Well the PizzaGate story keeps on building up speed. But then this was expected due to recent rumblings that even hit mainstream media for once.

Even in the last 24 hours or so many news media outlets have mentioned fake news and this time with the term ‘pizzagate’, Hillary Clinton has called for censorship, which is a bad thing to do, and even at the now infamous news site Info Wars one of the most prominent characters has quit the outlet and rumour has it, it is over ‘pizzagate’.

Alex Jones himself has been fully open about his hesitating over the pizzagate story and I can fully understand that. I myself do not know what is going on and have done very little research, over than reading some very confusing Wikileaks published emails.

They say there is no smoke without fire but we could be looking at steam and do not even realise it?

The simple fact of the matter is there IS something going on and everyone seems to be unanimous n what it is among those that believe there is something. Those that do not believe there is something are somewhat …. naïve in all honesty. But just because everyone thinks it is one thing does not necessarily then mean that everyone is right. Yes OK much of the time this does turn out to be the case but there are times when it does not. They are just rare in my experience.

I have been in countless situations where everyone I know personally have all thought one thing very different to me and they turn out to be wrong and I turn out to be right. This happened very, very recently over something that did not pan out a year ago. In fact I was on the phone yesterday explaining this to someone I know that was one of those with the wrong opinions. I told him that often when I predict these things it does not mean that I want these things to be the case. In fcat when I reminded him of my original theory I then told him that not only did this theory turn out to be spot on but I would have given anything for HIS theory to be the case because my theory turning out to be true is far worse in my mind. In fact I had a very bad 24 hour period when I realised I had been correct and partly annoyed with myself that I did not follow my gut feeling.

There in lies the curse …. as I told my friend often when I predict something I very much want to be wrong and that no one stops to think about that.

Oddly he had very recently had to go and help a friend fill in a PIP (Personal Independent Payment) form who was in receipt of DLA for the same health condition as him. As he explained it he said in a surprised tone “…they just stopped his DLA?! Then he got a PIP form?!” I had told him they were doing this to everyone on DLA and that even PIP will only be around for 3 years and then it goes over into Universal Credit. .He is one of two people I know of that stated,, the other is indirectly,, “Oh, they wont touch me because I have Type 2 Diabetes and I can die” I have repeatedly told him that first off they simply do not care that you might die and that secondly others with conditions that can turn out to be or even ARE fatal have had their benefits stopped.

But only when this happened to someone he knows has it now started to occur to him that he will get a letter through his door stating his had stopped. I would bet he is still telling himself it will not happen. Despite this happening to not one but TWO people he knows. Saying that it is not like there is anything he an do even if he realises what is coming is inevitable.

More and more people are picking up on my term of ‘The Ostrich Effect’ I have used from time to time on my blog In fact I hear from others the exact same statements said to them and the exact same attitudes I have from other people That was very weird to hear. It did prove what I had theorised so many years ago and blogged about for well over four years … but it was still weird to hear all the same. I was asked why people behave like this and I said I did not know, maybe it was just ignorance, maybe it was just out of fear of reality and maybe they are so used to the way things have been that they simply cannot comprehend what life is really like without the right help and support? Maybe it is some weird combination of all of those things are some of those things?

Often the reasons behind a problem are unimportant, what matters is changing those attitudes before it is too late.

Because many do not realise that we are sleep walking deeper into a dark hole unless they wake up.

Except here we find ourselves in a situation whereby many are waking up from their comatose state, mainly in the US, but are having the places to seek the truth listed as fake news by the only ones to be found guilty of spreading fake news.

Yes that is precisely how mad things are in the world, or the western world at least and God only knows how people around the world are thinking when they read about this stuff?

So Joe Biggs is the name of the guy leaving Info Wars and it is claimed to be over the ‘pizzagate’ fiasco and as Alex Jones is being accused of being ‘flip-flopping’ when he is only being cautious I can only conclude that Joe Biggs thinks they should be covering it more? Maybe even being somewhat more accusatory than they have been?

So there seems to be a rumbling going on a little under and a little over the surface?

A rubbishing of those e-fit photos of the suspects spotted over the Madeleine McCann abduction is going on and I thought ‘Oh so e-fit photos that have been used to catch criminals for the past two or three decades are NOW SHIT are they? Well that is smart!’

The one thing that I have suspected and hoped for, if the sick theories are true, is that with so many and, let’s be honest here, with them lacking common sense having so much to lose that many of them will trip over themselves in their scramble for the exit door? Or better still get so desperate to get any light off them that they secretly plan to drop other big names in it?

If there is any truth whatsoever to these theories I fully expect this is what will occur as many people now increase their efforts to investigate this due to their incompetent knee-jerk reactions making themselves look very worried and ever so slightly guilty.

My word next year is looking to be one very happening year for all manner of things … mostly bad but some other exiting things that will probably get over shadowed by revelations that will continue to stream out next year.

Here is the rub … when it is only a handful of people or a couple of small groups it is easy to silence them but when it is hundreds of thousands and possibly even millions it is impossible. Even with a couple of people disappearing it will not be stopped. In fact it already seems to be having quite the opposite effect?

Now let me do a run down of how the PizzaGate thing got started and hot it unfolded up until this point .. the way that I saw it …

Starts …

  • Wikileaks Emails About Pizzas

  • Obviously NOT about Pizza


  • Podestas look like Madeleine McCann’s e-fit photo suspects

  • Podestas in Portugal at the time

  • The Symbols within Symbols

  • Those Symbols being removed by everyone

  • Disturbing Imagery

  • Mention of Moloch, a demon that involves sacrifices


  • Everyone accused stayed silent

  • Mainstream Media threw stones form their glass houses

  • Social Networks Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google never reacted so fast to anything else in each of their histories and started blanket banning, closing and removing posts, videos and the like

  • Above despite the fact that it was a thing that some had paedophile images that many tried to take down for a fair while (I even voted in a campaign on this against Facebook)

  • Everyone talking about it

  • Over 80% Americans believe there is something in it

  • Accounts of names involved being closed


  • Despite far, far worse things being posted in the past why did the social networks work so fast in such a short period of time over this?

  • Should Pizza Gate turn out to be false why on Earth did so many people believe in it and what does it say about the LAW, GOVERNMENT and NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA?

As to that last point, with all these public service industries in place and the way things are governed, handed and controlled what has gone so very wrong that no one trusts anything or anyone in the public eye?

Now to me the PizzaGate scandal not being true only proves what I have been saying for many years in that things have been going wrong for a very long time. The fact that so many people do not trust the biggest names in law from the FBI to the courts, the national tabloids and TV News Networks and their governments represents a humongous failure in these areas.

So as it turns out something is very, VERY wrong in the western world of the USA, Europe and the UK and I have to ask myself if leaders of the radicalised Muslim world did not know or expect this which is why we are being inundated with narrow minded people with murderous or take over intents?

Think about it for a moment. We have already had scandals of big names in paedophile rings … it is not fantasy … it is known fact, makes me wonder to the naysayers sanities. Now there is another scandal regarding the topic that has already involved celebrities, the BBC, the Church and now football. Is it THAT unbelievable? Really? Right around this time we have seen an unprecedented flood of immigrants with a large number of them being Islamic State fighters and we all know they have plans. You would once again have to be a complete and blithering idiot not to have and no ….. knowing big words does not mean that you are right or have a better chance of being right than the next man. Ahem, or woman, lol. It only makes you a clot!

Also you cannot ignore or refuse to conduct an investigation because someone has a lot of money or be they people influence, fame, power or is in government, Prime Minister, President or monarchy.

The law is the law and is there for everyone or that is what it was intended to be.

Right now they are making it look like and have done for over ten years that it only applies to the poor and the working classes at worst. At best everyone other than upper classes.

I have spent well over ten years hearing about legal cases in the mainstream media between famous people and big organisations over things that have been nothing short of …. petty. While very major crimes have been committed that have not even gone to any type of court, let alone appear on the mainstream media!

So for well over ten years I have waited .. and waited and waited and now that for which I have been waiting is finally happening before my very eyes.

What I find a shame is that it took rumours of terrible things happening to children for this to even begin happening and if indeed children are being harmed ….. well maybe of the Ostriches had pulled their self-centred heads from their sandpits over a decade ago many children could have been saved from harm?

Benefit of hindsight?

No, this was foresight and the only thing I did not foresee was this involving children. Including my very own!

Apologies for fibbing …

Someone speaking about Joe Biggs leaving Info Wars …

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