Someone I listen to a lot on YouTube and is very popular has had his entire channel taken down.

I was surprised to hear this and heard it when I spotted the headline to a Sargon Of Akkad video and he talked about it, stated what he thought it was over and I agree and linked in a petition.

What seems to be an official story is that his cartoon Bear apparently appeared for a few seconds or a few minutes in an old TV programme.

I think I saw something about someone finding out where the cartoon Bear came from and contacted them about it.

Several people are quite furious about it and I dare say there will be videos about it from the likes of MundaneMatt, maybe even Thunderf00t, Charmingman and many others?

I have no doubt this will turn out to be one of the Social Justice Warriors and one with a well known name too? The list is long …

  • Anita Sarkeesian
  • LaughingWitch
  • Jenny McDermott
  • Kristi Winters
  • Zarna Jooshi
 There are a couple of others whose names escape me.
Either that or it will be one of the followers of the above or someone that swoons over one of the above and do anything to get their attention and impress them?

However in the meantime I thought I would put up the link to the petition as others may well be interested in signing?

Many of the sensible YouTubers and normally you can tell them by their long list of subscribers, likes and followers, like me that has  not subscribed to any of them, have been talking about this happening on YouTube for a very long time. Some of those have created there own YouTube videos about this and even state that they all expected crap like this to start and now it has. Though technically speaking it first happened to the man with the loud feet, Thunderf00t. On that occasion it was unsuccessful.

But this doughnuts really do not give up and do not allow comments on their own channels a majority of the time, say what they like in the name of free speech but want to preach to others about what they can and cannot say.

If that sounds bad already you want to see some of the things they demand.

I predict a hug backlash against YouTube unless the infamous Bear is back quickly and many people have been gradually moving over to other hosting sites with Vimeo, and GAB being some I have seen people mention.


I also am now hearing that it has also happened to someone else known as Edgy Sphinx


One thought on “THE BEARING TRAP

  1. It has started to appear, or rather came from a patronising to their audience source, that this issue has to do with a legitimate copyright claim from the real owners of the Bear cartoon.

    However there are two things the patronising Stag did not take on board.

    One, that you should never be patronising to your audience for such a trivial thing even if right and TWO … the possibility that the Bear had been used for so long that it was assumed by everyone that it was either his creation OR that Bearing had acquired permission to use it.

    Yeah … there are and were a lot of foul mouthed dickheads that went of swearing their heads off and I do not personally like that behaviour and threatening people is even worse.

    But Bearing had large numbers of views and I have seen a lot of people using pictures and cartoons and such on their videos and I did ask myself whether they created it, had it created for them or had gotten permission to use it. Party because I have thought about doing this myself.

    I was tempted to comment asking the patronising Stag if he had asked himself if Bearing had created the Bear character or acquire permission to use it. If he answered ‘no’ to this I would have then asked him what gave him the right to be patronising to his audience?

    I still find it somewhat strange and in addition to what I have mentioned, as Bearing has talked about the law in using other people’s property, mainly videos, and quoting the ‘Fair Use’ law. So you could be forgiven for NOT thinking for a moment, Mr Stag, that Bearing had violated that law himself.

    I thought I would clear that up and this still does not disprove, as the cartoon Stag seems to think it does, the involvement of a Social Justice Warrior as they may have been the ones to discover the owner of the Bear character, someone called Fresh TV, and report this to them to get him the strikes.

    No does it prove that he does not have permission as he may have THOUGHT he had permission by contacting the artist who may have since stopped working for fresh TV.

    Just saying.

    Even so you should not go around using foul language and making threats and I cannot emphasise this enough because enough because just as people make wild claims in conspiracy theories because they want to believe something is true so bad they believe anything you only mess it up for the rest of us!

    The more shit you spew the easier it is to cover up the truth. No one wants to wade through shit to get to anything, let alone the truth.

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