This post will be short and is once again concerning the ‘PizzaGate’ scandal and what could be going on.

I had not intended to do any more and not looked at any more videos on YouTube about it as it is very difficult to get any idea what is going on due to some insane crap being spouted that does not make any sense.

For example .. one of the things I have seen stated a lot is a number concerning how many victims there are and this number is in the hundreds of thousands.

It is really stupid and damaging to any research to simply state numbers like this and merely looks like a shock tactic to attract more visitors, or hits, from naive people?

The problem with using large numbers and especially in a case like this is that … well it seems so unbelievable. Hundreds of thousands of children going missing and no one seems to have noticed anything? No figures or proof of this has ended up in the hands of an endless list of the world’s media? With news media from countries that do not like the USA ,of which there are plenty?

One of the problems with quoting this number is not specifying a time period or worse still, specifying one that is extremely short. Say if someone was to state that 200,000 children have disappeared over a single year? I simply have trouble believing that this many children disappearing would fail to get noticed? I would be absolutely rocked and disturbed to my core to find out that this many had indeed vanished without being noticed!

I have stated many things and may have previously stated this but I have seen very few sensible arguments from level headed people. Lionel Nation being one.

What I have not seen is anyone state anything on both sides of the argument about how little proof there is as well as those people calling everyone concerned about this as belonging to a tinfoil hat brigade.

Until now.

How does ‘shut the fuck up, you ignorant bunch of morons’ sound?

Mr Sargon of Akkad I could never agree with anything more!

Now for what is the absolute best run through of PizzaGate I have seen to date and with an extremely well researched history lesson,, even on Marc Dutroux who I only found out about recently through an online friend I speak to by phone, I would strongly suggest that whatever side of the argument you come down on you watch his video. WHATEVER side of the argument you come down on.

He runs through allegations and countries implicated in such terrible things that has several European countries including the UK as well as Hollywood.

If you have been seriously scorned regardless of what side you fall in to and have been confused s to why .. then watch this video …

WARNING: It will get disturbing in the last few minutes as he shows you a case of one woman who was a victim, the details and her artwork that represents her being victimised and disassociating herself during her abuse.


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