​My good God, NHS stories seem to be like buses and after one I think can’t be beaten in the world of the bizarre it gets well and truly beaten in mere minutes!

I thought I had fallen asleep and without realising it awoke in the world of The Twilight Zone when I saw this story.

A mental health chief within the NHS ends up having a nervous breakdown and needing mental health treatment from the NHS?!

Really? I mean, REALLY?!

What was strange was how she answered the so bloody obvious question of how were the services?!


Jesus Christ someone somewhere is either an idiot, thinks the majority of the population are idiots and/or naive or both?

Well surprise, surprise the answer to what the mental health services are like are they were great … or fantastic or something similar.

Is this a fucking wind up?!

First off, how in the world did this effect occur? The chief guess through her own system? What no heath insurance or money to go private?

Secondly if it just so happened that this bizarre sequence of events did take place … asking them what the services we like they were/are in charge of?

Yes I can see the possible answers right now …

“Yeah, you know what? They were really, really shit! It’s farcical and you know first thing tomorrow morning I’m going to fire myself!!”

The NHS mental health chief who had a nervous breakdown –


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