It is rather odd … I have been seeing reports about a drive to prevent fake news on the Internet that involves the biggest names in social media.


Think about this for a moment …

… why now and why all of a sudden?

Because someone won the US presidential election? Because Donald Trump won?! REALLY?!

If this is not a knee jerk reaction to the fact that people did not vote how they were told, manipulated, lied to and expected to vote then I do not know what is. I really don’t.

On its own this is nothing short of shocking not to mention patronising and condescending to the entire populations of the western world, if not the whole world.

On its own.

But what if there is something else behind it? Something far more dark and sinister then anything you could ever have possibly imagined? Might this make more sense?


This has the potential to destroy a great many people in the western world and the most prominent of figures most likely in governments, the movie industry and even perhaps monarchies? If of course it turns out to be true.

Now the fact that they would take this action in the wake of the fact that the biggest names in the news industry have been discovered to be bullshitting unimaginable numbers of their viewers is nothing short off a really bad joke.

If someone I met on the street a few years back had given me a lecture about Pizzagate I would have run away for fear of their level of insanity. Not today I would not.

An American guy in America who is both a lawyer and has his YouTube channel called Lionel Nation sums a few things up very well. Has has digs at those accusing others of being of the tinfoil hat brigade for looking into this story and putting any credibility at all to it. Personally I find it most bizarre that people would dismiss something out of hand the way that they do and someone … disturbing too due to the possibility that children could have all manner of unspeakable horrors forced upon them and even murdered. Ignorance is not bliss in this instance … it is a crime and shows just how amoral you are.

As for the accusations over fake news? Umm well does that therefore mean you are going to shut down CNN? Because they have been found out to be lying so many times it is not true both prior and post Donald Trump winning the US presidential elections.

In fact this has been so bad that there has been a boycott in America of CNN that has seen them drop down to third place and I am going to guess that this will keep on going? There is video after video of on CNN news anchor stating that they did not endorse or report on a particular story that flashed back to them doing exactly what they claimed on air that they did not do. That was without actively looking and as always these videos are recommended to me by YouTube themselves.

Lionel Nation is a very sensible seeming person and has a lot to say about Pizzagate, Donald Trump winning (which like me he predicted) and other things here …

If your interested in the CNN lying barefaced on air and the boycotting of the Clinton News Network you might want to look at this one …

Seen that last one?

If so then please explain to me how all these reports, even in the UK news media, seem to be focusing on everyone else, in other words a lot smaller, and not themselves?

Or how about the US Intelligence wanting to talk to one and spend several days with him …

Another YouTuber was contacted by the BBC which to e honest and due to the links and the names involved in Pizzagate I fully expected to happen anyway … just not quite as soon as it did and … well probably expected a UK YouTuber to be contacted. Well one talking about Pizzagate at any rate.

Someone I know went and looked at pictures of John Podesta and Tony Podesta and then the e-fit photos of two people seen by witnesses when Madeleine McCann went missing and then had it explained to them that John Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and that they were in Portugal when little Maddy went missing and that they stayed with someone who is a known paedophile and grandson of Sigmund Freud they were … stunned.

To be safe, at least I think,, and to stop censorship people have been taking to using other video hosting websites other than YouTube like Vimeo. Reality Calls …

So they are going to censor what they claim to be fake news? Without good reason and this is patronizing and states that everyone is as thick as shit as they will just believe anything they are told. Funny that as I saw it as believing in something we were very clearly NOT being told.

They will censor these news reporters for fake news despite their audience being tiny in comparison to the mainstream media that has not only proved to be telling fake news but also getting things very, very wrong time after bloody time that has audiences running in the millions or tens of millions. Maybe even hundreds of millions? So WHEN exactly are they going to be shut down and then investigated for helping to cover up the biggest and most heinous stories in modern times and for trying to manipulate, or control, their audience. Which is invariably a whole nation.

Oh and CNN is not the only one … just the one I most recently saw a video about and it is in no way confined to the United States either.

Yes I fully imagine now that a great deal is going to come out, it is just so widespread and being talked about by so many people, even those wanting to point fingers and accuse everyone of wearing tinfoil hats. They might not agree with it at all but they are at least aware of it and maybe something will come out that might convince them? Who knows but a great many people are like Ostriches and simply do not want to believe that such terrible things are going on but the very people tasked to govern them, protect them and those that they actually pay for out of their taxes.

What I find hilarious about this in a funny kind of way is that these most heinous of crimes may be being committed by a government whose laws include the death penalty?! Madness.

I am still listening to Lionel Nation as I type this and lo and behold he has just touched up on the subject of the fake news bullshit and stating that they do not have the right morally or otherwise to shut people down. He even goes as far as saying he might have news and the fact that you do not like it neither means it is fake news nor gives you the right to have it shut down.

Now that I think about it I am kinda glad that these reports about shutting people down have come out. Because this can be further proof if reported on in the right way that the corruption runs right through everything?!

This was something I first started to see and eventually link together a long, long time ago. I then spent years trying to figure out how someone might prove it before the task fell neatly onto my own lap.

I stated form the outset that I am involved in a great many things and I might suggest that you look in the archives of this blog or do a search for ‘The Four DVDs’ which I sent to every national UK tabloid 6 months before I started up this blog and then started to publish the very same data.

You might get a really big shock ate just how close I came to many subjects spoken about and whispered about in the online news in recent years.

You may well discover that I had in excess of half a dozen stories each of which were worthy of front page news and yet I did not even get a thank you.

Except I half expected this … I did not quite believe it would go that far, that the corruption was that widespread or that I was even close to being right. But it turned out that I was and I always knew that I could turn to the Internet as a last resort.

The only downside is that this would take a very long time and I would have to come up with a multifaceted way of doing things that made my disappearance off the Internet bloody obvious and not merely suspicious.

Those four DVDs were crammed full of data, recordings, documents and evidence in a while range of different areas in almost al public services. That was close to 20GB at the time and I carried on gathering more and much I published online and the vast majority I have not.

That initial 20GB prior to starting my blog tipped over 100GB quite some time ago now and would not surprise me if it was 150GB and I still have 2 months or so of collecting to do!

I used to think once upon a time that there needed to be humongous changes to public services, politicians and attitudes but not any longer. Now a long list of people need to go to jail for a very long time and there needs to be nothing short of a major upheaval.

Still at least now the truth is starting to come out at long last.

The genie is out of the bottle and he refuses to go back in.

Try listening to another sensible chap quite well known on YouTube and rightfully so talking about this fake news crap … Sargon of Akkad …

I might be an atheist and scientist but that does not mean that I do not have morals and these Satan worshippers, like those I am reading about, are still evil fucks that need to be punished or worse.

Even the FBI are being accused and … well what this lady says does make sense …

Firestarter Media …

That sensible Irish fellow, channel name Computing Forever, talking about the real fake news, manipulation of the general public by mainstream media and all manner of things …

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