Is there no one within the whole of the BBC, NHS or Government combined that has an ounce of common sense, knows anything at all about logistics or even have the ability to see that which stares them clean in the face?

I have waited a very long time to se4e one of my claims from about 4 or 5 years ago get proved in the mainstream news media like so many others have. That of NHS letters being intercepted b a third party before reaching the patient. I have had this happen three times due to being re-stapled the wrong way around along with things being … omitted from said letters.

Several days back I covered a front page story from the free tabloid the Metro and I have waited for more to be mentioned form that initial story, after all it was headlined ‘National Health Scandal’ and surely the TV News media could not avoid this one? Even if it did not avoid it, as it has done so for so many other stories, I wondered if there might be a deliberate mistake?

So after giving the story an initial mention and with many other things going on to deal with I thought I would just wait and see.

Then it happened.

What had been appearing as a feature in the mainstream media was a slightly different story regarding the NHS and namely General Practitioners and this to me made no sense This was to do with GP Surgeries and the ‘opening all hours’ aspect. Seem to be getting mentioned a hell of a lot and even some threats to GP Surgeries coming from Theresa May herself?

Then it came and even had a spokesperson who only seemed to be talking down a little bit this subject of third part screening of GP’s and their referrals to hospital.

Oh my God, you could not have written this better if you tried!

You wondering what in the hell I am talking about?

Remember, LOGISTICS!

Well … in the BBC report there was a lady who had pain from varicose veins, was refused a referral to hospital for either to be looked at or an operation and who went private. Yeah I would love to go private too but you cannot get the drug I really want even going private!

Remember we have the BBC here along with the NHS (hospital bodies and GP bodies) and the Government including the Prime Minister Theresa May. ALL OF THE ABOVE …

Yeah … well do you recall me stating when I started this blog and many times since that it is NOT workable and will fall in on itself and that the trouble with liars and cheats is they do not work very well together?

Yeah well you see the way it works is this … people have ailments and when these ailments are ignored they do not go away. These people continue to go to their GP about the symptoms and eventually these get others developing new symptoms added to them. In other words you do not need a fucking abacus to see that these numbers grow faster and faster and faster over time.

Now as I also reported on which I did not think about until a pharmacist mentioned it to me is that he knew that the NHS were ignoring patients as the drug prescriptions had been dropping like a stone for some time. They and many other chemists have had to stop ordering in man drugs because they were going past there ‘sell by dates’. He also added that these health conditions will just become more complicated and that down the line you will end up having a huge cost to correct or treat them all. Probably about the time they come up with excuses for the NHS not being affordable and having to privatise it?!

So the number of people being afflicted with pain or other serious conditions that affect them in their daily lives has been growing exponentially for a few years, right?

Except that now the government and Theresa May has been threatening the GP Surgeries with opening all hours because of a problem that the government actually caused!

Oh and if you have a health issue that may cause disability at some point, hell like your going to know as they are fucking you off over referrals remember? Yeah your fucked there too I am afraid as they have been kicking conditions off the disability list and already erased the word ‘DISABILITY’ from the DWP.

Now that’s what I have been waiting for!

  • I already knew letters were screened as of about 4 years ago

  • I knew they either contained lies, omissions and even gone missing altogether, still awaiting my referral I only just remembered and forgot to mention to my GP over the hernia like popping in my right flank around my waist

  • My GP pointed out the ticking time bomb several months ago

  • GP longer hours being mentioned for a fair old while now

  • GP referral screening appears in the news media

And WHERE EXACTLY were the reporters at the BBC, the GMC, the PHSO or the bodies that have appeared in the news to point out the fucking obvious that I have mentioned here and have been waiting for for many, MANY months?! No fucking where, that is where.

That is a lesson in simple logistics and how kicking the can down the road just like the ‘borrow, borrow, borrow’ that the Tories like to throw at Labour … this is no different and could arguably be far, far worse due to this being about refusing to help people with health conditions.

Now remember these people have taken OATHS!

If your not aware .. what did you think becoming a Doctor is simply about passing tests like any other degree? No and unlike my degree with medicine you have to take an oath. A Hippocratic oath. Think of solicitors and lawyers and what they have to do for their careers. It is a pledge and a promise except in both industries they have amounted to absolutely nothing for the most part for a very, very long time now.

I have had a few people speak to me that suffer from health problems and pains regarding the NHS and the DWP and do you want to know what I am told by these people on a VERY regular basis? If it is not absolute fear and terror that they are going to die by starving to death, no food, or freezing to death, no home, they are talking about how they wished they were DEAD!!

I can tell you hear and now that a very large percentage of you have no idea what in the hell that is like to listen to.

Sure a great many people will and have stated to me about ignoring them, stating that I have enough problems of my own and that they would not personally do it..

But my problem was and is that there was no one there to turn to, no one for support and no one that does anything mainly based on lying, corruption, God complexes over sudden fame or power and largely because of egos.

I have had to explain to my own family why I did what I did as a father … I got no help and more or less stabbed in the back (post coming very soon about this under ‘Revelations …’) because I did not want to be that guy! The only way to effect a change was to be the odd one out, to act differently to most and to help others. The best way to do this was to explain what I had learned from myself and that even by doing this people simply would not get it straight away and would take a long time. So I had to keep on doing this until they not only did get it but enough of them got it. I could not even rely on people getting it then doing what I did and pass the information around.

So the fact I have not done what I set out to do already is not down to me … it is as a matter of fact down to you.

Over the next few months blog posts related to this will be read by thousands of people but if everyone that read this then told just ten people about it it would be seen by tens of thousands of people. If they passed it on via social media it could end up being hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. I have nor never have had any control over that.

But I read people bitching and complaining about the way things are and they are not interested in actual answers, or so it seems, they just want to bitch and complain. Yeaaah … that does not actually achieve anything. The only two arguments, I can think of off the top of m head, I had not because things were not getting done but because they got cocky and thought they were the most intelligent people in the room. BOTH were Genera Practitioners.

It reminds me of people that hate dealing with front line staff and they go in and they bitch and complain about the way things are. Why? They cannot do anything about it and did not make the rules and if you do that al you are doing is making a rod for your own back. This is not Chess and you do not take out half a dozen pawns to get to the king and queen.

The kings and queens are in reality faceless (not ho you think they are) and the pawns numbers are in their millions.

So why make things difficult for yourself? It is baseless as well as senseless and you are only helping them make their jobs easier and their actions justifiable.

I see it all the time too where people make claims or point fingers and are wrong on all counts because frustration and anger makes people lose focus and become affected with tunnel vision. They so much so want to have a target for their anger that they fail to see the wood for the trees. Oh it is because of this or because of that and the most famous one is because of the Tories. Yeaaah … no!


These things started a long time ago when Tony Blair was in power and all those idiots are just hired puppets and are paid as target practice for the people and you actually sit there not doing nothing because you actually think that the next time a general election comes around you will vote differently, oh yeaah right one or the other, and things will be different. When it does not, not to worry just another four or five years and you can vote again … of wait I am nearly fifty now I do not give a shit any more because I have money/its too late for me/sorted out a career/living abroad [delete where appropriate].

Luckily the way I have explained things this time around, despite stating this for several years now, you do not even need that damned abacus. Referring to it in this instance as logistics 101 would simply be overcomplicating things entirely.

Wow! This is a good start to 2017 and I have not even started my four part ‘Revelations…’ posts yet and by the time they have finished things are going to be somewhat … exciting for many for the rest of 2017 and then some.

Oh they will also be an eye-opener for many as I describe in detail what was going on behind the scenes, the things I did not talk about on my blogs, during 2016.

Hmm trying to think … there were four posts noted down here somewhere and mostly are shocks but with one little exciting detail I am still awaiting the final details about. It is all done bar the shouting, metaphorically speaking, it is just the actual … result that is not known. It is a … positive result but just how positive remains to be seen. Hugely positive or massively positive are the only two possibilities and even the latter has two levels!



EDIT: Oh crap I forgot, Fibrofog,  … did I remarked about how liars do not work well together and you would be forgiven for thinking I might need a sign that this might be about to or indeed has backfired?

Umm did I mention I had been refused Pregabalin for several years due to its expense, even though it is the third best drug now for Fibromyalgia and the top two, Sodium oxybate and Milnacipran, are not available anywhere in Europe.

Well I showed a video of some that I …. acquired. Been taking them and they have had an affect and I have been taking 100mg daily.

Only I was in my GP surgery recently and I showed them to him and asked for them and I fully expected him to say no and to lie about it …

… except he said … umm, YES?!


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