​Well I simply don’t believe it … I’m hearing it but I simply don’t believe it. 

The American government have actually gone and done it despite it being over the top, at the worst possible time to make it look suspicious, the reasons that they have against those they accuse and with no evidence declared. 

I was not expecting the American government to take any actions at all over their spurious claims that the Russians hacked the American government. But they have and then some!

They have requested that a large number of Russian diplomats leave American soil! 


It gets better as despite what I stated about how ridiculous it was to state that the Russians plotted to get President Trump elected they have actually cone out and stated this?!

So they have declared that the American public are naive and stupid.

They have also declared that due to the existence of the Internet no future election in any country is safe. 

They have declared they no longer trust and believe in their own ejection system … yeah that alone was not a bright thing to do. 

The outgoing government have stamped their feet and return their toys it if the pram over either the American people’s choice of President or the fact that they kept joking Donald Trump would not get elected, ended up with a case of eggs on their faces and trying to find an excuse to their incompetence. 

Or of course they are trying very, very hard to make a certain subject appear as if it is not true? 

If there was something they wanted to hide or wanted to appear to as many people they could that there is doubts, what better way to do it than to make it look like it’s actually another reason by expelling a bunch of people related to the accused? 

To expel a bunch of Russians to cover something up it would have to be both pretty serious as well as having pretty devastating effects on those committing the nefarious deeds. Nefarious deeds that would have to be pretty bad. I mean really bad. 

Say like that of Pizza Gate?

So what else is odd about this? 

Well the Russians might not protest too much as Putin and Trump appear to like one another and it all goes away in me days or couple of weeks?

Might be a reason why the outgoing government did it, not too much fuss from it?

What else is odd?

Well the timing is odd what with President Obama into having a couple of weeks left. I mean, why? Why do it now? 

What are the alternatives? Or rather what if the claims turned out to be true? 

Well that would mean that there was a conspiracy or deal done between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Yeah I don’t think Vladimir Putin woke up one morning during 2016 and thought ‘You know what? I think I’ll get Trump elected President this year?’ What weeks he get it of it? Nothing. Unless he knew that he would? 

Vladimir Putin just doing this without knowing for sure he would get some benefit out of it is quite simply preposterous. Especially as he is playing the peacemaker over the middle-east right now. 

The man’s an idiot but not that much of an idiot. 

So where is the evidence? 

If the US government have enough evidence to take the very harsh actions that they have then they surely also know what Putin took such a humongous risk for? What was it? Presently they seem to be insinuating that he did it purely because he could? Errrr NO! Pull the other one out had bells on! 

Imagine the body fiasco in America of it turned out that there was some deal between Trump and Putin? Oh the Social Justice Warriors write be over the moon about that! They won’t stop to think about the upheaval it would cause the entire country. No, just as long as they get their own way. 

Also reminds me that the BBC seem to have done their extreme left tricks by interviewing protesters in New York that were clearly Social Justice Nutters.

One was asked about Trump and the lady said that he was hated and especially by New Yorkers?! Oh? Did the BBC back that up with numbers before they decided to air that? Short answer is no. 

After all of the BBC stated that 40, 50 or 60 percent of New Yorkers voted for Trump that is not quite everyone is it? Even if it was lower than 40 or even 30 precent it’s still not everyone. For me it would have to be below twenty percent for me to say “OK you exaggerated a little bit I see your point”. Anything else is just an outright lie to make him look bad. A man that win the presidency. 

I still hear about the popular vote when it was declared after one recount that Hillary Clinton lost 60,000 votes.

So what is really going on? 

Are they trying anything to keep Donald Trump from being sworn in? Yeah … that’s not going to end well. 

Are they just doing this knowing it won’t cause a fuss but spread doubts over the consensus of opinion over the WikiLeaks leaked emails? Yeeah the smarter people are going to raise what I have done and this will steel their resolve … soo that’s not going to end well either. 

Was there actually done conspiring and deal between Trump and Putin that the Americans somehow missed despite then snooping on most of the world including their own? Yeeah … guess what I’m going to state next? Perhaps that this is not going to end well either? That with all their snooping on so many people at once that they missed this one very major thing that could cost the American people dearly? 

However … what I tend to think and probably stated previously is that if you are involved in the worst types of crimes and it involves elites from the the USA, UK and Europe while possibly others then I would be so paranoid that these disgusting things got it I would snoop on everyone! To make sure no one ratted me out. 

God only knows what is going to happen next? I think it might just blow over and Putin rants for a bit and then calms down. Possibly after a phone call from Donald Trump, maybe? 

How the suspicious ones will react is something of an unknown but my guess is they will be more resolute? At least a few of them will be. 

I know one thing. I still don’t believe it. I still can’t believe the US government took that action. 

I can’t believe they took that extreme action at a time when it’s mere days away from an ‘all change’ in government. Well … unless the US President doesnt actually govern the country at all and it is others that do? 

That statement about the US President not running the country would not come as a surprise if it ever turned out to be true. 

I have thought for many years and so have many other very intelligent people I have spoken to, that the UK Prime Minister does not run the UK and has not for at least twenty years. 

If your in the UK just think about it for a moment? How many people have you heard state that Tony Blair’s New Labour turned out to be no different than a Tory government? Well if he wasn’t running the country and things more or less stayed the same then it did not look so ridiculous any more does it?

What he did manage to do is get away with outright lying to the British public, wmd for instance, and borrow as well as give out humongous amounts of money to make himself look good the Brits and the rest of the world we could never pay back when the gravy train dried up! 

If there was one thing I wish I could do before I die it would be to borrow a Tardis. Then go forward in time ten to fifteen years and buy some history books on politics of both the US and the UK to see what they say.

I .. might pop to another country and pick up books by their authors about the history of British and American politics as they might be more likely to punish to truth before we or the Americans do? 

Well 2017 is going to be one hell of a year for the happening in the areas in interested in as well as in the things I blog about on this blog. 

I think I’m going to be extremely busy?

Hmm was just thinking while typing out my tags … I wonder if Barack Obama felt sorry for Hillary Clinton and promised her anything she wanted as a Christmas gift? I thought of this due to what many Americans thought they would get if Hillary Clinton was ejected president … maybe that is what she asked for? WORLD WAR 3?!



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