​Sooo … a missile test failed?

Big deal!

Oh wait?

Theresa May handles something not a big deal like an idiot? Ooh now it’s a big deal.


She previously was asking the house of commons to approve a new generation, I believe it stated, of Trident at £40 billion? Did I hear that right? Forty billion? I must have misheard?!

They can’t keep the poor and vulnerable alive by allowing them money for food or shelter from the cold but the rich and powerful can spend £40 billion that’s not even THEIRS because they are fucking paranoid over a nuclear attack … STILL?!

No sorry this is all bull in this day and age … complete bullshit. Someone is obviously making a lot of money and getting a lot or perks by being handed £40 Billion of the public’s money. 

Let’s get something absolutely clear … possessing nuclear missiles is not going to a damn thing. Without any at all whatever leader would be stupid and insane enough to launch missiles … first having our own won’t so then from hitting us. Secondly at least one nuclear power, America, would so much they would be next they they would launch their own. Having ours airborne would only get hot in the crossfire.

So, no. I don’t know what’s REALLY going on but it’s clearly not what they say it is.

To spend £40 Billion with the current crisis being six years plus old is nothing short of fucking inhuman and totally selfish.

First thing they would probably do is all run off to secret bunkers costing billions they built in secret. Then after spending a year or two eating the pile of food they stashed away, retrieve food plant seeds from Svalbard plant them and half won’t germinate and the half that do will die because they didn’t think of saving a small army of slaves to do the work. Because they won’t have a clue how to do the work or care for the plants. Despite labeling most others as lazy for many years, fit or not.

Some might think I’m just being cynical? Oh how bloody foolish and naive.

I’m either bang on the money or in the ballpark a very, very large majority of the time.

There are occasions I’ll get it wrong … can’t think of any but probably on here somewhere?

Speaking of getting things wrong, I saw a right wing media group cover some violent anarchists during Donald Trump’s inauguration. Someone called Heather Southern, whose name rings a bell and think I’ve covered before, stated it read the worst violence in a protest she had ever seen.

It was wrong but … if that’s the worst she can’t have been to very many. I’ve seen worse and I’ve not even witnessed a protest of that size first hand! 

They also did not appear to be what they were claimed to be either?

Lying is lying. Funny how people they claim to have morals and higher firm of life than others are OK and even DEFEND those that lie when the lies fit their agendas.

This was for a channel called Rebel Media.


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