​A bizarre story had appeared in the news I should not even be surprised about.

Well maybe it’s a little more extreme than what I expected to hear. Well at least this one was. There have been others and I have absolutely no doubts there will be more. A lot more.

Still it’s troubling enough to get a mention. 

A man seems to have become so upset and frustrated with his GP Surgery and the NHS that he built some explosive devices and posted then through the GP Surgery’s letter box!

Sound like someone with a mental health problem?! Well you would be correct and a perfect example of how the NHS is deliberately provoking bad treatment of failures towards patients by their GP’s.

I stated long, long ago that these failures write manifest themselves in many different ways. I stated that in the case of those suffering with metal health problems this could be extreme? Well here is one and it’s pure luck no one died or effect seriously injured.

In other extremes patients die.

But then the dead don’t talk or fight back.

This is just one story that has managed to get through the filters and blocks and make it onto the news.

But I wonder whether they’re are just so many out there, like on the internet, that the news media decided it better report on one to make it look good?

Convenient then that it is regarding someone with a mental health issue and they dint effect question what failings there were in the NHS or the GP to provoke this.

In fact they don’t seem to raise any questions at all about the NHS? Funny considering how much the NHS had featured in the news.

Feltwell man admits posting bombs through letterbox of Boughton Surgery –


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