So the US government are crying foul … still with the US presidential election and stating that Russia deliberately got Donald Trump elected? So they are pushing this ‘fake news’ narrative to gain control of something they have no control over. The Internet and are starting their assault by going after the social networks?

Yes because someone elected as President or Prime Minister based on lies being told has never EVER happened before.

This much has been obvious to me from day one but I had not wanted to spell it out quite so clearly beforehand. There is not quite enough rope and still is not and I am just waiting while all that rope gradually works its way out into the open..

There argument that another country has tried to influence them? Umm yeah well it is not like you have never EVER done that before, have you? Now you know what it feels like … if indeed you truly believe your own bullshit that is?

As I said previously more and more things are coming out all the time and it does so annoy me when YouTubers use the current shocking fiasco to force their own agendas with some bible bashing going on and begging people to turn to some deity.

Really? I mean, REALLY?! In the midst of some accusations of a list of the worst crimes imaginable and being committed against innocent children in the name of Satan and … you want to talk about God?! You claim this kind of thing has been going on for years so where was God or any of his warriors all this time?

Those that want to push their own agendas are not helping matters … just as much as those that over-reacting with some twisted idea of self—entitlement to be able to do as you please because children are suffering and that gives you the right?

No .. it does not, dumb-ass. You may not know it but you will be playing into the hands of those you hate who will use you as a pawn to either hide things away deeper or gain control over freedom of speech, in this case, on the Internet.

See now why I called you a dumb-ass? I have not even stated the obvious yet, that nothing is proven and just because it very much looks a certain way and it does to me it does not mean that is what it is.

Everyone is worried about this attempt to control or shut down certain things on the Internet and even talk of a licence for the Internet but part of me wants to see them try! Yes, you read that correctly. This is because I think this will cause a humongous, not Hugh Mungus (Google it), backlash from the public in the west. A HUMONGOUS BACKLASH.

I find that the more deeply corrupted something is the more shit you need to hit the fan before something truly changes and/or justice is served.

I listened, surprised, to a lady on YouTube whose channel is called ‘thetruthgirls’, though I could only see one, lol. I was actually surprised as she was very level headed and sounded a lot like me and she warns about buying into some of the things being claimed and as I have done, people’s agendas. Or at least using the popularity of this not quite so viral story to force their own agendas or beliefs.

In my opinion these people are acting against the cause for good to achieve some personal gain and considering the level of severity of the claims … this looks really bad.

I do not want to apply tags to anyone because I do not like them or I have some personal agenda that is hidden from view. I simply want to know the truth and if children are being harmed or abused in some way, have it stopped and throw people in jail for a very, very long time. Forever in fact.

Another thing I find really weird is that the extreme right seems to think that all the exposures of the ‘leftist agenda’ awards them some level of vindication. Well, no. It doesn’t.

So as I stated it is a minefield and finding sensible sounding people on these subjects is few and far between.

I am also waiting for some action from many sources but one in particular. I am sure it is only a matter of time before this …. source takes some action and states or publishes something? When it does it will be a case of “Fucking ‘A’!”

In the meantime go and listen to someone more sensible sounding on the subjects I have touched upon ….


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