In the four years I have been posting blogs I have come across and heard the most disturbing stories and I am not the only one.

Even with the immediate disgust and disbelief felt by most they have failed to realise that there is a much large piece of the puzzle that extends beyond that many could imagine.

Here in the UK there was and is a story going around and only half of it has been covered by the news media. That was the Jimmy Savile and BBC paedophile ring. That … actually … happened and I am still rocked by the today but slowly I realised more and more things about all of that which many others did not realise. How it was not uncovered and not just by the UK media for one. I have touched upon it briefly but many things and names that I myself have heard I have not divulged because I simply do not know if they are the truth. Plus the names are pretty big and would, without question, draw attention.

Over the past few weeks I have been hearing more and more about a similar situation unfolding in America and if I am completely and utterly honest? At some point a few weeks after our own shocking revelations and that second highest name in the UK being flung about I fully expected that something would come out in America.

As of couple of weeks ago it did break in America and indeed was its second wave of paedophile rings accusation with the first one being Hollywood.

Almost immediately the UK then hd its second paedophile ring come out and this was a shock when I first head this as it was in the beloved world of football. At first I had thought this was someone young and in training going public and did not realise they were historical. Until, that is, I heard someone in the media utter a name while I was not focusing, that caused me to turn and pay attention. The name was Paul Stewart and I was immediately surprised as I only knew one footballer by that name and I had actually met him, along with Paul Gascoigne, many yeas ago in Hoddesdon and managed to get their autographs.

Oddly enough someone I know that often gets things completely wrong nine times out of ten does not believe this actually happened and believes these footballers are coming out with this because of either money or they failed at being a footballer … umm which is again money. I was surpirsied at this and said “But you did not doubt the Jimmy Savile stuff and the accusations regarding other ig names?” I was somewhat surprised. They said “But why after all this time?” where at the point I thought it senseless to really continue as this could be said for any historical case including Jimmy Savile which they had no doubts about.

I have told them about what it is I have been reading and hearing about in America and said that there is most definitely SOMETHING going on but what this is I do not know. But from reactions and even a statement made by an American called David Seaman, no not the ex Arsenal goalkeeper, somewhere around 90% of Americans believe there is a scandal. Cannot remember if the figure was for believing that there was indeed a paedophile ring involved but that is the figure I saw.

This is being called PizzaGate. I had seen the term for awhile and wondered what in the world it was.

It also has something to do with Wikileaks.

It would appear that in Wikileaks there was a series of emails about pizzas that was most bizarre and very clear to everyone who has seen them, including many of the more reputable YouTube news channels that something is going on.

As I stated to my friends … this is all centred around a single pizza store in Washington DC and that despite being a single store the owner is somehow in the top 50 or 60 of the most powerful men in Washington?! Yeah … Theresa May quakes in her boots regarding any thought of the man that owns our local chip shop!

Some of these emails regarding pizzas were read out by an Info Wars news channel and they admitted they could not comment on any paedophilia aspect as they had no truth but that the emails were clearly NOT talking about pizzas.

I also pointed out that there is a name in this that links it all in America right back to here in the UK and to that name that is never mentioned in the mainstream media. They are, however, mentioned on YouTube and this was not where I first heard it. It went round people’s mobile phones like the virus from hell. THEN I looked it up to see if there was anything in it and found a video to a channel called The Coleman Experience or something like that.

Then there was the video on YouTube I linked in below where I heard something that someone had been pointed out by others in that if this has been going on in the USA then how come the secret services like the NSA and CIA not discovered this and exposed it?

Well the answer is obvious in that as I found out through first hand experience, look it up, the secret services are not what they appear or make themselves out to be. Since I did I was thankful I never ended up working for GCHQ! But ten I realised something else.

They knew!

Umm it was not that long ago that the revelations broke that even President Putin still brings up today that the Americans were listening in on everyone! Therefore they knew about the chatter.


Yeah we managed to break the Nazis codes back in World War 2 so I am sure these vague requests using pizza references could be broken.

So then what has that caused me to ask myself, you may be wondering?

Well I was under the single impression that the fact that these all do shady things and the fact that government refuse to change things in the west drastically while continue to mug the most vulnerable in their societies that they were under the delusion that the way we do things is the only way that works and why they have done the things they have done?

Unfortunately this proves otherwise.

That was the only thing I had left that had any footing in common sense that did not result in the fact that evil satanic worshipping people were running western societies.

If there is anything in the PizzaGate fiasco then it is all dead and buried. It will also only be a matter of time before someone links the name to the Clintons back to a family in the UK.

Yeeah that leads me to a line I often hear from people when talking about all the crap that is either proved to be going on or only alleged to be going on.. “You can’t do anything about it!”

Yeah, you think you can’t, or can’t be bothered s it does not affect you or your kids, so you don’t and therefore nothing gets done,, no one gets done and they continue on s before.

Until it happens to you or someone close to you and then your screaming at the top of your lungs “Why didn’t anyone do ANYTHING about this?!”

Because your attitudes fulfilled the prophecy.

If this were not all bad enough there are some wild claims, many claims and not just one single one, that there is some odd artwork being used at the pizza parlour, known as Comet Pizza, and at someone’s house.

Now this … this … you simply cannot get any worse than this!

If this turns out to be something and the, what I think are, inevitable links are made its going to change things and maybe, just maybe, overnight.

Way to go elites for doing the Muslims job for them! I am sure that they and likely North Korea are going to have a field day with all this? Especially if they go getting their hands on anything themselves.

In fact I think I can so with the the utmost certainty that everyone that dislikes the west or America in particular are already beavering away trying to get their hands on something. It is a full gone conclusion and … probably only a matter of time. It might just be the reason why Russia had hacked America recently? Maybe they had received information regarding this and was looking for something concrete?

The behaviours, patterns and actions of others matches up extremely well to something being found out and then searched for. Something damaging enough to risk damaging relations in a big way, I am thinking of Russia here.

Just like I noticed with Brexit, where it was everyone I knew face to face on a few on the Internet, and with Donald Trump, where almost every American slated Hillary Clinton, and now once again with PizzaGate I feel something is bubbling under the surface.

To me there is simply far, far too much for this to be nothing and in every other time that has been just like this there has always turned out to be something.

I know little about David Seaman and he could be someone that touts wild conspiracy type claims that require tin-foil hats but does not sound like that in this video and there are many, many other videos on this subject.


A little while after I posted this … umm post I had a little thought. Yeah it does take place form time to time.

That little news story a while back I already mentioned in this post … the Americans being found to e snooping on everyone and as President Putin puts it, ‘even on those they claim to be friends’.

Now I had talked about this previously and the one and only thing I put the snooping down to was getting a heads up on companies perhaps about to lose value so that they could sneak in before anyone else and buy them up?

What if the snooping has something more self serving as that? Or what if there is something as well as the hostile take over of businesses that is even more self-serving than that?

Now I would imagine that if I were wrapped up in some disgusting paedophile, Satan worshipping and murderous cult while being such a high level name known around the world I would get a little panicky of being found out. If it were me! What would I do if I was one of these depraved individuals? Well I would cause all the power I had at my command and keep an ear out … literally!

Now I would keep an ear out in those countries where I might have links to people also involved in my little depraved cult. Links to the UK had already been made if not being talked about by those Americans talking about PizzaGate.

Now in aa recent interview with Nigel Farage he attacked my least favourite person and ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair because Blair called for a second UK Referendum over Europe. In his scathing attack I found out two things. First that there are others that despise Tony Blair as much as I do, even more so would be hilariously funny. Secondly that there had been other referendums over Europe where people voted to leave and they had a second one, I think he mentioned Belgium as one?

Nigel Farage said exactly the right thing in that the attitude is that you give the people a choice and when they do not say what they want you to they keep giving you the choice until you agree with them?

He even told them “What part of the word ‘NO’ do you not understand?!” I had never heard of this before and totally amazed that with all the coverage in the mainstream UK media of the UK Referendum that this never came up in reports?!

It also caused me to think of how surprised I was at the time that Barack Obama showed so much interest in the UK staying in Europe. Buy these American celebrities must be feeling pretty rejected by now? Or are they all Canadian celebrities? LOL.

As time as gone on in recent year I have thought less and less about those running the European Union to the point that I started to see them as an evil dictatorship. I just was not aware of the details of this and not quite sure of they were extreme left or right.

Maybe in time some news reports in countries like Germany, France, Spain or Italy or some other smaller country will break some story shedding more light on the realities?

So … yeah, snooping on Europe by the Americans? If there is some corrupt snooping involved to protect those in high power from being exposed and with links between the USA and UK in this already out their in the wilds maybe there are people in power in Europe also involved?

Food for thought.


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