This whole scandal is becoming somewhat confusing.

It now turns out that there is a group of conspiracy theorists claiming that the first conspiracy is one created by the elite to hide another conspiracy. A conspiracy within a conspiracy?

Well that has to be a first?

There are videos of people that talk about this and seem to be frustrated at others not seeing it for what they see it as. They run through certain things and make bold claims themselves while forgetting the fact that what is being stated is going on likely … umm, IS going on but whether it is those being named is another matter.

They also seem to be ignoring the fact that many others have been reported while not actually explaining those away? Somewhat odd, that. No mention of the four industries the UK have had claims in with the church, BBC, government and now football. The exact same scandal but in four industries and those are the ones we know about.

In fact after the BBC scandal broke I eventually realised and told many friends that I expect something to end up breaking in the US. When those allegations about Bill Cosby first materialised I told people I know “Oh, here we go?”

Then some things about Hollywood surfaced and mainly through the two child actors of many a year ago, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.

Though I did think that there might be a chance that anyone with fame and money in America might be better at keeping a tin hat on it? Not a tinfoil hat, a tin hat meaning keeping it under wraps.

Some of these other conspiracy theorists believe is that there is a pizzagate thing but that it is invented and false. I think some say that this is to get control, or otherwise censor, the Internet?

Almost as bizarre a claim as this one as also the one that David Seaman, who I have posted a few videos of, is a plant by the government? This claim is backed up by the claimants because David Seaman sort of popped up out of nowhere and then become very popular in a short space of time when others have been blogging about this subject for five years and not even close to what David Seaman achieved in just a few months.

They also point out that his claims about working in the media are bogus and all left-wing organisations anyway? Cannot recall what they said about his Huffington Post position and whether or not that was bogus too.

The thing is if your going to manufacture things such as this they can be so easily disproved and only a complete idiot would make up such claims.

I also watched another video of some American chat show programme with Whoopi Goldberg where the ‘Pizza Gate’ story was talked about on the show. This was being used by another channel called ‘The Red Pill’, or something like that and linked below, who stated something very interesting about it.

Though it never occurred to me it made a hell of a lot of sense that these subjects talked about on the show would be pre-arranged beforehand and so everyone would know what subjects were coming up? This makes a hell of a lot of sense as you could end up mentioning a subject that could offend a significant number of the audience. This goes double for anything that might be filmed live, as this show had appeared to be.

Except Whoopi Goldberg seemed to be oblivious to the ‘Pizza Gate’ story completely and acted in utter shock when someone explained it on the show? Yeah it was understandable that everything was previously vetted prior to broadcasting or filming and does seem a bit odd reacting like that.

When your simply trying to see if you can get a sense of what the truth is it can and is getting a little weird. Some conspiracies some claim to be going on does get a bit ‘out there’ if I am honest.

Another thing claimed is that they faked a shooting at Comet Pizza, or Comet Ping Pong I forget which, so that they could censor the social media?

Two problems with that and the first one is your argument against the censoring of social media by stating that they did not do a fucking thing about guns after each one of dozens of shootings but one single story blown into something it MIGHT NOT BE and your going to take an axe to the Internet?

The second problem they have is that you simply cannot censor the Internet! Well … unless you go as far as China has done but it still wont work.

The funny thing is that all the reactions as well as actions being taken or claimed does seem to be designed to whip up a frenzy among the public? It really does and I have asked myself why they would act and state things the way that they have as it is bound to wind people up on the Internet. I cannot see how they can be THAT naïve that reacting the way that they have will not have that effect? On the show with Whoopi Goldberg they basically stated that people that believed the story were plain idiots. I do not know what the percentage is of those that believe the coded emails meaning skulduggery believe the paedophile theory. So I cannot tell you what percentage of the American public they were patronising towards.

Funny that Denzel Washington recently stated to stunned reporters that the mainstream media lie … so if they will shut down smaller people and news channels will they shut them down too? See bottom for a video that states about what Denzel Washington said and to who.

They have a name they use when the governments are carrying out the things they claim to be carrying out and that term is ‘psyops’.

I deduced that ‘Psyops’ is short for ‘Psychological Operations’ where the government use one thing to cover up something else or get their public agreeable to something?

I had one of these ‘Psyops’ theories myself … for example they want a tax of £15.00 on something, let it leak they are going to force £30 on this tax, everyone goes nuts and then they state what the really want and everyone is relieved it is now half what they originally wanted.

So what some are stating is that PizzaGate is a Pysop and in all honesty this is the first theory I have heard about that does not involve paedophilia and yet it STILL maintains that the whole bunch of pizza related emails are indeed something sinister.

I have to admit if I wanted to leak a false story that was guaranteed to get people reacting as well as a few of them over-reacting, because they are blithering idiots who do not think before they act, a paedophile link is what I would use. It is that one thing that is guaranteed to get a reaction by a large percentage of any given population … oh OK … MOST populations.

They are having their own psychological effect on me as I have told people recently that I wont be coverinng the pizzagate story any more as I am not directly involved in any way, shape or form but then I end up watching something that ends up with me wanting to post it.

I think the last three posts at least I thought would be the last one and then something comes up?

Also in fairness people should hear and read other theories to make up their own minds and I would never want to be one to look one sided. If you ever become one sided and too emotionally invested you wont see the wood for the trees and can get tunnel vision and miss the truth entirely. This will likely involve in you looking very silly?

Whatever the real reason for the pizza emails it does now need to be investigated and found out because I would like to be able to sleep knowing there are not unspeakable things going on at the top of the most powerful nation on Earth.

Added to this I would like to be able to go to a news channel, whether this be TV or the Internet and see real stories reported on, know that I am not being bullshitted.

So it did not help when I discovered that Rupert Murdoch owned Fox News and is now looking to by Sky. Great.

Humans, huh? Ninety nine times out of one hundred give them too much of anything and they will fuck it up. Hmm? I think I am being overly generous on the numbers there?

Speaking of Psyops … I listened to a guy on YouTube called Victurus Libertas VL who states at some point that he could easily believe that the accused were some sort of vampires and talked of some anomaly in the eyes of some children and George Soros. I thought ‘Oh here we go, they are vampires now and not reptiles’ but then paused and remembered something..

I got sick of bloody vampire films and there were so many vampire films and series it was becoming popular and even had some people into this sort of thing in a big way. Some ….. umm let us say … people even believing they were vampires. As I told people I could just not fathom out why there was so much about vampires on TV and in films that it was weird. As I recalled this I wondered of this itself was some sort of Psyop?

Denzel Washington stating that the mainstream media lie and that if you do not watch the news you are uninformed and if you do watch it you are misinformed …

The mental sounding vampire angle and eye anomaly …. sheesh this is a minefield …


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