I actually watched another David Seaman video on YouTube and for a bit he was talking about claims made about him by commenters about being wrong or being a shill and wondered if he was talking about me?

I had to try and remember if I had said anything that might have suggested he was a shill, or a government misinformation type of employee as, after all, these do exist and even David Seaman himself has touched upon this.

After watching more of the video I decided he was not talking about me. Phew.

I only ever state that people should be careful of who they believe, of the misinformation out there and that though there are crazy conspiracy theorists does not mean that everything that sounds a little far fetched to absolutely crazy sounding is false.

I have wondered long and hard for the longest time on how to get that point across … I think I finally found it …

The crazy in conspiracies comes from crazy sounding theories that are manufactured out of paranoia which means it is the person that manufactures this as crazy. NOT THE THEORY! Just the person that thinks up these crazy things.

In another way I could put it reading about something crazy sounding and wondering if it is true does not make you crazy or a crazy conspiracy theorist.

So there.

I have likely published a video or two by The Next News Network and even though I have done this I see the titles in videos suggested to me by these people and go “Really?!” They do often sound like overly paranoid people and I ask myself how they can be so popular when many things I see stated are not likely to come to pass or the time went by and they did not.

Also I forgot in my PizzaGate pieces the mention of another fact in the emails along with the sacrifice to Moloch is also the spirit cooking mention in an email to Tony Podesta. I was reminded by watching a video of, I believe, Reality Calls though this was published b someone else … again, I think. Link below.

These things could themselves, of course, be codes for something else entirely though if the are they were completely moronic choices and prove that these people should not be involved in governing any country.

What struck me with David Seaman’s video is him referring himself as actually being left and not far right or alt-right, as the fashion in mainstream media is to list everything they do not like the sound of as being alt-right.

I also found it interesting that he separated the alt-right group from the far right groups like the Tea Party, which I honesty know very little about.

Does this mean that the mainstream media are trying to show that everything on the right side of politics as mad, insane, racist and misogynist by working on one section at a time? The far right long since been labelled this and now they move into the the next section? Worrying.

Almost bizarrely I seem to recall him stating, and am running the video as I type this, that he questions why you have to believe in ‘A, B, C’ to belong to the left or the right? This is exactly what I have been stating for over four years on my blogs and what I have been telling friends and family for the last 15 years plus.

Coffee Party! I called it, I want a dollar for every time someone says it!!

Sorry, I was just thinking there for a moment, the far right in America is known as the Tea Party and given its own labels as being mad and over the top so why not the far left? As I was thinking that I realised the name ‘Coffee Party’ would be appropriate? Lol!

But why is that? Why has the far left not got its own label to lump everyone in? Well arguably you could say you do but it is more an individual thing when you state ‘Social Justice Warrior’ and even the term used plurally is still referring to them all individually.

Maybe the are so bonkers they can not collectively form any sort of group? Or maybe that there are so many opportunists on this trying to perch their arses at the top of the tree to become the official spokesperson with the true aim of making money that its simply a mess?

Well I can name Laci Green, Anita Sarkeesian and now Zarna Joshi. God only knows how many others there are out their … along with those pursuing positions of Generals of each of those three.

Ohh what? You did not think anyone could see through the charades? God, give me strength these people are truly self-obsessed and deluded. Pull the other one it has bells on!

Along with me you have a whole host of intelligent YouTubers that not only see everyone for what they are but all them out on it. Sargon of Akkad, Thunderfoot, Noel Plum, CharmingMan, Woz Lee, Agent of Doubt … oh How could I forget Bearing, The WoolyBumbleBee and many others whose names I cannot recall and others I have yet to discover.

Also the other good thing about sticking to the truth and facts is that when accusers or those insinuated against react it is easier to see any guilt hidden away in their reactions.

I shall explain ..

All of those above have my respect because they doggedly stick to the facts and are only interested in the facts. NOW if suddenly they were all removed are all had videos of a particular subject matter removed this would send out a large message. Or at least it would to me. That someone powerful, somewhere is trying to hide something because they are all onto something.

The problem is they have to cover the subjects, or at least they all have to cover a subject or enough of them for it to be very noticeable.

The problem arises when anyone becomes scared of dealing or talking about particular subjects and I suppose PizzaGate is a prime example. I have known of only two, one in the above list, Sargon of Akkad, and one not, MundaneMatt and sorry I did not remember you a few seconds ago, lol. Sargon did an excellent video on the subject whereas MundaneMatt slipped a little, laughed at anyone speaking about it and insulted many concerned people, be they crazy or not.

However and for me it is these, kind of, fringe subjects that makes people stand out when they all do that which the above do. For me crazy does not equate to false and the ultimate aim in each subject is to get to the truth. Not merely wanting something to be the truth to make someone look correct or smart to acquire fringe benefits. Something of a widespread disease if I am honest.

If I get it wrong then I get it wrong. That’s it and that’s all, but others do not take this approach and get offended or angry about it. I actually see this in people who have very long track records of getting things wrong 80 to 90 percent of the time! I kid you not.

Why people simply do not accept it as a learning process and move on I do not know? Taking this approach and you will soon realise that the frequency of which you get it wrong decreases. I know this because a very long time ago this was the stance I took … along with many other stances and I am not speaking of Wing Chun Kung Fu here either. Though I know and have taken that stance many times over the years, lol.

Of course there is the aspect that if bloggers, YouTubers and commenters keep insisting on the crazy shit or coming up with their own far fetched ideas and insisting these are in fact … umm facts then you are not helping to expose anyone but in deed quite the opposite in helping them find a way to over up their nefarious and evil acts.

You might seriously want to think long and hard about that last paragraph.

Then once you collectively only deal with the facts known and ask the right questions any removal will be seen as an attempt to hide something and therefore an admission of guilt and any ‘shills’ ou there, a term many love to use repeatedly, they will become most obvious. Negating the need or Anonymous … or the REAL Anonymous to do any hacking to expose anything.

That is the sad state of things today and in recent times is that we have had to rely on an organisation called Anonymous to get to the truth on some things Wikileaks too, if it has not been taken over by some government organisation or other?

Except if you look around you will find dozens, I am not even joking and I know to be true in the USA, of organisations that are meant to deal with laws, criminals and nefarious and evil acts. Except despite all that we have had Anonymous and Wikileaks pop up and I have no doubt that five years from now there will be one to several more.

Oh and I do not mean copycat organisations pretending to be Anonymous or Wikileaks which are easy to detect by the use of the name with some slant on it. This is especially true of Anonymous who have even done videos mentioning of other posters on the Internet pretending to be them. But then when your a hidden organisation like Anonymous you can hardly come out publicly and shout from the rooftops “We ARE the REAL Anonymous!” as they would all be locked up within hours. I don’t know what is going on here, maybe they are just after hits and views, these people are it is surprisingly hard to make any money out of Google and advertising, or are actually trying to make Anonymous come out and shout “I AM SPARTACUS!” so they can arrest them?

You see? You have to be soo careful and the nefarious ones know that you will come out and ‘chat utter shite’ pn the Interpratt and therefore help them remain hidden. Don’t give me the ‘shills’ argument either as I have already explained these dicks would be easy for more people to spot if you stick to what is know for sure and ask the right questions.

So are we there yet?

Stick to the known facts and ask the RIGHT questions!

Allnights, out!

David Seaman on why ‘A, B, C’ has to mean right or left in politics …

And who I believe to be Reality Calls talking about Moloch and Spirit Cooking, meaning eating human flesh, in the Wikileaks emails …

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