It is a crazy time in an ever more crazy world.

Anyone that watches the mainstream media knows this … they just do not know how bad it really is out there. I didn’t … that is until I started getting videos on YouTube recommended to me after using it for films, PC games and science.

The craziest and tinfoil hat sounding of all simply has to be PizzaGate, avoiding all the plainly obvious tinfoil hat conspiracies like there is a date every couple of weeks when the world is supposed to end in a hundred different ways. One day someone will get it right … or close to it and it will be down to pure luck because mathematically with the number and rate of predictions … well someone has to.

But Pizzagate does sound like one of those but far less extreme and the problem is that the story is not really fantastical. Fantastical normally means far out there and the odds being astronomical while Pizzagate does not fall into either of these two categories.

I have tried to watch the odd video which normally means people I do not know and have not watched before so have had no chance to size up these people.

What is really more important to me, or at least equally important, most of the time are the comments. I was reading the comments section of one where one lot of people were claiming this was tinfoil hat territory and an even large number of people ripping them a new one. This was the largest number of people rubbishing the story. Oddly enough there was the one thing that crossed my own mind when I first read about Pizzagate that I have not seen a single person put to those that5 rubbish the theory and expect everyone to just walk away as if it were nothing …

But WHAT IF it is true?

If you happen to be a naysayer about this subject … do not be an arse!

We are talking about paedophilia here so we are talking about children that includes both torture and murder.

If you have had the crap ripped out of you on any comments section on YouTube or anywhere else … that is highly likely the reason why and … well someone should have had the intelligence to simply put it to you in that way.


What if it comes out two years from now and that it turns out that several hundred children were affected in the most horrid ways? How would you feel then? Would you come back onto the YouTube channels and submit your apologies to all those you claimed were wrong and all the victims? Would you start to wonder how many children you could have saved if you were not part of the ‘tinfoil label brigade’?

I see and read of thousands of people making statements to back up their arguments using big words to mke themselves sound intelligent when the whole thing does not stand up, is often stupid and in times like these makes those that throw the tinfoil label around sound cold and uncaring. And THAT is very likely why you end up getting attacked verbally.

One guy from the UK actually weighed in at one point at those that said it is crazy and does not happen and they called them naïve and stupid in a roundabout way and pointed out that we in the UK have the Jimmy Savile saga, now includes football and included the CHURCH in the past, and even mentioned the link between this in America and that high up family I referred to previously in the UK. Even the name of that man that bridged the gap (Epstein was it?) between a VERY REAL paedophile ring in the UK and the one in America that still seems to have some people putting their index fingers in their ears and saying ‘LALALALALALALA!’.

Yes and if you spotted the deliberate mistake .. after previously staa5ting that no one made the link between the USA and UK over this recently I have seen it mentioned several times in comments, including that family, and in a couple of YouTube videos on Pizzagate too!

I can tell you that someone in the UK is worried about it via one American YouTuber called David Seaman who claimed that he got a very very odd request. Someone that he knew had contacted him via email that had been contacted by someone that they knew that was contacted by a reporter for my least favourite UK institution responsible for lying about and killing my own father, the BBC.

A request was made to interview David Seaman by the BBC. A request that he dutifully and quite categorically turned down IN THE VIDEO. With reasons and good ones at that as he thought it highly suspicious. The one thing that I would put to him that along with the fact that it was done in a very, very weird way and extremely indirectly the fact that they SAY they are a reporter for the BBC does not mean to say that they are. They could be in one of those positions I nearly ended up in where you think you are going to protect one thing and you end up protecting something else entirely … something … evil?

As for others that see this … and those that give the reason that YouTube is full of videos full of shit and people with tinfoil hates I would state the following things …

  • Then why do you go on YouTube?

  • Why do you insist on going onto a channels you do not like?

  • Why do you have to argue with no evidence of and arguing the exact opposite?

  • If you believe everything in the mainstream media alone then your fucking naïve beyond belief and obviously the ones that need the tinfoil hats to protect you from things you very obviously find very scary i.e fingers in ears going ‘lalalalalalala’.

If you think I am in no position to comment on these things … you are very, very wrong! If you thought that by this stage then I am afraid you are making the same mistakes that wound up with you being ripped a new one … you did not RESEARCH ENOUGH!

I mentioned the BBC killing my father and as bad as that sounds there are things on this blog that are worse! If tyour now confused then I am afraid you simply have not read enough.

Archives exist for a reason, just because something is old does not mean that it did not happen and the UK equivalent of umm that damn show … JERRY SPRINGER, yes the UK version of that told both me and someone close to me that our story was far too graphic and terrible for their show!

Yes … it is on this very subject and yes I was involved with just about every law enforcement body you can think of, including MI5 and GCHQ, the latter of which I almost attended an interview for and if things had gone differently back in 2001 would probably be working for them. Though how long for is up in the air. A card from GCHQ stating they would like to talk to me is on my Facebook page.

But I bet the ‘can’t be true’ brigade are probably made up of those naïve fools that have idols and probably Hillary or Bill Clinton and cannot accept that someone they idolised could be so evil and that they themselves could have gotten it so wrong? This would certainly be the case with many of the naysayers.

What the sensible people are saying and I have even had this from a technophobe that barely knows how to operate his windows phone is that with the Internet, Social Media and YouTube … that today it is harder for these heinous crimes to be kept quiet. It is harder for really evil acts to be kept under wraps and despite the bad things that go on on the Internet this is at least one good thing.

But this inevitably only works if there are enough good, honest and genuine people in the world.

Because the mainstream media in the western world is obviously going out of its way to not report on a great many things and obviously has an agenda to control their respective populaces.

What I have also stated to people is that there is such a vigorous fight to hide this because if it gets out and in America in particular … America is made up of a lot of religious people … a … lot. If they suddenly discovered that their country was being run by Satan worshippers who were doing these unspeakable things to children their would be an uprising and just about everyone else would join them. That is a lot of people.

But would options would have been open to the government of the US? Well they could contact the Police and the US Army … except that in any evidence that had come to light that was enough to cause an uprising … the control of the army and the police would evaporate. I would imagine that around 80% of each of the police and army would point blank refuse to act against the American people.

Of course this is a worst case scenario but people like this would consider all the possible scenarios that exist.

Any government of powerful family would do exactly the same thing.

As far as social media goes the only one that I have known to take action is that of Twitter and what transpires from this? Well it only turns out that the head/owner of Twitter is linked to all this by some people making videos on YouTube?!

My technophobe friend went wide eyed when I explained to him about these weird symbols that some companies have been using. The triangle within a triangle and heart within a heart stuff and that as SOON as this came out on the Internet a bunch of companies removed these symbols in a flash.

So yeah … as noted by some no one is actually coming out and saying anything, playing like they have no idea what is going on I guess? But they are certainly DOING something and in so doing proving that they do know damn well what is going on and what is being said.

Acting and not speaking is something I would have thought of as being certain of some level of guilt?

I normally get a feeling for things … a feeling for change if you like? These normally play out at some point but what I am getting from al this business and on top of other actions that have been taken is something else entirely. It is something I myself have not only ever felt before but is literally something I never thought I would ever feel or even live to see!

I often get a feel for the under-current in society, normally British society but lately I have had this about America. It is like were are heading to a precipice before we tip over into some large scale change? That is what it kinda feels like and that is what I have been telling people for a number of weeks now.

Yesterday I kind of got evidence of that when I noticed a video of someone I have liked listening to of late called Mundane Matt and have mentioned him previously. To my surprise he was the first of the established names that had a video about Pizzagate. So I went and watched and he kinda claimed it was a tinfoil hat conspiracy and even laughed it off.

What I expected was something along the lines of what I had put here ,but that was not what I got.

I then decided to look down at Mundane Matt’s comments section and I was somewhat surprised as their was a bit of a backlash going on with some arguing here and there. Hey Matt, remember all that stuff about governments dividing people? Lol.

Anyway as I read down to see what people had to say, stupid with big words or sensible, I got to a remark that caught my eye. It stated something about the number of down votes he got and I thought ‘WTF?!’ I scrolled back to the top and I noticed that around 70 or 80 percent of people disliked his video!

Now let me explain … videos normally draw those people that like the author/vlogger or the subject matter or both. As a result those that speak positively about something normally get far more likes and than dislikes and this normally works when they speak negatively about something too. Maybe because they like or even idolise the vlogger and go with the flow or perhaps because they put out a good case either for or against and it makes sense to them? Everywhere I normally look among the more popular YouTubers this is how it goes. Except for this one. Certainly the first time I have seen voting go against the rain like that .. though now I am remembering Angry Joe ranting at Donald Trump supporters and defending Social Justice Warriors and now thinking that, that video may well have turned out like this one too? I forgot to look or I have forgotten what it said … well I do have short term memory issues you know?! It is called Fibrofog.

I was actually shocked at the down votes that Mundane Matt got for that and not for what he got it for but what this told me. That many Americans believe there to be something untoward going on within government and this Pizzagate thing.

David Seaman had stated in one of his videos that there was some claim made somewhere that 90% odd of the American public, asked in a survey of some 20,000 people, believed that there was either something going on with Pizzagate or that they thought it was a paedophile ring, I cannot remember which of the two.

So how about the mainstream news media? Nothing.

The funny thing is that a few weeks after Wikileaks and Julian Assange first hit their headlines it was Wikileaks this and Wikileaks that and then one day the guns fell silent.

Indeed Julian Assange still gets mentioned but it is always to do with a crime he allegedly committed and him hiding in an embassy. Even the emails regarding Hillary Clinton I kept asking myself, and why is everyone asking for her top be locked up? Being an idiot with a computer is not a crime in my book. Any truth to Pizzagate and her alleged involvement … now that is a different matter and something I am behind the ‘death penalty’ for! For EVERYONE involved!

Also Europe got mentioned in one video and I heard somewhere that there are EU countries where they suspect their own paedophile rings within government? Jesus H. Christ!

It does not seem to matter whether it is extreme left or extreme right … death, torture and suffering always comes into it at the end of the day.

The only thing that seems to be in question is quite why and how you check out?

My only hope is that everyone comes out of this learning something.

Here are the few videos I mentioned …

David Seaman and that weird offer from the BBC, last half of the video …

The MundaneMatt one with the large percentage of dislikes …

Another one I added in several hours late of a few more issues involving disturbing images linked to what I now realise is called Comet Ping Pong Pizza … sorry but these images deserve some slack for extremely foul taste alone, without the allegations.

The videos on YouTube alone just go on and on as do the comments which I estimate are in the hundreds of thousands?

And a fellow Brit that sounds very sensible and even requests that the usual foul mouthed dummies and idiots do not go around threatening violence, I am sure some seem to have some sense of self-entitlement do so,, maybe given how sick the allegations are?

She is Reality Calls and I came across her in an interview with Red Ice TV and she has many sensible videos.

Johnny Rotten speaking about Jimmy Savile and disturbing links to Madeleine McCannn and those mentioned in Pizzagate?!


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