Heard a funny news report regarding all this nonsense regarding Donald Trump and the Russians have have been accused, all the evidence suggests falsely, of hacking the Americans with the sole purpose of getting Donald Trump elected.

The news report was regarding Vice-President Joe Biden who himself has been the focus of attention for some for what many believe to be really going on behind the charade of accusing the Russians of hacking. When I heard what Joe Biden said I immediately thought of the headline for this piece.

Basically he said that Donald Trump should “Grow up”.

He said this as a kind of …well, delayed response to Donald Trump questioning the US agencies involved in accusing the Russians of hacking. Namely the CIA and FBI and anyone else who happen to be involved I missed.

Grow up? Really?

Yes because it is not like anything untoward or dishonest goes on in agencies like the CIA, FBI and NSA among others. How many TV programmes and films have depicted this scenario over the years? Maybe that one was too easy and too obvious? How many people who used to work for these agencies have come out and claimed stuff like this over the years?

But then I think of the stupidity of coming out and saying something like that to someone like Donald Trump and when I do I think it smacks of desperation. Does he honestly believe that anyone at all and especially Donald Trump is going to say “OK then. Let us forget about it all?”

Let us not forget that this is the first ever president who has been accused of not getting voted in under his own power. The first time in their history that someone else has been given the credit for getting a President of the US elected. The first time this has been credited to someone outside of the United States. Along with being told he was not good enough on his own. No who would react to that? No one, right?

Also being told to ‘grow up’, yeah that is in no way insulting? I am sure nothing will come of that and bizarrely as I typed this I am reminded that as it is the 6th January today, my Internet has run out so this wont go up for a couple of days. I am probably going to have to add to this post prior to posting it containing details of reactions from Donald Trump himself and likely many of his followers along with one or two YouTubers?

I also find it funny that Joe Biden seems to be speaking for someone else, as if to say that he personally knows that the CIA and FBI always tell the truth. When their very job is to lie in many instances.

Even someone that worked within these agencies could possibly claim to know all that is going on and therefore just come out with statements that state they are always honest. I think this might be the only instance in history where that is claimed when there have been countless claims to the contrary. Only recently I saw videos of a Ted Gunnerson making plenty of worrying claims regarding his time at the FBI. I do not keep track of these things and still do not and anything that I do talk about and videos I include are SOLELY recommended to me by YouTube. I ignore the more ‘tinfoil hat’ stuff but even though I do this it does not mean that they are not true. Granted many of them are but … probably likely that some may be true?

It is funny as it has just occurred to me that my meanderings are split into two, or accurately several, with much of it UK public service based and a fair bit outside the UK. A large portion of that outside the UK does involve the US.

Now with the stuff I talk about, predict and quote at home I always end up being proved correct on which the shortest time being just a couple of days and extending out to a couple of months to even years. The DWP combining three benefits into one was one recently that I was proved correct on in just two days. An article I read just yesterday I will get to in my next post was something I claimed three years or more back and oddly enough the article seems to suggest this discovery was only going on recently? Umm .. NO!

But I do not think I have stated anything outside of the UK that has later turned out to be the case as of yet? In all honesty I have never consciously thought about it.

But then I do not think I am in a close enough proximity, metaphorically speaking, to be able to do this. So it is far less likely to occur and I can only speak about what I see and how I perceive it and cannot go running around with hidden recorders of audio and/or video in these far away lands. In fact even if I found myself in these far away lands I would not ever be in a position where I would have to deal with their public services and government face to face, so to speak.

Sometimes I do not have to.

Donald Trump has more or less been told he ‘is a big boy now and it is time to put his big boy pants on’ and it does not take a genius nor close proximity to see how that is going to go!


The end for now …


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