Right then.

Something has happened that has an inevitable outcome as well as a direct one.

But the time has … lingered on.

This would raise questions among the nine. It has raised questions among the group.

I have not posted the first part of the ‘Revelations’ series because of a unforeseen and quite bizarre … delay.

Information has also not been forthcoming and the lines of communication have stayed ever silent which has lasted for two weeks. From a particular location.

So this has caused a delay but I thought I would perhaps give a little prequel and maybe even swap the order of the first two in the series? However to achieve the latter I have to physically type that up as the first part was written many months ago now.

Much took place in 2016 … behind the scenes so to speak … though none of it very productive for me while I have been keeping other .. activities under wraps for a later date and to lead the blind just as the Pied Piper did the rats.

However to prove my point at a later date I could .. divulge numbers. Numbers that do not mean anything right now but those I could refer back to at a later point?

This blog may also play a very large role in all this at some point in the not too distant future and perhaps even in a court?

The Magic Numbers

  • 90

  • 250

  • 160

  • 100

  • 400

  • 300

  • 2

  • 9

  • 10

  • 90

  • 10

  • 20

  • 35

  • 70

  • Several Broken Laws

  • A little cheating


Want to know what all of those numbers mean?

Sorry you are going to have to wait a bit longer but if it is any consolation … I genuinely thought I would be publishing this about now.

Added to this is going to be some … reactions and some have already taken place. Some are already shocked of my … involvements but they have no idea just how much and it is not over just yet, it would appear.

Unlike my last little … endeavour which backfired on me in a rather cruel way … I am much more … involved in this one. Any upcoming court case will have my name attached to it, have no doubts about this.

Beady eyes might patrol and they will not understand the … significance of a great many things about this post. It includes a metaphorical fat bloke down the pub and a severe case of underestimation on their part of me and the things I can now do and that which I have been able to do for a very long time.

There is a metaphorical Wolverine and an X-23 involved in this one and perhaps other new characters will appear from the woodwork? Those that I know as friends have been up and down over this but are now realising that this will go … just as I predicted it would.

I am asked what I would do before some negativity spreads and infects things before switching back into enquiry modes. Same old, same old. But this time with a huge twist.

A bit of embossing of the bezel with a little bit of splice.

There are some shoes that I personally would not like to fill … not this time.

What will be will be and what had to be done was done.

A series of actions and an ever increasing wave swept through this particular land and that source did not go unnoticed.

There are many questions to what is slowly evolving into a mystery that might just evolve into all out war?

The warmongers have some fear and have been notified.

But their fear is in no way enough. What little they know of my capabilities which have been laid very bear and for all to see for many a year.

One might find themselves asking others if blindness now an infectious disease?

One might also point to the lines of communication and ask why they have remained silent?

One wonders of the heads of demons he had long since feared will actually come to pass?

Many ones might forget or be unfamiliar with the fact that I am a registered disabled person and that I publish to a great many people that may well be a million plus one year from now?

One thinks that many may well have seriously underestimated the situation and wonder why the one they fear the most as well as respect the most has stayed silent?

When someone has that much confidence in the events that will come to pass and their work within certain areas of law as a PA as well as a humongous level of common sense one does not have to worry. One does not have to shout. One does not have to point out. One does not have to personally attack. This will produce absolutely nothing but some irate people. Well … at least just one.

There is an approaching period of time and I know not what this will turn out to be. It could have been two weeks but now that it has since surpassed this period and questions have been raised the length of the period has remained … a mystery. But periods have an end.

Another few weeks, a month or could be one to three years?

If the period results in laying anywhere within the one to three year period it will be extremely messy and extremely one sided.

Prison bars might also be a factor … from a little too much … dodging.

Oh dear … me thinks this will not end well nor swiftly. Personally I would prefer the latter.

The meanings behind the numbers and any consequences of actions taken as well as all of the conclusions will come. All rather rapidly or in a piece-meal form. But that which was pre-written will be published in the coming weeks and by the end of February at the latest.

It could wind up being part two and the present part two might be that you read first?

The last is taking a bit longer than anticipated which is partly down to number one taking longer than expected.

Be interesting to see if Legal Aid, if there is anything left in the way of rights for the poor?

But the revelations most certainly are coming.

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