My word.

Just when you think you have read everything stupid … along comes another stupid!

I had a quiet Christmas … on my own on Christmas Day and thankfully invited round to one brother’s house for at least one Christmas dinner Boxing Day.

I had planned to use this free time to maybe type out a few of the long list of titles I have in my backlog but have not as yet. Well I did one Christmas Eve I think it was or the day before. My trouble is I have been beavering away towards something but now stupid public services who want to force self-defeating actions upon you while claiming to try to achieve that which they are preventing you from achieving … umm yeah its complicated. AND your paying for it!

Anyway I logged into to YouTube this morning as I do most mornings to see what my clan or ring of people have been talking about. I saw the words ‘White Genocide’ in a title by ‘Sargon of Akkad’ while having something to do with a Tweet from a University Professor and thought I would have a listen?

Oh dear. Ohhh here we go.

It turns out that a Professor (really?! HOW?!) at Drexel University in Philadelphia in the US called George Ciccariello-Maher Tweeted the line ‘All I Want for Christmas in White Genocide’. Had I have seen the Tweet personally, and just as Sargon Of Akkad correctly pointed out, I would have assumed it was a joke and a jab at Social Justice Warriors. Well it seems not.

As I listened there were a couple of things I thought were funny or just odd about it all and the first thing is this .. guy is kind of … well … white!

I was so tempted to make one of my rare comments and state that he must have some kind of aversion or allergic to some substance that goes into the manufacturing of mirrors?!

Also he states ‘I’m not “alt-left” just an actual communist’?! Umm I am going to tae a shot in the dar here that he did not take history as part of his education? ‘I am not alt-left just a communist’? Really?! Oh dear. But then Tweets ‘Making Communism Brutal again’?! YUP, definitely no clue on history! Lol.

Oh yes and one other thing and this was from just that noted by Sargon, this professor Tweeted ‘White is not a race’ in one of his tweets and then later ‘Abolish the White Race’ in another. Ohhh dear.

It gets better and remember this guy is teaching people and while some could be intelligent and sensible and see him for what he is, and therefore be disappointed and want their money back, others will be … easily influenced.

Now I was pleased to see that Sargon’ had actually created a petition, on a site where I do get involved a lot on petitions and they even email me telling me that, on and I have included the link below along with Sargon’s YouTube link to the video log about this. But the funny thing was he called for refraining of anything in the way of hatred towards the moronic Professor? He also stated that the petition was not calling for the Professor to be fired but that the meeting with the Professor that Drexel University had called for over the harmful and stupid Tweets be transparent. ‘Oh’ I thought ‘those are going to be picked up on in the comments’. They were but I did realise when I noted what Sargon had put that … well if it is not obvious you should not sick to their level. Yeah I have to do this all the time while blogging … but occasionally I do allow myself to go over the top in moments of anger. Just to see if I can make a point whether this is immediately or later on.

Sometimes when getting through to people when you want to get through to everyone you have to play the short games and the long ones. It is just how it is. After all universities do not get through to everyone. Those not quick enough to take things on board fall by the wayside and drop out of university. Like Bill Gates did as a good example.

Sure enough in the comments there were statements pointing out what the reactions would have been if someone had called for ‘Black Genocide’ or ‘Jew Genocide’. In other words ‘Lets not get the guy who called for ‘White Genocide’ fired when calling for ‘Black’ or ‘Jew Genocide’ would have probably put you in prison. I was of the opinion that he should be fired not on the basis of what he said but that he has a responsibility because he is in a position of influencing young people. These very people studying under him probably follow him on social media and therefore he should be fired on that basis alone. Of course he could be coming out with this crap in his lectures/labs/classrooms too?

Each time I see a university either bending over for these morons or even encouraging it I shake my head in disbelief. I would NOT send any child of mine to a university that falls into either of these two categories and they should DEFINITELY not be receiving any public funds.

What I find hilarious is that which they use as an argument against the white race has been found in every other race. What I NEVER see as a counter argument is that we have learned from our mistakes, a little too much when it comes down to a Master Race which is actually a Master Ideology. Nor do I see the argument that other races behave like animals and that because whites have held their hands up to their history that, just like animals, others see this as a weakness and go in for the kill, a la Master Ideology. Yeah so much for your claims of being above everyone else, lol, did not think that through did you?

But Sargon does have the right attitude I have tried so very hard to promote on my blogs … that because someone has done or said something bad does not give you the right to act equally bad … umm except for maybe one instance, lol. A majority of the time you can take the higher road and if you stick to it you can win the argument. This way they either realise their mistakes and conform or they slither away back under the rocks from whence they came.

Then you have the opportunists that do not have any genuine thought for anyone else but see the chance to ride upon the coat-tails of a movement that is gaining speed and which may appear to have a future, even in the short term, of picking up even greater speed. Like that Zarna Joshi who is either missing a few screws and not merely ‘loose’ or standing on her soap box because she is heading in a direction whereby she can gain financially.

In this respect they are more or less vampires. Feeding off the weak who are easily influenced, overly suspicious or even over the top paranoid any or all of which may be down to some mental condition or other? In the case it was the latter as it so easily could be as many mental health conditions are ignored or yet to be discovered but which makes it all distasteful nonetheless.

I have included Sargon’s link below … in the event that you do not like him, it is on his YouTube Vlog page, though I can only see this being true of Social Justice Warriors or some attitudes of Master Race or Master Ideology sources … all of which are wrong by the way.You HAVE a right to an opinion … that does not make your opinion right.

You have the right to be wrong and nothing more.

In the meantime will someone buy that Professor a mirror?!

Petition Link ..


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