I am always taking about how some people just … get things wrong or cannot see the wood for the trees.

For quite some time now I have been hooked on movie trailer reactions on YouTube and I never thought that was possible.

In the last 6 months to a year I have been hooked on this bizarre phenomenon many things have occurred to me.

First off I seem to get a lump in my throat when I see the joy and happiness others experience and bear in mind this has only been occurring for a year despite the fact my blogs have been going for almost 4.5 years now.

Secondly I see a lot of people trying to get in on doing trailer reactions themselves, probably noticing how popular they are, ,and … doing it wrong. Sometimes very, very .. WRONG!


I started to think a couple of months ago it might be a good idea to do a little piece about this?

I have now decided to do this and point out where people go wrong and the different ways that they do. So if any are scratching there heads as to why they have amassed a lot of dislikes these are the reasons why. Though admittedly a fraction of people that dislike are moronic fanboys and think you SHOULD have got excited because they did. Obviously not taking into account that the reactors … reacting might not like movies like this.

I cannot actually type this piece out without mentioning two very recent trailers that have to be the best I have ever seen. One for a game and one for a movie..

The Last Of Us Part II

and …


Reaction Mistakes

A trailer of all highlights lasting just a couple of minutes …

Talking to someone therefore missing highlights and not reacting


Talking to camera therefore missing highlights and not reacting


Asking questions to a camera that is not going to answer and therefore missing highlights and therefore not reacting


Asking questions of someone sitting next you that cannot possibly know, therefore missing highlights and therefore not reacting


One starting to effing type half way through trailer!


Making stupid errors about telling X23, 11 year old girl in Logan trailer, it is not OK to steal then stealing when he clearly meant NOT KILLING


Stuffing your face with ice cream and/or drinking?!


Complaining about stealing crisps and a drink in a movie trailer when it is clear to many that she was X23 was created and raised in a cage like an animals and does not even know what CURRENCY is


Narration when we have already seen it and they are showing the effing trailer anyway.

Then there are the ones that simply do not react at all until the end and even then sometimes there are still no reactions?! Why? Why are you making them? Do you not watch through your videos to see that you do not react?

But when they are good they are … damned good.

I found myself shocked that as they each showed their emotions in turn I could feel it too. I could not get enough of them though mainly in the things I was interested in. Until The Last Of Us Part II game trailer appeared.

Due to my very long history with computer games going back, albeit on and off, to the Commodore VIC-20 I was always interested in games companies that got a lot of respect and praise out of people. One of the companies I was very interested in was Bethesda when I built a gaming PC a couple of years back. But it had not gone unnoticed regarding the titles of Uncharted and The Last Of Us and was disappointed to see they were Playstation exclusives and never were released for the PC platform.

Then The Last Of Us Part II reactions started to appear in my recommended videos so I thought I would take a look?

I was blown away by the trailer on a number of levels with the main ones being impressed and emotional.

It had become like a drug and I would trawl YouTube looking for as many reactions as I could even before Logan and The Last Of Us Part II.

I had initially started out being interested in what nerds and geeks thought of comic book movies as I loved these too but I had issues with some that were disappointing.

Some reactions sparked something in me.

Before long I was hooked!

As I watched video after video I would gradually realise a few things and one was how people had become emotionally invested in characters of films but with The Last Of Us I realised people had become equally invested in these characters too in certain titles.

It was extremely gratifying to realise we had gotten to this level in computer, sorry video, games.

I also found it quite odd that they, and I of course, could get so invested in fictional characters and wondered if people were more prone to investing in the world of fiction than they would in reality?

For example could a large percentage of any populace get emotionally invested in any particular individual character that had gone to great lengths and strived to do good for every person they could for many a year?

This may not be the case in any single and seemingly minor case but what if there were many and some were very serious?

What if someone had not only sacrificed so much along the way but was forced to lose so much by outside influences too?

What about risking their lives too? Their liberty? Pressures put upon them to the point they had nervous breakdowns and were suicidal? Repeatedly?

I have had emotions due to investing in characters and long, long, long before I discovered reaction videos and it is the reason why I started to help people and then start some blogs to help even more people. Watching the emotions of others in these reaction videos simply reminded me of why I did the things I did and why I do the things that I do and why I will continue to do things for the foreseeable future.

I know a lot of people are unhappy. I know there are many that are very, very sad and even ones that live in mortal fear.

I wanted to help them reach the happy emotions that I witness regularly in these reaction videos and I was merely shown what it is I want to enrich people’s lives with.

Before any of this I strived for could be achieved I simply had to reveal what was first wrong because you can only fix the wrongs in the world if you know they are there so start with.

I was also well aware that from the start of the financial crises the number of people whose lives would turn to shit and therefore so would there emotions was increasing exponentially and I pretty much figured that this would not be covered on mainstream TV or news.

There were a few people that thought I had the right combination of intelligence, wisdom, caring and foresight to first how the wrongs in society and then help put them right. I was never really sure of myself over this and therefore did not have a great deal of confidence.

This confidence has risen up as well as fallen down just like that of waves approaching a beach and it has been a rough ride.

There has been a change that will have a positive knock on effect and some might have picked up on that over the past couple of weeks. But everything is a mystery right now and a I can say is that there is something I should have been informed about two weeks ago and it has now gone almost three weeks what should have taken 48 hours to achieve.

When these changes happen, and they will as it is inevitable and it cannot possibly be stopped by outside influences as has happened with another endeavour, big things will happen.

The things that will happen could be a dozen or several dozen and these will have me busy for a year or two and all resulting in content in the way of videos and pictures for all of my blogs and YouTube channel … and then some.

I have written, or mostly written, a series I have called ‘Revelations’ because each of the five or six in the series is a revelation.

Now combined … they will blow people’s minds regarding what went on for me during 2016 and why it turned out to be a bad year. A very bad year.

As well as realising just how bad 2016 turned out to be, from the bloody good year I had predicted 2016 to be throughout 2015, something else will realised. By the end of the 5 or 6 part series that will end by the end of February to mid March it will be clear that the years of 2017 and 2018 are going to be … to quote an old friend, phenomenal.

I have a lump in my throat realising that over the next year or two I can reach and teach and therefore help so many people it will make my head spin and then some.

If and when I do help an extremely large amount of people … if I ever got … evidence of that … well I just do not know how high my emotions will run?! I do have a history of passing out due to medical complications so anything would be possible. Lol.

I guess I always wanted to be a hero deep down, in an extremely short and simple way of describing what I do, because I guess that is what someone who is being a hero does? Lifts the feelings of people to ever higher levels. To be a real hero you would have to help a hell of a lot of people in my estimation.

Many called me a saint long before I even thought of starting a blog. But to be a real saint you would first have to perform a number of miracles and I am sure this is listed somewhere? However being a true saint you would have to be religious, which I am not. So I would never really be a saint and only ever in some people’s eyes. Probably. Well yeah I have been called a saint by a reader of my blogs. I was also praised by a Pastor I helped so … lol, maybe I actually took a big step closer to being a saint when I did that?

Soo here are a few of the reactions that really gave me a large lump in my throat and once again helping people by getting those with genuine feelings some hits on their YouTube reaction videos …

Before all the YouTube video reactions are listed I will simply say this … I have never owned one of these slabs of plastic but after seeing The Last Of Us Part II I find myself very much wanting to buy a Playstation 4 Pro!!

The Last Of Us Part II …

Well no matter how hard I tried and all the different search strings possible for searching on YouTube I simply could not find the video reaction to The Last Of Us Part II that was my favourite by a ten mile stretch. A lady, looking a little Spanish, who had her hands together over her mouth and nose and cried through over 50% of the trailer. Either she removed it, likely amoral morons poking fun, or Google have forgotten what an algorithm is. Or maybe they never did? I would not mind but I had watched this video three times and it was always being bloody recommended to watch again!

Logan …

last one … “she is a murderer” yeah well when you have super strength and claws your not going to spend your time tickling your cat’s belly, lol …

I get inspiration from heightened emotions from both films and music .. which means ideas … 😉

It matters not where in the world you go the emotions are the same … trust me I have watched hundreds each of Logan and The Last Of Us Part II alone!


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