​Well here we go again.

Though this could mean in one of two ways.

Firstly after reporting on something I posted about a few years back here is something I posted about a few months back.

The first one was to do with the NHS and letters being intercepted and that is for BOTH coming as well as going.

Once again it’s the NHS and this time about drugs being prescribed. As I previously stated a pharmacist mentioned this problem to me and out had previously never occurred to me. Annoyingly. To remind you he stated to me that he knew the NHS were to to no good as the drugs he stocks had dropped right off because they have not been prescribing them. As a result a large number of pills and of different drugs go past their sell by date and have to be thrown away. Drugs are expensive. That’s not good to be throwing them away. He also correctly stated that this will become a time bomb they let down the line will explode and be unmanageable.

I was shocked that this had not occurred to me at a much earlier time.

I had been point blank refused one drug for several years and another on and off for around 7 years. There will likely be others if I sat down and thought about it.

Except now in both The Sun and the BBC they are reporting on this problem. Only … they seem to appear to be reporting that this is about to happen, it insinuating that it is about to happen.

Or perhaps and more accurately it’s REPORTING on this now because it’s affecting drugs for terminal cancer and other fatal illnesses?

Maybe, just maybe this might prove that the news media have ignored this happening all along? Maybe they have ignored it because relieving pain is nothing to them but terminal illness are different?

Or maybe it shows once again the incompetence of the news media? With all their numbers as regards staff and all their money and all their resources they fail or are extremely late to the party time and time again?

Even the title below it states ‘may hit patients’ when it already has and long before now. It should correctly state ‘may now hit terminally ill patients’.

Huh, reporters and news media … where are the emails from them offering me a job? What you think out of 500,000 visitors none of them work in the news media industry? Especially when a very large percentage of what I have written about, reported on and exposed has appeared time after time after time days, weeks, months and even YEARS after I have reported it.

Someone should be asking themselves what I would be able to achieve if I had the right resources?

Oh don’t worry, something tells me that during 2017 you might just get a few dozen examples of this?

And the BBC have notifications on their website about needing an expensive TV license to watch their extremely late and incompetence on webpages and even their app.

As regards their insurance on a licence for this I’ll simply end this by stating something that a mate took a few seconds to realise. When he did his eyes went wide…

“Yeah so you need a TV licence to watch the BBC online and on their apps. Tell me, does this include the American public and that of the populaces of other nations?”

Drug cost-saving plans may hit patients –


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