I was watching one of Lionel Nations videos that was titled ‘How Societies and People Are Conditioned to Accept Government and Populist Lies’ and was interested in what he was going to say.

At the start he read out an email he had received regarding chemtrails and I wondered where this was going. I have never mentioned chemtrails but I have heard about them and put this particular theory with one regarding the water supply containing fluoride and why.

To my relief he did not go into some deep discussion about chemtrails but it did make me think and I jotted down the title to remind myself to write something about it … or more accurately, why these things come about and the harm that many do.

Now I have stated this previously as regards to the harm that many over the top conspiracy theorists do to those of us seeking the real truth. Added to this I cannot stress enough that even if you were right and your particular over the top sounding theory is correct you go about it all the wrong way.

Yes! You may well get viewers and hits for your page or channel but what you think you are doing is not what you are actually doing. What you are actually attracting is others that have already seen your theory posted or wrote about by someone else and who believe it. The other group you attract are gullible people and with those two groups alone the total number will be huge and make an impressive number should you manage to attract them all.

May … be that is all many or all of them are interested in? The numbers? Sure … the world is full of people that if receiving something financially or seeing numbers big enough to lead to something financially rewarding they will continue to talk about shit. They will even make up shit and this is in no way confined to conspiracy theorists and I can, straight of the bat, think of a certain feminist named Anita Sarkeesian that comes across like this as well as Laci Green. These two are just two that I have come across in recent times but if I sat down and thought about it long enough, allowing my faulty memory caused my a heath condition to .. kick in, I may think of many other examples.

But as I listened to Mr Nation read out that email I thought about the reasons why these ideas come about in the first place and why so many people believe in them?

I believed that aliens had visited Earth and still do. Except I do not believe 99.99% of the stories out there and have been out there a very long time.

When I was a boy and right up until today where I have been proved correct I believed that almost every single star you could see in the night sky and therefore almost every single star in the galaxy and universe had planets. Now we had nine planets for a awhile and then we had eight. Except if we take the term in the literal sense we have over a dozen and keep finding more or evidence for more. Well the one thing I was well aware of since a child is that the number of stars in the Milky Galaxy alone is mind bogglingly large. Universally it is beyond that which is difficult for mere mortals to comprehend. SO how about the number of planets? Do we multiply a dozen by the number of stars or an average of 6, based on the fact there are twelve objects at least circling our sun? DO not forget that our own star is pretty small potatoes as far as stars go.

You may wel be wondering what I was getting at and that is that to me it was way, way, way beyond mathematically impossible for us to be the only intelligent life even in our galaxy alone.

Oh and I have reached the end of Lionel Nation’s video log and would you believe eh himself has now used aliens as an example of what he was getting at?

So many people … so many theories … so little time … and evidence.

Now IF I worked for government and wanted to cover things up and IF it was not already in existence … I would hire dozens and dozens of people and pay them to run websites and YouTube channels speaking about things form the almost believable right up top the bat-shit crazy stories and every single thing in-between.

By doing this what you do is hit so many people with so many things that they do not know whether they are coming or going and eventually will actually doubt even those things that are actually true. This is because despite how they act and what they say a large percentage of people are nowhere near as intelligent as they like to make out. Sure they argue the toss with others and some even use big words that make them feel better and no one wants to be wrong and everyone wants to be right and when there is even a sniff of being wrong the name calling and screaming starts to come into effect as an actual … umm argument.

If you have any doubts about this I can give not one but two examples of this right here and right now and one os those is Social Justice Warriors and another are fanboys, as they are commonly known, to the chip making company Intel. There are two people I an think of, of the latter I call ‘The Rogue and The Wanga’. There is a Doctor in there too I think and maybe a couple of others.

The former I do not need to explain but in the case of the latter they have long since stated stuff that they cannot possibly know, predicted stuff they cannot possibly predict about stuff they have no hand in the design or creation of. The worst part about these self proclaimed Doctor’s of CPU design and implementation is that when things start to to leak or emerge that shows that they were not only wrong but well and truly wrong they start to rubbish it. It has been quite pathetic to watch and read and I have lost count of the amount of times I wanted to comment and call them out for what they are … but I always resist.

Why? Why do they do this and then insist and trying to show themselves to be correct when that power is in no way in their hands? Why?! And they think themselves intelligent? Lol.

For the past few years every other page on these CPU’s and GPU’s would have the same quartet, I remember four names, turn up and team up to run down the CPU the web-page was about. Yes they actually go onto a web-page about something they are not interested in and had long predicted would fail just to tell the people interested in it that they are right. Every other page I visited. Well … that was until recently when it turned out that this particular CPU, that had the code name of ‘Zen’ and now officially named ‘Ryzen’ was looking to be as good as they had claimed and actually looks like it might turn out a little better? AS well as running this chip down and predicting its fall they have taled up Intel’s iCore chips and stating that by the time the ‘Zen’ CPU 9s released we would have had a couple more generations of iCores and that each one would be more powerful then the one it replaces and so ‘Zen’ would be out of date and a fail upon its release. Except this never actually happened and even though I was a little disappointed by the fact that Intel’s CPU codenamed ‘Kaby Lake’ was actually LESS powerful than the one it replaces, Skylake, I roared with laughter at this stupid quartet of fanboys as everything they predicted was turning out to be wrong. I could not wait to see real enthusiasts talking about them! I read the comments of three or four pages before I realised that I had not seen anything by this quartet and wondered if they had all gone on holiday together … TO THE MOON!

I did eventually find the infamous quartet on the comments section of a particular page and they were STILL talking down ‘Zen’ and its benchmarks and STILL talking up ‘Kaby Lake’. Boys? Ever heard of the term ‘Flogging a Dead Horse’?! Jesus!

Computing is just one of a dozen or so things I am passionate about and so each time something comes out I genuinely wanted it to be good.

The fact is that when people want to believe something they will continue to warp reality to fit the narrative they have been uttering for what seems like a millennia. Or in other words, they simply cannot admit when they were wrong.

Except I have been wrong.

The company that made ‘Zen’ had recently had a number of iterations of a CPU named ‘Bulldozer’ and I thought, prior to ‘Bulldozer’ being released, that this would be a really good CPU. It was not even though I knew this I still ended up purchasing one based on the standard design. It was not as bad as these fanboys would have you believe and more importantly you CAN play games on it, despite every single computing magazine and gaming magazine stating that you can not. They lied. No the CPU was not anywhere near as good as I thought it would be but not anywhere near as bad as many so-called reputable tech journalists and fanboys would have you believe either.

Yup every single publication out there stated that you cannot play modern games on a CPUs that they made for five years that myself and many other people purchased and used to play games on. Oh, but wait? Did they not all say that you cannot do this? Yup, they did.

Not into computing? Into music and audiophile stuff? Read magazines based on this lie What Hifi? Well sorry they lie too. In fact I have watched as over a dozen computing magazines alone have disappeared over the years and I could not figure out why until recently and have seen it in the comments. Over the years more and more people have realised that they lie. They only possible reason they would lie is that they would get ‘backhanders’ to lie. Did not work out so well for yah did it??

But they still think this works!

Now we are seeing the mainstream news media bitch and moan and point fingers at each other and now wanting to point fingers at so-called fake news sites that actually got something right which they all got wrong?!

Yup! Still haven’t figured it out.

Or perhaps it is just the next person in line that thinks that they are more intelligent than the last one that got it wrong and far more superior to everyone else and cannot make mistakes? This is the theory I have always been fond of.

So any deliberate spreading by governments of fake news would have had one single purpose, if you think about why they would do it. To send people to the mainstream news media for facts. Oh but as it turns out and as many are now realising these are not themselves facts. Added to this they are deliberately avoiding a huge number of proper noteworthy news stories. While at the same time they have turned into gossip mongers for celebrities. Orrrrr have they

Lie many I always lumped much of the celebrities, politicians and movie stars into the same power elite camp. Except … they often expose their own?! Or DO they?

Lately I have started to wonder whether or not that those bing exposed might be ones that did not want to accept being into some weird elite occult or other? I have often stated to others and asked them how many times they have seen an actor or actress and thought they would end up really big but only ended up disappearing from view? I then said that maybe the saw what being in this world was really like and backed away or refused to become involved and were forced out?

You could go further and look at suicides of which there have been a fair few.

At the end of the day it is all down to some sort of element of mind control or just mass influence and if for one second that you thin that if they had the power to use it but would not … well your an idiot.

As for the rest of you … well if they have convinced you of some bullshit or other they think their job is done … because no one wants to admit when they are wrong and will defend themselves to the hilt.

So you could very well be doing their jobs for them. OOPS.


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