I have kept only one eye and ear on what has been going on with the inauguration of Donald Trump and the protests and silly but clear statements later claimed to be taken seriously out of context.

I am looking at you, Madonna.

I think I mentioned recently about a video by Heather Southern of Rebel Media pulled to pieces by the man with the loud feet.

Well rather bizarrely some people were upset about him pointing out some clear facts in that some anarchists that turned up were claimed to be the anti-trump lot which is made up by Social Justice Warriors and other less extreme lefties. I realised something I pretty much knew was being shown here too. It would this has now been pointed out regarding a tweet I did not know about.

This morning I spotted another video done on Heather Southern’s reporting by the man with the loud feet. It seems to be a reaction, or more accurately a more to the point video about what went on and how things were twisted. I wonder if he is surprised that he still had a third of his audience dislike the video … oh wait let me check … ah, no actually it is closer to one half disliking his video.

Yeaaaah I am not really surprised.

The problem I have long since realised is that people are either two faced, contradictory or just plain amoral but gets to me when they make huge claims about the truth.

You see everyone is against lying about facts, twisting of the truth and generally being honest until there comes a time when it fits their wants, desires and narratives.

You should also see that this occurs on both sides. Yeah both sides are just as bad as each other and it is not the sex of those in power and nor is it the colour of their skin. It is the simple fact of who they are and that class they belong to that is the problem, has been the problem for many, many years and will no doubt continue to be the problem.

Those that do well and hugely benefit under a scheme or party will throw their toys out of the pram because they fear it means they will lose some to all of what they have. Any claims about wanting facts or the truth is complete bollocks. In a nutshell.

What was funny was when he showed a clip from an American chat show where they showed a tweet by Donald Trump stating that people should march on the inauguration and I was thinking “HUH?!” I was trying to work out why they would fake this to make a joke out of it when they declared it really was a tweet from Donald Trump from Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Oh dear.

That was not a good start to his presidency but then I never really believed that his would be a good presidency. The fact of the matter is I thought that because of his straight talking he might be a bit better than everything that has come before. But many did not like his straight talking and tried to twist everything he said. It would appear people prefer to live as Ostriches and feel better and calmer when they are getting the usual bullshit and lies from their governments? Well that is how it looks. Lol.

I have said it over and over again that it matters not which end of the extreme leanings someone is they will both do the same thing, lie, cheat, control and twist everything to fit their agendas or put them or keep them in power.

I liked Nigel Farage’s straight taking too but there was nothing that said he wouldn’t end up like al those before him and I have long claimed that those in the premier position are not in power and it is others that really control things. .They are just puppets and are paid for target practice for the public so that the real villains get away with their crimes.

I believe in things being fair and capitalism is not fair nor has their been any version of it that I am aware of that is and a socialist or communist system is fair and the same applies. What we seem to be doing is look for a fair system, or at east the populaces of countries are looking while those in power are not.

If you are a socialist and you think for one second that voting Jeremy Corbyn into power will end up in a socialist system and a fairer one being introduced then you are very, very seriously deluded.

There will always be those with enough money and power to lose that would be more than willing to take someone else’s life to protect what they have.

Also you can joke and call others a total joke but in reality it is you that is the joke if your more than willing to take things out of context, twist and even lie on news reports or commentating of any kind. Because your all banging on about fake news but your helping them wipe you out leaving the biggest fake news organisations behind to carry on misleading the public. Not forgetting, or course, that these big news media outlets also avoid reporting on a great many important news stories too.

Luckily this blog exists to counter that with the news media as they keep on reporting on things I divulged days, weeks months and years after I have done this. Making it look like they are late and/or stealing my posts and time after time after time. I mean this is in the dozens now it truly is and people I know were noticing this long ago. There are two friends I had that were noticing this and one of them fed to Newcastle about four years ago and one died of kidney cancer five years ago and the latter was a socialist. We used to call him Red Ken and his name was indeed, Ken.

In fact it was this socialist friend that used to beg me to have a voice that can be heard and he stated for years that I should be on Talk Radio or something similar. The dumb-arse even used to get really drunk and start telling me I should be Prime Minister with my ability to see things and my ideas. Lol.

This jumping up and down and screaming when someone is twisting things and using things to fit an agenda or narrative that does not coincide with yours but silent when the same actions do is rife and everyone will claim that you are the extreme one when it does not line up with what it is they believe.

Unfortunately what these naïve people and morons fail to see is that things will just carry on as before forever and ever unless you stop this.

So do not complain about the way things are when your actions are a large contributing factor in things carrying on the same way year after year and decade after decade. It is not because there is one or two if you that do this it is because there are just so many of you.

This is why I have avoided this and have stayed straight and narrow for many years and long before I started blogging too. I was still in my teens when I saw the pitfalls of doing this and just keeping to the facts is what is important to getting to the truth or finding the best solution to something.

What I find hilarious also are the claims of being centre and everyone thinks of the systems and governments being centre … lol, they are most certainly not and neither or those that have been in power that claim to be. Tell me … do the Clinton’s appear to be centre in their political stances and if so is this because of their words or their actions?

Also I stated a long time ago now that I felt sorry for the American public because they ended up with two bad choices for President and I literally scratched my head at how that came about. I would have scratched my head way harder had Hillary Clinton won!


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