup … you read that right … not being able to travel to an assessment is not a good enough reason for refusing to go.

It gets better as I’ve told these people that I’ve always known … that’s KNOWN and not I THINK,  that the DWP and there assessors lie and cheat and even have the proof that extends back in time 5 years or more.

That’s not a good enough excuse either …

If your going to ignore the simple and/or commonly known facts and stick to the DWP’s pathetic rules your not going to help anyone.

Oddly enough it’s the exact same situation I have over ESA and yet they are handling that one?! Confused?!

Added to this my … situation looks set to change very soon they will render the ESA situation a moot point and the PIP situation becomes vital. Very vital!

The one single organisation I could find to actually help me and things are getting … confusing, frustrating and may well be pointless very, very soon.

It’s very, very weird.

It’s almost by design?!

I am looking to be in a position where I get not one, two, three or even half a dozen boosts but dozens?

I was about a year from reaching my first major milestone provided I had a half decent year and plenty of activity and getting about in the Warner months? That onto incudes going to my usual spots with my usual tools.

In a matter of months or even weeks the ranges I will cover and the tools I’ll acquire will expand hugely … and then some.

But in the event that my endeavours get so far but not quite ask the way I may be dependent on help, which my PIP payments, not means tested, would be a big help with until I am at the point I’ve been aiming for, for 6 years.

ESA will probably not be paid and yet the one I currently have they would and should be paid might now be stopped and the solicitors I have, admittedly working my case for free, are refusing to accept my reasons and therefore act on my behalf.

It might turn out differently shortly as admittedly my actual solicitor has been on holiday and had now returned. With that and a detailed report containing a complete breakdown sent to them their decision might change?

I hope I don’t have to write a piece in a few months time detailing how this organisation failed me?

If they both refused flat out to help with the PIP issue and the ESA case fails it will be something of a complete and utter embarrassing failure.

They will also all be stating that in some sort of evil genius as I managed to get Disability Living Allowance for 3 years without lying and then was awarded PIP for 2 years without lying?!

It will also not reflect well on the helpers because I’m no solicitor, though I was PA to one on and off for a while, yet I’ve beaten the DWP twice. I’ve acquired the benefit twice and was not easy reach time. If a solicitor fails to get it once?

It’s going to be a very interesting and somewhat concerning couple of months.

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking … into the future.


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