Well it seems that something went right under my radar over Christmas.

Waiting to see more videos appear on YouTube from the usual suspects regarding the expelling of Russian diplomats led to me spotting something else. It seems that right on top of Christmas, seemingly done because the public were far too busy spending money and preparing for Christmas or wondering quite how they were going to pay for Christmas, President Obama did something.

Something was changed to do with what they love to call ‘Fake News’. I am not sure of the details but I do know that it is now coming up in more and more videos. The Next News Network and Info Wars is not going to like this.

I have a video by The Next News Network to watch shorty after the current one is running.

Of the others a few are by Lionel Nation along with a new one that at first I was worried about when I saw her name, Sane Progressive, but I only saw the second word and did not note the first. Lol.

It is an interesting analogy made by Lionel Nation that the American government appear to be weaponising words like ‘Fake’ and ‘Conspiracy’. A kind of conspiracy of conspiracies.

There is also talk of this Department For Facts type of … thing created they are calling The Ministry of Truth?

Lionel Nation makes a couple more appearances on Russia Today regarding all this and they seem to be coming thick and fast right now. I am unaware whether he has done this for a long time or not but I only noted this for the first time when I published a video recently of him guest speaking on Russia Today.

He also seems to think exactly as I have done for years about the way people react, vomit inducingly so, when celebrities die. So many come across as fake as the sheeple, I might as well use the word as it seems to be in vogue, all go ‘awww look what they said about him/her because I myself am so affected by this and I am getting justification for losing my grip on reality!’

Yes I was sad about Carrie Fisher dying and shocked when this was so rapidly followed by her mother Debbie Reynolds. Yes these are sad things but I did not even realise Carrie Fisher was the daughter of Debbie Reynolds until she passed away recently. I can imagine people wondering if I had been living under a rock reading that? But, sorry, I am not one to go looking into the personal details of people just because they are celebrities. My brain wants to store much more meaningful and useful data. After all there are a hell of a lot of celebrities and more and more are being created all the time. Look at the number of channels there are now on TV? As a kid there were four in the UK now there is more like 44 or more if you get cable or Sky. Lionel Nation called it ‘automated mourning’ which I thought was a great description.

I was thinking yesterday how encouraging it has been to come across many of the YouTubers that I have and I am coming across more all the time. Not the ones being opportunist by bleating out some ideal that they know plenty of nutjobs will like and pay them money for. The more sensible ones wanting to deal with and confront real issues.

The Sane Progressive first had alarm bells ringing in my head when I saw her name but I watched her video because it had that ‘Ministry of Law’ in the title and I really did not know what to expect.

Well she made a lot of sense and correctly points out at one point that this sort of control is not confined to Democrats and that the Republicans have been at it too.

Well not wanting to correct her and state what I have for 15 years which is now being realised and believed on a much wider scale .. well it is both while also being neither of them. It appears to be both when it is likely neither. Because people are realising that Presidents and Prime Ministers are not running their countries. “It is like there is a secret government within government” to quote a middle-class sounding lady I will only refer to as Gail I met once when talking about the UK government and prior to David Cameron.

But of note in the early part of the Sane Progressive’s video (listed below with Lionel Nation’s videos) she shows you a webpage of CNN and in it a video playing of a CNN anchorman speaking to someone called James Risen, a reporter. On the page text states that they believe that the Obama administration, hmm realised that using ‘administration’ is wrong, has been the most secretive. Yet they play videos where in his early days or even prior to being President Obama he states that government should be accountable. Is that now four or five of his promises being broken.

I have to admit that these are clever systems. It is now looking like these four or five year gaps between general elections were put in place so that the public wont get angry enough to retaliate. Give them something that believes that there will come a time when they can do something and so wont get angry and rebel? Then it starts all over again. The funny thing is the processes of change have become so extended over time they cannot be achieved not in one term but now approaching two terms.

An example .. David Cameron announced changes to the Department of Work and Pensions and gave dates. We went two years beyond those dates, possibly three now, and it is a major fuck up and admitted to being so by even Job Centre staff! Those plans still have no light at the end of the tunnel and we are now hearing of a new three year plan to change it a second time when they have not even finished changing it the first time around. So David Cameron has been in for one and a half terms, cannot be bothered with exact period as its not important. Now we have Theresa may who started off with a good speech but is all going down hill from there. We now have 3.5 years until the changes to the DWP and benefits have either finished or started? We will we have had another Prime Minister by 2020 and if more extensions to the time frame go on, we all know they will, would we have had yet another Prime Minister by the time it has ended?

Had David Cameron had lost the last election it is entirely possible that there could have been four or five Prime Ministers by the time the DWP was finished being screwed with.

During this time lives have not only been turned upside down but have been turned upside down repeatedly.

Why would you want to repeatedly spend money re-assessing people with health conditions that are incurable without actually admitting that you are constantly shifting and then re-shifting the goal posts?!

Interestingly the CNN anchorman in that film used by Sane Progressive looked a little uncomfortable himself at these new changes being implemented? Maybe it was just me, I do not know but I got the impression that the anchorman for what they called the Clinton News Network in the run up to Donald Trump being elected might be shifting just a little bit uncomfortably in their seats now that they realise that, that which they were striving for might just now blow up in their faces.

The trouble is that I do not believe for a second that the mainstream media’s anchormen are extreme left or right. But I think they will fully recognise extremes when they start to show themselves?

Sane Progressive also came out with an interesting quote regarding the emails behind the, I am assuming, PizzaGate thing though I did not note her speaking about it.

“They were LEAKS and NOT HACKS!”

I also liked how Lionel Nation held no punches when he described how pathetic the US governments behaviour had been and how President Putin took the higher ground and did not kick out any Americans. He said that Putin was making the outgoing American government look like fools and he is right.

Though to be honest every leader may want to take control of the Internet and stop themselves being exposed for bad and illegal things and this could all be them conspiring to gain control over the Internet like China and Turkey has? Who .. knows?

Oh and even proving that Russians hacked does not therefore go without saying that it was the Russian government or anything to do with Putin. You can easily get a group of hackers to hack someone on your behalf while having no links back to themselves. It is just a few computers and people in a room somewhere.

Sane Progressive also uses one of my often used quotes on this bog by stating that “This is Naziesque level Germany shit..” as well as stating that this will go into other countries around the world too. She gets a bit feisty around that part of her video … you go girl!


And that feisty but sane progressive …


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