I was told several interesting and quite concerning things lately.

One thing was regarding a Dutchman called Peter Duut who died in a horrible way after being told he was being refused help by the DWP and leaving a surviving wife heartbroken.

Little did his surviving wife realise that the troubles that had dogged them in the months prior to Mr Duut’s death would get not only a lot worse but would go on for several years.

The DWP refused to help Mrs Duut who herself is disabled because her husband was Dutch, even though he lived and worked in the UK for many, many years.

Due to a type of bereavement fund that was belonging to that of Mr Duut, i.e. not something that Mrs Duut ever signed for and paid automatically, the DWP not only decided that Mrs Duut was not eligible for ESA they also billed her for over payment. To the tune of £20,000 I think it was? May have been more? It is a ridiculous amount.

There has been a legal case but the legal aid, just as I predicted ten or so years ago when they cut it down, is precarious at best. She has to pay something for it despite not being able to even buy food. I listened in shock as I heard the story unfold and right now Mrs Duut has been warned that this could go to the court of appeal and take up to two years. This has caused panic for Mrs Duut who is terrified of the prospect of living for another two years the way that she has the lately.

I listened as she explained that she has been told that a case like this has never happened before and therefore there is no precedent. I have been HERE before and anyone that has dug around and researched my archives would be well aware of this.

The British government are basically saying that this British born woman is the responsibility of the Netherlands,, despite the fact she was born here and her and her husband have worked here. The Netherlands seem to be saying the exact same thing in that Mrs Duut is the British governments responsibility?!

Now what I said was “Hang on? I thought the whole idea of the EU in the bloody first place was to make things simpler?! So MUCH for the EU!”

I also found out about a … list. Calum’s List is what they told me it was called and I Googled it to find out what it is, is consisted of and what it was about the list that led to the dire consequences that befell Calum. You see I was informed that he was sectioned and locked up. Whether this is true or not and whether he is still locked away or not I do not know.

But there IS a web-page with Calum’s List on it.

This … web-page states some extremely sobering things that simply want you to go out and hit the bottle anyway!

It lists people that have died as a result of what the DWP are doing and have done and as I ventured my way down the list a photograph of a particular person leapt out and slapped me in the face. I KNEW this photo and the man in it. His name was David Clapson and some time ago now I received an email from his mother via where there was a petition going around. I would have put the link to the petition in a blog post on this very site at the time.

Now here is where things get a little … frightening…

The list consists of 60 people in detail and with photos that have died that the author of the website, presumably called Calum, had heard from.

However what it states is that these are the ones that they HEARD from via the victim’s family or friends and that the UK figure of benefit related deaths is closer to 4,000 and could be as high as 80,000 people?! Jesus H Christ!

I do not know how long aa period these numbers are over but when they are THAT big it does not matter. In fact even a SINGLE death it does not matter. Well it does not to the DWP but it does to me!

When I watched Schindler’s List for the first time ever it blew me away. The very sad story was heart wrenching and the famous line used at the end I never forgot.

‘Whoever saves one life saves the world entire’ – Oscar Schindler

In fact were it not for the story of Oscar Schindler my blogs may never have been started, though my tendencies to save both people and animals went back much further than my watching Schindler’s List for the first time.

It also showed me that sacrifice and risk to save someone’s life can get a message across to others that may have forgotten the importance and value of a human life.

I was told to be very careful about mentioning Calum’s List, hey I just realised that lists seem to be a theme in this post, because of what happened to the author off the page. I told them that they already tried to say I was crazy and that backfired. I wanted to see how FAR the NHS would go to protect themselves and I found out.

Once I found out I offered the General Practitioner I was arguing with to listen to the tape I had when I returned a week later. He asked me what tape I was talking about. I told him I had a tape of the specialist at Chase Farm Hospital admitting that he falsified my ultrasound test from the two things it showed, an Inguinal Hernia and a black lump in area of previous Inguinal hernia repair, to nothing and being “completely clear”.

His answer? “What would I want to listen to that for?!”

A few weeks later I was kicked off the practice with the help of the General Medical Council for violent conduct. Yeah well the claim to being crazy was never going to fly at any rate. Oddly enough the day before I received the letter to state that I was violent the GP claiming this behaved somewhat … oddly … bizarre even as I had sat in his surgery the day before and he did not seem too phased or worried that I was there.

If I was truly violent he should have been worried and would have been worried and I for one in his situation would have wondered to my threats capabilities.

I know Wing Chun!

Unfortunately for the NHS they have resumed the trickery and the lies and falsifying test results, or at least performing tests in ways so that things will not show up. What is unfortunate about it where the NHS are concerned is that they still underestimate me … SERIOUSLY UNDERESTIMATE ME!

What did they think I suddenly stopped paying attention? Oh dear.

I will give you a little tip … when you have successfully trapped an animal or you carp fish and catch all the carp they then become wary. When they do this you then have no choice but to change your tactics and wait longer than you did before.

If you think you can go and perform the same feat a second time in quick succession and in the same amount of time … well you, sir, are an idiot!

I am NOT an idiot. Well … not a COMPLETE idiot at any rate. Lol.

Yeah well I had a little run in with MI5 and GCHQ, the latter were interested in employing me at one stage along with the MOD, and gave them the run around. As stated the NHS already tried to state I was insane. The DWP came after me likely over my involvement with the late Michael Meacher MP, who I am now hearing his death may be suspicious, and the United Nations investigation into the inhumane treatment of disabled people.

What can they do that they have not already done? Shoot me?! Well provided that they can at the very least do that one thing humanely death is a better option than my life as it is right now anyway.

It is funny is it not? That moving world war 2 film was seen by a great many people around the world and more to my point, those in the UK. What I find funny is when I wonder how many people watched that and agreed that human life is valuable but forgotten it when it comes to the plights of the vulnerable in their very own country.

Did you see the list? Go back and look at it once again. Look at the number of dead that it states within its pages and look at the links it provides. There people WERE alive and now they are DEAD. IS this not similar to looking at a list of war dead? Death is death. Being dead is being dead. Being treated inhumanely until you are murdered or being treated SO inhumanely that it is you that takes your own life.

By the time they reached those infamous rooms it may well be that after their treatment many may have welcomed death?

Do you think there is much of a difference?

What kind of world and country have we come to when we ignore these things on the mainstream media because it does not fit their agenda?



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