For some time now I have been involved in a great many legal cases and court battles.

Now these battles have, for the most part, been m own. However there is one that was very close to home I do not know the truth about and did not go quite how I … well NOTHING like I expected to be honest. I feel stabbed in the back over that one and it has become a major, MAJOR disappointment in my life and has even affected my relationships with friends and family. For a broad spectrum of reasons.

This is what court cases do and it is a shame that solicitors or lawyers, whichever you prefer, are really, really awful at encouraging people or even understanding people driven through hell and back over the … bad effects of government and public service decisions. Yes OK my last one was something over the top on many points in its effect and the feeling of those pointy sharp objects in my back and over a long period of time to which I am not aware of any end to it all.

Other legal battles are a little farther from home while others I find or am informed about somewhere on the Internet.

Today … this post, or piece, involves both the former and the latter statements because someone I know involved in a legal battle has sent me details and posted on her Facebook page about one that sounds similar, at first, to her own. However when she told me I immediately picked up on this story’s most important point and I had assumed that she had too. I messaged her and stated that this was a perfect example and proof that our government wants it all ways. Undeniable proof.

Because the other case is in fact a complete mirror image of her own!

Turned out she had not realised this. But then I did tell her a few times that this was something I was good at and could sometimes see things even far more complicated than this example.

Remember this is a mirror image.

Case Closer to Home – Laurel Duut

My friend is involved in her own case where she has been refused any benefits at all by the DWP and this has gone on for two years. She lives on a small pot of mashed potato with some tuna into the mix. Occasionally she gets to eat something else and take it from me and she does not realise this but I have seen her pictures where she gets thinner and thinner.

She was in no way over-weight to begin with and never has been as far as I know!

  • Born in East London

  • Married a Dutch guy, who died of cancer several years back

  • Has CPRS the most painful health condition that I am currently aware of and at the top on the McGill Pain Index

  • Legal Case is ONLY being done PRO-BONO (for the greater good of the people sort of thing) and no other avenue was available

Remember these points when you get to the next points further down.

This lady has also failed to find any proper or real help, other than paid idiots constantly telling her that everything will be OK despite having no idea and no knowledge of law, a lot like my own experiences over 14 plus years.

A few straggler males, claiming to be professionals or declarations of undying love, make believe concern that are simply trying to profit from her predicament in some way. This could be sympathy, financially or just more pleasurable ends, so to speak.

She also lives in an area where she is the … odd one out and not a local and it stands out, has no nearby friends and a family that are … a little odd and not to mention not very supportive for a whole variety of reasons.

Listening to her, which I often do for long periods, can be hard but it also strikes me very often the similarities I hear with my own endeavours and horrors. The situations are different and the pains are in different leagues but the suffering is the same despite the causes. The ears prick when ou hear the similarities to your own situations and relationships and it is … weirdly comforting, though that is not the right word but the best way I can think to describe it.

Since I covered Laurel’s story previously there has been one major development. Refused benefits because she is in receipt of a Dutch bereavement benefit, a top up benefit you cannot survive on? Well the Dutch government have now contacted her with some bullshit about her having supposed to have a policy or something and now talking about stopping the benefit and sending her a bill for the overpaid benefit?!

Oh I should point out that this is to go along with the bill that the DWP issued her for overpaid benefits to the tune of approximately £42,000.

It is a case without precedent. Which means, like that one I was involved with CLOSER to home, that new laws will have to be written. Which they do in case anything similar comes to court in the future.

Quite how it takes the courts and judges sooo blood long for something that morally is so fucking obvious is completely and utterly beyond me.

Case Further From Home – Monique Hawkins

I received a link to a story in the Guardian newspaper explaining how a Dutch lady called Monique Hawkins who has lived in the UK for 24 years, married to a Brit guy and has three children has been told by the UK government she has to leave the UK!

Remember that mirror image?

Brit born woman married to Dutch guy told no help and support.

Dutch born woman married to a Brit guy told no help and support … and to leave. Which the Brit woman above might be more or less told to do. She wont but the fact it is an ongoing legal case I can get the point across that she could be told this which is the same as this case.

That is in my book having it all ways.

  • Born in Holland

  • Married a Brit … STILL

  • God help her if she ever divorced or was WIDOWED!!

An interesting quote from the Guardian’s news piece I picked up on that the Home Office told Monique Hawkins …

she was told her case could not be discussed on the phone or by email – Guardian Newspaper (link below)

Sorry … PROBABLY my bad?!

The failed to realise when the were up to no good and lying to public that emails are proof and phone-calls can be recorded easily today. LMAO! How do I know? After recording everyone for five years someone high up in the NHS sent a message down to my GP that I had been recording him and his GP father lying. LMAO, I kid you not. People really should check out my archives as there is tens gigabytes of data and proof, lol.

Incredibly this woman is STILL married to the British guy and I had assumed that, from the headlines, she has either been through a divorce or widowed.

Even crazier is the fact that if she had come from any other country than a European one this would NEVER have occurred?!


It is like the title states … having your cake and eating it too!

Is it not funny how now leaving the EU is showing up many flaws in it and some pretty humongous ones too?


Case Closer to Home … LAUREL DUUT

Case Further From Home … MONIQUE HAWKINS

Oh and remember …  I do have my 60 to 80, can’t remember, page long Home Office document here on  my blog of a radicalised Muslim that is in of itself, laughable.


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