Well 2017 has now started and I have often wondered how this year was going to go?

It is true to say that 2016 turned out to be the exact opposite to that which I was convinced it would be like and then some.

I had something that took at least 30% of my focus for a couple of years and several thousands of pounds in cash. That involvement partly destroyed 2016 for me.

Then half way through the year along came a corrupt public service to put the tin hat on 2016 altogether.

I have divulged about the latter but not the former.

Added to this I have had two other … areas I have been involved in I have also been holding back on and one of these has been over two years and that will come out and come to light and the readers will understand why.

Another thing has been going on about 6 months or more. In fact I wrote a piece on that one around 4 to 6 months back, I will have to check its creation date, that I never got around to publishing.

So there are three things … there are at least three things, in case I have forgotten anything?

Of course holding back on things does not help the numbers on my blog grow but unfortunately when you want to achieve the things that you do … you often have little choice.

None of these things involve the battle I have with the DWP and the solicitor I now have though … the solicitor … ma become involved in … let me fink?! Two of them?

What will become apparent is that with everything else I have had going on in 2016 I have also had these … three other things and one of them has now had a pretty major and dramatic development. That development occurred around 24 hours or so after I sent a letter to my solicitor to answer an odd question, a minor and worrying development, they asked me. In that letter I opened up a bit more about the blogs and online presence and the stage I am at. I also mentioned one of the three revelations I have referred to here so they may or may not be able to help. Now I have yet another thing to mention.

The day I posted the letter to my solicitor I also had a copy of the Metro Newspaper from Thursday 5th January in my rucksack. The reason I did was because of the story on the front-page and to do with the NHS.

After posting my letter I visited a friends store and found another friend there when I got there who just so happened to work for Glaxo Smithklein, the drugs company. I asked one friend if he remembered me stating three years ago that I had realised my NHS letters were being intercepted and were NOT coming to me direct. He had trouble remembering until I mentioned that several letters had been pulled apart and re-stapled in the wrong order. Then he did and my Glaxo Smithklein friend asked me seriously if I had been drinking. I pulled out this copy of Metro and showed them the front page and said “No and this story proves I was wrong and is yet another one of my blog posts reported upon in a newspaper, without mention of me of course”.

Then I told Mr Glaxo about a conversation I had with a chemist and that when I mentioned some months ago that the NHS has been fobbing people off by lying to them to avoid treating them he said that he knew and that over the last few years the number of prescribed drugs he had been giving out had dropped off and they have had to stop ordering them in. This was because they were going past their ‘sell by’ dates and had to be thrown away. I then told Mr Glaxo that I was not expecting that response and that I was annoyed it had not occurred to me before to ask them as this would be obviously happening if I was correct. Mr Glaxo now looked shocked.

The story that was on the front page of the Metro basically stated that they had found out that the referrals were going through an outside and private company who were screening them. They were doing this to find out what was serious and what was not.

But why when a qualified General Practitioner was making a referral to a hospital?!

AND what was the process involved when someone was deemed NOT worthy of said referrals?!

Considering a qualified General Practitioner and a hospital specialist would see the patient and therefore deem what was serious and what was not … why on fucking Earth would the letters need to be screened in the fucking first place?

Plausible deniability, that is why.

As I already said to my friends and stated above . Yet another bloody story that I already discovered and this time years before the report that gets reported on.

So where the fuck is my award for investigative journalism when dozens of my stories have appeared in the news days, months and even years after I report them?

Not bad for someone with little resources, no car and a disability!

Now imagine what I could achieve with some money, support, no fucking meddling by public services trying to close me down and my own transport?! If I had not held back these last two years I may already be there? No, I would be there.

It is the 9th of January today and along with the three revelations there is also a fourth thing …

  • Revelation 1: Embezzling About

  • Revelation 2: The Spinal Knife Wounds

  • Revelation 3: The Doctors Are Out

  • Revelation 4: Risky Business (this is currently OPTIONAL)

Those are working titles I just thought up off the top of my head, apart from the first one which as I said was written months ago. It is not even mid January of 2017 just yet!

I had already decided that 2017 was going to be a year of the ‘tell all’. I have also decided and I hope it sticks to this that 2017 was also going to be the year of the ‘do all’, as I have had a couple of bad years as well as holding back a lot it was time for a course correction.

So other than this story about another NHS scandal I had long since told all about and the curious way it is reported on that suggests this has only recently been happening there is the above to come!

Ooh and how could I forget the recent statement that will become infamous about Theresa May talking about correcting injustices? Does that mean that politicians are going to go to jail? No because they were lying and cheating for big firms and everyone now knows that if your caught stealing when your starving to death you go to jail. Cause deaths while stealing or saving millions of pounds and you get a golden handshake and a platinum pension!

Later I heard that Theresa May had made statements about improving mental health services and I do not know right now if that was the injustices she was referring to?

Wow! Everybody bow before such greatness, she is going to make the mental health services better . .which were actually ripped to pieces by Tony Blair around 7 or 8 years ago now. Well, Theresa May, that is going to be sooo difficult for you to do considering you could not actually make the situation any worse!

Listen up Mrs May .. you may be able to fool a board of people somewhere, like Goldman Sachs, to become Prime Minister but I am afraid your bullshit just wont wash with me.

I was also a bit disappointed in Nicola Sturgeon’s ransom of ‘don’t give the UK public anything of what they wanted from Brexit and we wont hold another independence referendum’. Yeah … that is NOT the way to go about doing things and will only put a divide between English and Scots … OK so an even BIGGER divide then.

Funny that as I never thought of that subject when the latest topic of conversation was how shit it was during 2016, how many things came out and what is in store in the way of revelations during 2017. I should have said at one point ‘How many stories will get successfully or partially buried when everyone knows the truth?’

So at some point over the next week I am going to post up the first part in the ‘Revelations’ series that involves a very sad and sadistic story of embezzling that is extremely close to home. Extremely close and the conclusion of which will bring about changes in me and my blogs that will be very big to extremely massive.

Then over a four to six week period there will be a couple of others, though the order may get switched around, that will then be followed by a last one that also has the potential to change things in a big to massive way.

The absolutely and totally bizarre thing is that one of the middle two revelations was supposed to have a very big to massive effect on the things I do, the blogs I write and my YouTube channel all of last year!


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